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  1. At the University of Pittsburgh, 8:00, free. Part of the University’s annual Jazz seminar - this is the 52nd year.
  2. Seeing the name Frances Wayne made me realize I have her Atlantic album on one of those odd Collectables CDs - the ones that seem to pair two unrelated albums (in this case it’s with Jack Wilson) and I’ve never played her portion! Going to pull it out right now.
  3. The first time I caught Lewis (with the original trio) was in 1964, at Leo’s Casino, on Euclid Ave., in Cleveland. This was just before ‘The In Crowd,’ but, by then, he had that formula In place. Their big number at the time was ‘Something You Got.’ (It was a double bill, with Roland Kirk - Horace Parlan on piano - and the emcee was Flip Wilson.) (Those were the days!)
  4. And, its coming back to me, Mundell Lowe’s “More TV Action Jazz,” of course.
  5. Thanks! I’ll track that down. The CD era saw lots of reconfiguring, it’s been nice to hear stuff that you grew up with in a new way…. But I try to hang on to the original versions ( Mingus Ah Um, Miles at the Blackhawk), not sure I need to hear all those base solos on Monk at the It Club…
  6. The original CD release of the album was reconfigured, with Evans himself involved. Different mix, tunes were lengthened or shortened, maybe some additions or omissions (not sure about that…). Seemed like a good idea at the time. But has this ever been reissued in its original form?
  7. Right, ‘Ring-a-Ding Ding,’ Sinatra.
  8. The first jazz album I bought with my own money was ‘Steamin’ With the Miles Davis Quintet.’ Ralph Gleason gave it a rave review in “Stereo Review” (or whatever it was named then), so I took a chance. Other early purchases were ‘Ugetsu,’ ‘Herbie Mann at the Village Gate,’ ‘Ornette on Tenor,’ Sonny Rollins’ ‘What’s New’ and ‘Ring-a-Ding Ding.’ All still in frequent rotation.
  9. There were a couple versions of ‘Gravy Waltz’.... And, of course, Shelly Manne’s ‘My Fair Lady’ - that was in a lot of ‘50”s LP collections. Did anyone mention ‘Walk on the Wild Side, part l?’
  10. So, now a mono version of “My Favorite Things” is out. I have a copy arriving this afternoon and am anxious for the explanation.
  11. Checked the Lord discography, you’re correct. There probably should be an Ed Shaughnessy thread!
  12. Ed Shaughnessy was a hell of a drummer, his name rarely comes up. Typical strong work on the Basie ‘Command’ albums.
  13. Back in the late ‘60’s, near the end of his long reign with the Pittsburgh Symphony, William Steinberg programmed all the Mahler symphonies, and the audience would groan. Not Mahler! Now, of course, the audience loves them! (Not sure what brings groans from the audience today. Maybe Bruckner.)
  14. DMP

    Donald Byrd

    Regarding “Trying to Get Home...” “New Perspective” was sort of a fluke hit, and, if I recall the notes correctly, Nat Hentoff says that this was a sincere effort by Byrd, not some attempt to jump on the current soul/gospel bandwagon. I would say the follow up - “Trying...” - IS a concious attempt to jump on that bandwagon! The cover pretty much says it, along with the “funkier” lineup. (Good enough album, but doesn’t stand up to the original.)
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