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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Is this information online anywhere? I looked but couldn't find anything and a link in one of the old threads on here is no longer working. If not, if someone has the book from the set, would you mind checking who arranged (if it says) and is playing/soloing on "Tenderly" on the first disc? Thanks!
  3. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    This is true. I was just wondering if some people might be put off thinking that the material is likely(?) to be made available down the road, if not available currently. For example, someone has put together a playlist on Spotify in track order of all of the 63-70 Mobley set, excluding the few alternate takes.
  4. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    I don't purchase Mosaics for investment either, although I admit that in the past I would have been more likely to pick something up I was just curious about figuring that if I didn't like it I could always resell it and get my money back. I agree. Aside from the lack of reimbursement for their efforts, I wonder how many fewer sets they sell as a result.
  5. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Does it bother anyone that this stuff is being released for streaming or available for lossless download purchase for so much less money? I think it's great that the music continues to be available, but it does make me at least think twice about the value of the box set purchase if the set is likely to be made generally available. Of course, there is the presentation, desire to support the cause, etc., but I'm sure some people buy the sets because some of the music is out of print and they are limited editions and then suddenly it's not so limited anymore.
  6. Well I got the email too. it looks like this is my last chance, so I will probably be placing my order shortly. I'm not sure I will have the restraint to let this one go.
  7. You HAD to say that. Haha. I have the earlier Mobley set but only have High Voltage and Straight No Filter from the second set. I've been very tempted but holding off because I feel like I haven't been listening enough to the many sets that I do have. Today while working I've been shuffling all of my Mosaic sets (I have them ripped to the computer) and realizing again how great all the music is. I'm inching toward it . . .
  8. Got an email reminder this morning that today is the last day to order the Bee Hive Set. Haven't bought a Mosaic set for some time because I have lots of box sets that get so little play, but I am very tempted based on the samples on the site. Ugh.
  9. I wasn't really thinking about another Mosaic set at the moment, but what are the opinions on this one? Seems like these guys could use some support.
  10. I have a collection of Jazz Improv magazines and am clearing them out to make some room. Those familiar with the magazine when it was published will know that they contained a lot of great information, book excerpts, etc. Below is a list of the Issues I have available. Cost is $12 per magazine with CD (or CDs -- some have 2) and $8 for a magazine if no CD is included. This includes standard shipping in the US (US sales only please). I will offer a discount of $ 1 per magazine for sales of multiple magazines (3 or more) and larger discounts for higher quantities. if you are interested in buying the lot, let me know and we can work out a deal. Here is also a link to the website that sells back issues of these (for $27.95 per issue plus shipping or $177 plus $30 shipping for the set of what is currently still available), which gives a thorough description of the contents of the issues that are still available. http://www.jazzmusictreasury.com/ SOLD Vol. 1 No. 1 John Coltrane w/CD SOLD Vol1 No. 2 Thelonious Monk w/CD - Some tape was put on bottom of spine. I would consider the cover in generally good condition, the rest of the magazine is very good. SOLD Vol 1 No. 3 Pat Martino w/ 2 CDs SOLD Vol 1 No. 4 Miles Davis --Magazine Only - No CDs SOLD Vol 2 No. 1 Horace Silver w/CD SOLD Vol 2 No. 2 Michael Brecker w/CD SOLD Vol 2 No. 3 Wayne Shorter -- Magazine Only - No CD SOLD Vol 2 No. 4 Wes Montgomery w/CD SOLD Vol 3 No. 2 Cannonball Adderley w/CD Vol 3 No. 4 Billy Taylor w/CD -- Sealed Vol 4 No. 1 Kenny Burrell -- Magazine Only - No CD Vol 4 No. 2 Joe Henderson w/CD -- Sealed SOLD Vol 4 No. 3 Art Blakey w/ 2 CDs - Sealed Vol 4 No. 4 Pat Metheny w/ CD - Sealed SOLD Vol 5 No. 1 Dizzy Gillespie w/CD - Sealed Vol 5 No. 2 Phil Woods w/CD - Sealed Vol 5 No. 3 Chick Corea w/CD No 5 No. 4 George Benson w/ 2 CDs -- Sealed SOLD Vol 6 No. 1 Clark Terry w/CD -- Sealed! Vol 6 No. 2 Joe Lovano w/ 2 CDs Vol 6 No. 3 Buddy Rich w/CD Vol 6 No. 4 Mike Stern w/CD Vol 7 No. 1 Louis Armstrong w/ 2 CDs - Sealed Vol 7 No. 3 Stanley Clark w/CD Vol 7 No. 4 Wes Montgomery w/CD On Hold Vol 8 No. 1 Frank Sinatra w/CD -- Sealed On Hold Vol 8 No. 2 Stan Getz w/CD SOLDVol 8 No. 3 Herbie Hancock w/CD Please PM if interested or if you have any questions.
  11. Some Box Sets for sale

    Up with price reductions.
  12. I have several box sets for sale. Except for the first (Mosaic) all are new and sealed. They (except Mosaic) were all purchased from BMG. U.S. Shipping is $3.00 via media mail for first box. Shipping for additional boxes at actual cost. (Payment preferred by Amazon gift certificate, but Paypal accepted. Thanks for looking! (1) Mosaic - Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of the Chico Hamilton Quintet -- 6 CDs only; No Box or Book. One CD case is cracked a bit in the corners, but all CDs are scratch and mark free. $80 (2) Charlie Parker - The Complete Verve Master Takes -- 3 Cds - $18 (3) Billie Holiday - The Complete Verve Master Takes -- 6 CDs $40 (4) Frank Sinatra -- The Complete Capitol Singles Collection -- 4 CDs $30 (5) Steely Dan -- Citizen Steely Dan 1972-1980 -- 4 CDs $27 (6) Clifford Brown -- Complete Blue Note and Pacific Jazz Recordings -- 4 CDs $35
  13. Art Pepper Select, Disc 1.
  14. I got an Ipod!

    We choose the option to manage the music manually. You can just drag what you want from iTunes to your iPod. If you are too lazy to do that, iTunes can also be programmed to randomly fill your iPod for you. I've been playing around with smart playlists which seem to work pretty well. It would be better if I had my music rated so that I could play, for example, only 4 and 5 star material or something like that. Unfortunately, although my digital music is relatively well organized, I haven't rated all of the songs or used some of the more advanced tag features like comments and it would take more time than I am willing to spend to go back through my entire library and do that.