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  1. Mosaic big box sets (and WOM) reduced the price for this set: € 79,95. Is this what you mean with "Universal style price"?! I'll definitely order the set for this price. BTW, 80+ big boxes.
  2. Interesting! I have lots of trouble playing the Mingus CD's on my (well, ... Hi End) CD-Player. But everything works fine with a standard player or pc. Why is that??!
  3. Are these all shelf warmer? I can't believe that!
  4. Available again! Mosaic/Kenton
  5. I have the CD and would sell it to you. It's a mint copy. PM me if nobody wants to sell the LP!
  6. Hallo Hans. Alles Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag!!!
  7. has it for € 64,95. Maybe Saturn is more expensive...
  8. 5.000 copies! No more european retail adventures with Universal material???

    1.) Go to 2.) Use the quick search --> term: ecm, section: jazz 3.) Sort by: price ascending Bley, Carla: Looking For America Galasso, Michael: High Lines Maneri, Joe: Tales Of Rohnlief Maneri, Mat: Trinity Puntin, Claudio: Ylir Parker, Evan: Memory / Vision - Live In Oslo 2002 Wallumrod, Christian: Sofienberg Variations + some :rarum releases
  10. Bobby Timmons - This here is (Riverside mono original) next: Bob Haggart - Big noise from Winnetka (Command stereo)
  11. The complete Candid recordings of Charles Mingus (Mosaic) I found this set last week sealed (!) with an old retail price sticker on the back (DM 189,--). I spent Euro 90,-- for it and it is worth every single cent!
  12. New Mosaic Singles Series!

    Here is the answer from Mosaic: