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  1. I think I can already anticipate some of the responses. I know some people are not a fan of the label. Some citing the sound quality is not always the best or close to the best. That said, I know some of you guys have made purchases from the label getting the biggest bang for your buck for the multiple sessions put together. I was listening to WKCR in New York recently and they featured on their Sunday Jazz Profile show the music of Walt Dickerson. I have to say I like what I heard and was interested in purchasing some of his early sessions. Unfortunately, the single issues can come at a steep price. So, looking at an alternative to shelling out some big bucks I was looking at this set. Any opinions? Thanks.
  2. It was pretty hot here today for southern Maine around 90. I went down to the beach around 730am and spent a couple hours before I really started feeling the heat and headed out. The water is still on the chilly side, but I went in anyway. It's only 60 degrees. I wasn't the only idiot in the water.
  3. You got it. Although just checking the USPS a short time ago the shipment is now here in town. I should have ownership by later this afternoon.
  4. I have a package that has been sitting in Jersey City for the last 6 days without moving. It was shipped from Liberty, New York. For the uninitiated Liberty is located in Sullivan County in the Catskills. Mind you I am obviously not blaming the vendor for this situation. But one time I ordered from him and before arriving up here in Maine it made its way to Memphis, Tennessee then Oxford, Mississippi before it ended up here. I guess this is an improvement. Sarcasm intended.
  5. I'm listening to Lift Every Voice right now on Spotify. The vocals to me aren't too overwhelming considering there is still plenty of room left for Woody Shaw, Carlos Garnett and Andrew to solo. Maybe not everyone's bag, but I can listen to this. I suppose one could compare this to the Eddie Gale release Ghetto Music.
  6. Canadiens icon Guy Lafleur, one of hockey's flashiest players, dead at 70 | CBC Sports
  7. I thought I had most/all of Zoot's early releases, until I came across this one. Thanks Dusty Groove!
  8. Actually, a nice session. I've been trying to get this release for quite some time at an affordable price. Picked this up from Dusty Groove. Now listening Japanese issue.
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