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  1. Dear Sir I wish know if Penderecki was the director of the band in the Humus -The Exploring Force: suite. i mean: did don cherry play in the orchestra under the direction of penderecki? or not? Have my best regard Luciano
  2. Dear Jazz Lover

    can anyone help me? I would like to know if the Ernie Andrews album

    The Importance Of Being Ernest (GNP42)

    features Eric Dolphy

    Best regards

  3. Dear Jazz lover

    "On hearing a tape of a Candid recording by Cecil Taylor, Glenn Gould, a titan among great classical pianists of the 20th century, is said to have remarked:
    ``This is perhaps the most formidable pianism these ears have heard: This is the Great Divide of American piano playing.''

    I seem to remember to have also found a news that the track listened by Taylor had been O. P. Take 1 of January 9, 1961 (maybe in the information of some Candid records that I can't consult now).
    Can anyone confirm my opinion? Again: there are other reports that indicate how Gould appreciated Taylor.

  4. Please: LADY BE GOOD Featuring Mary Lou Williams & Coleman Hawkins JAZZ 1944 is this really about Lady Be good? Again: Rifftide Coleman Hawkins; Hackensack Thelonious Monk but is it the same song or there are some differences?
  5. Mingus Candid Recordings

    Here the informations about Reincarnation Of A Love Bird: Ted Curson, Lonnie Hillyer, trumpet; Charlie McPherson, alto sax; Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Nico Bunick, piano; Charles Mingus, bass; Dannie Richmond, drums; Nat Hentoff, supervisor. Reincarnation Of A Love Bird (1st version) (take ?) Mosaic MR4-111, MD3-111 Reincarnation Of A Love Bird (1st version) (take 1) Candid (Eu) CS 9033 (on Candid Dolphy) Reincarnation Of A Love Bird (1st version) (take 4) Candid (Eu) CS 9042 (Charles Mingus - Mysterious Blues) But the two Versions on Candid Dolphy & on Mysterious Blues seem to be the same Lonnie Hillyer, trumpet; Charlie McPherson, alto sax; Booker Ervin, tenor sax; Paul Bley, piano; Charles Mingus, bass; Dannie Richmond, drums; Nat Hentoff, supervisor. Reincarnation Of A Love Bird (2nd version) (take 1) Mosaic MR4-111, MD3-111; Candid (Eu) CS 9026 = Charles Mingus - Reincarnation Of A Love Bird 1988 Can somebody help me? Thanks Luciano
  6. Don Cherry

    Dear Sir Unfortunately, I still don't know where to put the question. I try to do it here in the hope that someone will answer me. I would like to know if the concert Bombay and Jazz - A documentary 1992 with Don Cherry, Trilok Gurtu, L. Shankar ..., was held on New Year Day 1991 or 1992 I hope someone can solve the problem. Thank Luciano
  7. Don Cherry

    Don Cherry is present on all the three ESP items. The II volume contain Orfeo Negro but it is another version but it's another version of Hilversum or Stuttgart
  8. Don Cherry

    I have these items but Orfeo Negro is another version and don't concern my question thakns anyway I have the Three ESP Compact Discs too I Agree, thanks
  9. Don Cherry

    The new LP by Don Cherry Complete Communion: Live in Hilversum may 9, 1966 contains: Exodus, Orfeo Negro, Suite For Children, Afro Blue, Remember Clifford To Me Orfeo negro is from: Complete Communion: Live In Stuttgart Germany At Liederhalle Beethovensaal, May 12th, 1966 by: Modern Silence Malta 0I 013 Can anyone confirm that? Thanks Luciano
  10. The Cellar Jazz Club, Vancouver

    I don't remember were I found this new about this concert: The Cellar Club, Vancouver, Summer 1957 Don Cherry tp, James Clay as, Don Payne b, Billy Higgins dr in which they played: Stablemates (by Benny Golson) Tune Up (by Miles Davis) Prince Albert (by Kenny Dorham) So now I'm not sure if truly that event was held or not. Could someone help me? Thanks Luciano PS: I have other news of concerts given by Don Cherry at Cellar Club, but I do not know if they correspond to the truth
  11. at: we can read: b. 02 The Bridge (Sonny Rollins) Moon CD: MCD 053-2 — Rollins Meets Cherry, vol. 1 (1994) c. 02 You Don't Know What Love Is (Don Raye, Gene DePaul) Moon CD: MCD 053-2 — Rollins Meets Cherry, vol. 1 (1994) d. 02 Night And Day - 12:49 (Cole Porter) Moon CD: MCD 053-2 — Rollins Meets Cherry, vol. 1 (1994) b, c, d performed as medley. I have had the Moon CD MCD 053-2 but if I rembember well Night and day doesn't appear on it. I change the Moon CD and I bought The Complete 1963 Copenhagen Concert by Jazz Lips record and the medley closed with Sly Moongoose, not with Night And Day. I'm not able to recognize that tune in any Rollins & Cherry neither on official records nor on live concerts Could anyone help me? Merry xmas to all jazz fans and Organissimo followers Luciano
  12. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    Well, instead to reply at the topic I have a question and I hope someone will be able to solve it: readind the Martin Willias note on Crisis we can read: Space Jungle is a collectively improvised relatively light-weight, and perhaps light-hearted but far from frivolous, piece. On it, Coleman plays his violin, Dewey Redman plays clarinet, and Cherry plays Indian flute, an instrument on which he gets a lovely sound. Well the titles in which Don plays flute is Trouble in the East (also in the recent CD reissue by Real Gone Music.) So what's the mistake? We can considerer correct space jungle for the flute or Williams wrong on wrinting his note? I'm not sure to be clear I hope you are able to understand my request Greetings Luciano
  13. Archie Shepp Pitchin Can

    Many Thanks clif..... an greetings Luciano
  14. Archie Shepp Pitchin Can

    Thanks Clifford_thornton but, please, could you be precise: who are the guys on that record (and according to you: these guys are also on: Black Gispy; Coral Rock and Archie Shepp & Philly Jo Jones?) On the web I found these muicians who participate at that records: Noah Howard,Earl Freeman,Sonny Murray, Julio Finn, Dave Burrell, Archie Shepp, Clifford Thornton,Leroy Jenkins, Chicago Beau, Lester Bowie, Alan Shorter, Bobby Few, Bob Reid, Muhammad Ali, Djibrill, Ostaine Blue Warner Are them correct? Greetings Luciano