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  1. On 9/19/2020 at 0:23 PM, jazzbo said:

    I keep my boxes and booklets and cds in three separate places. If something were to happen to me right now, my wife would probably be inclined to toss some and not re-integrate all the parts. . . . I can see how this happens.

    Me too. I've actually written it down in a "last letter" for my son. And yes, it's hard being OC, but somebody has to do it!





  2. On 9/14/2020 at 9:17 AM, JSngry said:

    CC was a very simple premise executed well - original records, not particularly remastered, no alternate takes, minimally annotated, and not exactly a cheap price point.

    Plenty of ways to add value there, and enough incentivization to look at CC as a "starter set" - if there was a market that would create somebody like Mosaic to do it up "royally" (only with better teeth, I should hope)!

    Although having said that, I only buy them second hand (or get them ripped), so as not to contribute to any possibly perceived slutting of the content. But still, that, to my mind, that's the correct application of PD - to keep content available without cheapening it, leaving room for the "royal treatment" to still be an attractive option if/when the time comes along.

    Well, they're ALL out of print, so if you buy any of it, you're buying it used. I don't think any money any longer goes back to whichever label first issued it. I wasn't endorsing the Andorran stuff, by the way (DEEP breath Steve!), simply pointing out that Mosaic is disinclined to do sets that those labels have already done. Well, except for Classics. Mosaic has done a lot of things that Classics has issued. It would be kind of hard not to.




  3. A lot of the Byas 40s stuff (both the American and European recordings) was issued on cd in Europe, by the Andorrans, I think. Mosaic has tended to shy away from reissuing material that has already been issued that way, even if it wasn't done all that well. That happened with the Hodges 60s Verve material that I talked about wanting Mosaic to do in this thread. It is too bad about Byas, because he is definitely one of the masters in need of some royal treatment.





  4. 3 hours ago, Brad said:

    Any eBay transaction is a commercial one. Buyers do not get charged fees, only sellers. 

    The fee I got charged was from my credit card company, not Ebay, Paypal, or the seller.





  5. 12 hours ago, bertrand said:

    Glad to hear I am not the only one!

    I am OK with the explanation of service vs. friend, but not OK with the fact that I did not always have a choice to pick one.

    Me too.





  6. 15 hours ago, bertrand said:

    If you use the f & f option to try to pay a non eBay transaction with a cc, yes, you will get hit with a fee, as explained by Felser.

    it makes sense now, but I had done the f/f several times without a fee, so something changed. As long as it keeps giving me the choice, I am good, but with the other credit card it did not, so that's why I thought I was defaulted to f/f.

    There is a musician I will pay later for a gig from a few weeks back. If he tells me he got charged a fee for a non-f/f transaction, then I will just add $1 every time. We shall see.

    I just saw this thread. Exactly the same thing happened to me, Bertrand, so you're NOT alone! I'm pretty sure I also labeled it a Friends and Family because it was for music lessons for a grandson, and she had asked me to do that. I switched to writing her a check! I have used Paypal for a couple of Ebay buys, but they specifically noted it was a credit card transaction without the fees, so I think they know about this. Anyway, thanks for the discussion!