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  1. BFT for September

    This is my first attempt to discuss a Blindfold Test. It is a humbling experience. 1. A great mainstream tenor player. I should know who it is but I don't. This sounds like a 1940s recording. Great tone, memorable. 2. Is this from a film soundtrack? It sounds like one of the earlier scat singing recordings, apart from Louis Armstrong. I can't place the singer. 3. This is from the expanded CD reissue of Soul Brothers, the album with Ray Charles and Milt Jackson. My LP did not have this song on it. It is "Bags Guitar Blues". That is Milt Jackson on guitar. It would have been interesting to hear him play guitar like this when he was in the Modern Jazz Quartet. It would have been a natural thing while the MJQ was recording for Apple Records. 4. Two excellent saxophonists. I am afraid that I do not know who they are. I will probably be embarrassed when I find out who I could not identify. 5. Again, I do not know who these two guitar players are. The main soloist is a fine player but his unique stylings are not something I really like. I am pretty sure that I have never heard his playing before. 6. That is the famous Blind Willie Johnson song, "Dark is the Night Cold Is the Ground". Ry Cooder covered it on one of his early albums. That made me go back and find the original. I think Blind Willie's original was included on the gold disc that was sent into outer space, with sounds of Earth, for alien civilizations to find and listen to. I do not know who is recording this version. It is very interesting. It sounds so close to the original at times, but then not close to the original at other times. 7. This is a cheery, bouncy little song. Who would have recorded this? It sounds like something from the 1930s, maybe the 1940s. I am not familiar enough with those time periods to know this song. It embodies light heartedness. Most of the musicians I know from those years are heavies. 8. I have no idea who this is. It is on the level of something that Charles Mingus would have done when he was at his most ambitious. It is clearly not him. Whoever it is, it is both impressive and enjoyable. 9. I have no idea at all who this is. Good playing. 10. This is an unusual song. It sounds like the kind of experimental things that were being done in the late 1960s, maybe into the early 1970s. I cannot place the flute player, or the guitar player. 11. This is a set of songs recorded by Thelonious Monk. One of them is Blue Monk. The musicians are very fine musicians. I cannot place them. .12. Two very good mainstream guitar players. I cannot place them. At times it reminds me of the 1970s Paul Desmond recordings with Ed Bickert. Of course Paul Is not here. 13. I have listened to just enough Latin jazz, to know that I usually like it. That is the case here. This is an energetic, positive sounding piece. I do not know who is playing. The trumpet player has a lot of energy. I hardly know any of the musicians, songs or albums. As I said, this was a humbling experience. Maybe I will do better on my second try with a Blindfold Test.
  2. Purging for a move - sales advice wanted

    I donated about 200 pre-recorded cassettes to an assisted living facility after I bought the same music on CD. When I visited a few months later, I found that none of the residents had ever heard, or seen, any of the cassettes. Apparently the staff had simply taken them home. I had a very similar experience with a disabled persons' day service program facility. Donating may get the items out of your house, and give you a tax deduction. Just don't expect the donations to be used as you had expected.
  3. Purging for a move - sales advice wanted

    I had a friend who passed away, who had a huge CD and LP collection. The family hired a top estate sale company, one that specialized in upper income homes and unique collections. The family got a decent amount of money, I am sure.
  4. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2018

    I am new to this board and would like to present a Blindfold Test in 2018. I will need help.
  5. Miles Davis Bootleg Series - crazy ideas for future volumes?

    The studio sessions after the 1975 Japanese tour which produced the Agharta, Pangea and Dark Magus albums would have Sam Morrison replacing Sonny Fortune on saxophone, I think. Any 1975 concert recordings with Sam Morrison could be interesting. Then there was the 1978 sessions during Miles' hiatus, with Larry Coryell and Masabumi Kikuchi. All of that together might comprise an interesting volume.
  6. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    I saw John Abercrombie live with Jack DeJohnette in the late 1970s. Lester Bowie was also in the band. John Abercrombie added a great deal to the music, supplying most of the subtle content in the group, He was a creative artist and will be greatly missed.