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  1. Freddie Roach/Brown Sugar (Water)

    Anyone who has a copy of the Water of this - how's the sound quality? I've got the TOJC but wouldn't mind an upgrade.. the title cut is my favorite Freddie Roach tune!
  2. The most consistent Blue Note 50's and 60's leader

    I'd say Blakey on this one.. other artists I like better, but none were as consistent IMO... ...OTOH, that could be because Blakey didn't record for Blue Note after 1964, where many of the other artists on the roster changed styles after that.. evolution, though not necessarily improvement... .. how about Blue Note for most consistent jazz label!

    Oblique is great too.. why not Back at The Chicken Shack and/or Midnight Special?
  4. The CONNS are coming!

    Temple, I totally concur with you about Of Love and Peace... Larry is one of my 3 favorite organists of all time and even though I have the box set, I have also bought individual CD's as well.. but this one I will skip for now, the trumpet playing is just grating to these ears. Now is... interesting, but some of the vocal arrangements can be very distracting.
  5. Water Reissues of Pearson and Wilson

    I picked up both of these Tuesday and like 'em. Would greatly enjoy seeing them re-issue On Broadway.
  6. Fantasy reissues

    Richard Groove Holmes - Super Soul - 1 track missing
  7. Confession Corner

    At the risk of losing credibility on this board (now the only jazz board I post to), I have quite a few Walter Wanderley albums! Cheesy, but fun!
  8. Congrats, Charlie.. and congrats to you, Jim!
  9. Summer RVGs

    I'm ready big time for an upgrade to Inner Urge!
  10. Favorite or least liked Roland Kirk albums

    Left and Right.. a big HELL YEAH! Especially the suite from the original side 1. I also enjoy Kirk's work a lot, along with most of the Mercury stuff... I think I saw they are releasing "Kirk" in Copenhagen as an LPR, BTW
  11. Water Records

    I saw this as well today, got the Select, but will gladly pick up The Phantom and the Reuben Wilson CD anyway... bravo Water!
  12. Sweet Honey Bee reissue-March 9

    I could certainly hear some vinyl artifacts when listening today, but it does sound better than the old CD IMO.
  13. Chick Corea's Legacy

    I enjoy Sweet Rain, Tones for Joan's Bones, and RTF up to Where Have I Known You Before (IMO, more a rock record than a jazz one, but that's OK by me)... as well as the time with Blue Mitchell. After that... nah.
  14. Happy Birthday Patricia!

    Happy birthday eloquent jazz fan lady!
  15. Joe Gibbs to be hired as Redskins coach

    He's been out of the game for a long time, true, but he's been successful at everything he's ever done in life. I'm from DC, though living in San Diego, and this is the happiest sports day that I have had since the Redskins last won the Super Bowl in January 1992. I think it's the best hire they could possibly make. I'm absolutely stunned, and here's the reaction....