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  1. Word. I remember the first time I heard this and I immediately played it again. it is such powerful music. Usually when I listen to it I stop listening to music when it is done because i just can't sem to follow it up. An absolutely essential record.
  2. I picked up a Gerry Mulligan LP today and I'm curious if anyone here knows anything about it. Nothing on it is listed in any of my Penguin Guides or in the All Music guide. It's Crown Records CLP 5411. The cover just has "Gerry Mulligan" in big red letters over a drawing of him with the sidemen listed in smaller green type on the side. They are: Chet Baker, Chico Hamilton, Buddy Collette and Gerald Wiggins. There is no other info about dates or anything else on it. The tunes are: X-15 Joggin Criss Cross Gray Skies Gerald's Train Lights Out Knights of the Square Table I know from the Mulligan/Baker Mosaic that he played with Baker and Hamilton in 52 and 53 at least, but none of these tunes appear on the Mosaic. And given the presence of the piano the sound is different from most of the Mosaic set, which is almost all pianoless. Does anyone know the story behind this or Crown Records?
  3. Speakers Corner reissues

    I can add my two cents on Speakers Corner vs. Classic Records. I definitely think Speakers Corner re-issues are fantastic. I've been playing the Ben Webster and oscar peterson lately and it is dynamite. Others that I have all seem to meet the same high standard. The Classic Records Blue Note releases are mostly good as well (and a relatively economical way to get mono pressings compared to finding nice condition original copies), but i have found that some are better than others. I was particularly dissapointed with Art Blakey's Moanin', which had the horns far louder than the original, which overpowers the great rythym section.
  4. Didn't know that much about Gayle's personal views. Too bad to hear he's anti-gay. I have the Touchin on Trane disc and his recent piano one. I like both. I end up not being able to play those types of things because the woman i live with is NOT into any kind of free jazz. So it's either late at night at low volume or when she's not home. Anyway, I like the general premise of the article in its discussion of the industry. We're lucky to have a few decent CD stores in DC that still manage to survive (although they are a lot less crowded than they used to be). I got both Gayle discs at Melody Records, which also stocks other smaller-label stuff. It will be too bad to see these kinds of stores go, but eventually they are all headed out I'm afraid. The next generation will really miss the fun of discovering things at the record store. But I guess that's "progress."
  5. great baseball names

    There was a pitcher in the 1950s named Whammy Douglas. There was/is also a relief pitcher with the last name of Putz. I remember this because I was at a National's gane and he was relentlessly taunted by the fans. As he would go through his motion fans would yell out "PUTZ!". It started with these two guys and it built to where so many people were doing it it was pretty hilarious.
  6. Old Rolling Stones Bootlleg from 1973.
  7. I saw that they are going to be playing the Blue Note this week and weekend and was wondering if anyone is going. I think I will be able to make the Sunday night show. If anyone sees them before that, please share your thoughts on it.
  8. Brooklyn Brothers Cecil Payne and Duke Jordan, 1973 date on Muse.
  9. Sonny"s Crib, japanese pressing I picked up the other day at a used record store here in DC.
  10. Robert Johnson "King of the Delta Blues Singers"
  11. I love that record. I havent played it in a while, so thanks for the reminder. Right now I have on Willie "The Lion" Smith Live At Blues Alley
  12. Albert Ayler, from "The Village Concerts," Vol VII of The Dedication Series released on ABC/Impulse. Recorded live at the Village Theater, NYC on Feb 26, 1967
  13. Coltrane "First meditations for Quartet" One of my favorite Tranes
  14. Caught the Bad Plus at the Village Vanguard on Saturday. Saw the 11:00 show. Great interplay between the three of them. They got into a great groove with their cover of David Bowie's "Life On Mars." Like a number of their songs, they started slow and quiet, then built it into a solid groove and then took it higher. I had a front row seat right at the side front of the stage.
  15. ebay madness re: vinyl

    It seems like every change at EBay is better for Ebay than it is for the user.
  16. What was your board name on the BNBB?

    Man, the BNBB seems like forever ago. I think my name was the same.
  17. It's Archie Shepp this afternoon: Life At The Donaueschingen Music Festival Things have Got To Change Live In San Francisco
  18. Tom Waits Tour

    I was able to get tickets to the Akron show. WOW. I happen to love the newer stuff so I was a-ok with the set list. He opened with a killer version of "Make It Rain." But he threw in some classics, like "Tom Traubert's Blues" and "Christmas Card From a Hooker" with just him at the piano and "The Mole" on bass. The whole thing was simply awesome. I have wanted to see him for a long time and since he never tours it seemed like I never would be able to. We had some of the best seats I've ever had for a concert, and the show took place in the old Akron Civic Theater. It is an old "atmospheric" theater, with the ceiling painted like the sky and all kinds of crazy details. It's now run as a non-profit and we got a nice history from one of the volunteer women working the gift shop. An additional plus was that I sat next to Jim Jarmusch and his girlfriend/wife (?). Really pleasant guy, and treated everyone who came up to him very well. I was already a fan, but this just took me into cult-land.....
  19. I couldn't agree more about Cook's Blue Note book. Seems like he phoned it in. I've read the Impulse book and liked it.
  20. Coltrane Down Beat Award

    I finally got things working. So, as promised, I can now share a photo of the Coltrane Down Beat award for "A Love Supreme" that I won at the recent jazz auction in New York. I assure you all it has found a loving home. It's behind glass, so the photo isn't great, butit's about as good as I can get it with my fairly cheap camera.
  21. Brother Jack McDuff "Live!"

    Oh yeah. Strange audience sound on that one. Annoying actually. I hardly ever listen to it because of that.
  22. Larry Young Mother Ship. I love this stuff.
  23. I really enjoy jazz of Two Cities. Mine is a Japanese re-issue but I don't know when it came out. It sounds great, so i dn't have a need to get this from Classic, but it is great music so people should look intio it on that basis at the very least.
  24. Charlie Earland Black Drops Prestige. Fun funk.