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  1. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I was at this run. The ESP shows. They introduced around 10 new songs, dribbling out a few each night. The reason they selected this is like because it was recorded on 16 track so the sound is great. The run has been available in high quality for at least 20 years. I’d sooner have a show closer to the time Workingman’s was recorded. Maybe something from the Fillmore West when Miles Davis opened. Or another show with a great acoustic set. The Angel’s Share is interesting, but could be boiled down by eliminating the false starts or even the partial takes.
  2. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    The Angel’s Share hasn’t been heavily publicized. It’s like the Dylan stuff—preserve the copyright. So all the false starts, wheezes, and full takes. Worth a free listen.
  3. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    On me your address. And give me a few days. Someone sent it to me via Dropbox. I have to download it, decide it, burn it, etc.! I’ll be doing one for me, so it’s no problem.
  4. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Want me to burn you a copy? Several partial and complete Easy Winds! Otherwise, for completists.
  5. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grateful_Dead_Origins vinyl from Aug 211968. sounds like this is it.
  6. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Got plenty of time to catch up on the “jazzy years”—1972-4. Still hit and miss, and some sings lack bite. But a lot of these Dark Stars are fun rides. Oddly, most of the Eyes of the world seem lackluster (not Oklahoma!). Row Jimmy shows Jerry’s lack of skill playing slide. But when they rock... As to me, retired from teaching. Sitting out the pandemic in the countryside away from the brunt of it. Had a couple of spinal fusions of late; slowing down. Reading books, listening to music. you? Staying out of trouble?
  7. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Jazzbo: howdy! during this quarantine, i’ve been catching up on 73-74. Dicks and Daves. the Oklahoma City show from 10-19-73 has an Eyes—Stella that’s as amazing as anything they ever played. I can’t stop listening to it. And you know I draw-or drew the line at 72. Of course you should hear this show on cd. Also the new Daves picks fro Florida is great, Pauley Pavillion—when they are on, they are on. But dl this sucker.
  8. Lester Bowie's Sho' Nuff Orchestra

    I recorded this from the 4th row with a simple cassette recorder. The number of instruments caused obvious distortion. But, Hey, at least it was documented!
  9. As both a professor of poetry and a fan of the AEC since 1974, I’m revulsed. Mother Moore is an inept poet whose recitations are trite and annoying. If this is the new path, i’m Gone. Roscoe is still sublime, but this shit?
  10. Bob Dylan corner

    Late to the party on this. Someone clever made a box set of the downloadable live shows, most of which are sbds. Check Discogs which is where I got mine.
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Me too!
  12. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    12-14 will be the next bonus disc if that's any consolation (Albuquerque will be the second release)
  13. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    2 things. That boot consists of tunes from a few different tapes (I used to have a copy). They did play st Actuon House in Nov. 70--I saw those shows--and there is a fragment on archive. I was also at that Cafe Au Go Go show. (My first show was 6-9-67 at the Cafe). They were messing with the jam, but let it go. Same as the Eleven by that young me. Too complicated for the more song oriented band. https://archive.org/details/gd70-11-09.aud.hanno.7591.sbeok.shnf An addendum. The seven was likely performed more than 4 times. I heard it at least twice--I believe at the Capital in Portchester as well as Cafe AGG. Unfortunately, there were a lot of untapped shows in 1970, and there has been a fair amount of confusion. In those days, cassettes were copied and recopied ( under the influence). Because all we had access to in 1970 were audience tapes, people would make compilations of "rare" songs. They did play the old Action House in Brooklyn, but nobody taped them. In fact, those shoes were poorly advertised and about half full.
  14. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    One of the reasons I stopped going to their shows in 1972 was the increasingly large crowds. The 76-77 shows were generally in smaller places, but the style wasn't the same--and I was into other music. Wouldn't want to see grandpa Bob in an arena. $100 to see musicians way past their prime. Just an opinion.
  15. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Apparently, these sell out to ebay resellers. If you want one, buy it early as the prices go up quickly.