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  1. Cover Art Books Jazz & other topics

    Also, "Jazz Grafico" Jorge Garcia listed as author; an oblong softcover issued by a museum in conjunction with an exhibit of jazz album cover art. Includes an interview with Burt Goldblatt; separate sections on Goldblatt, Claxton, Herman Leonard and other artists/designers. I can't remember how many, if any, images from "Jazzlife" appeared on album covers. Possibly, photos from the same session that produced the photo of Art Pepper ("the road is long") walking with his sax up Fargo Street (the steepest hill in Los Angeles) appeared on some Contemporary albums (but not the one from the book). Quite a number of images from Claxton's "Jazz West Coast" (the 1955 original) appeared as covers on Contemporary albums.
  2. LF Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CD

    I hope you find them. LAJI issued 300 copies of each. Unfortunately, a number of the "Modern Jazz a la Lighthouse" were defective and did not play through. Consequently, that one will be much harder to find in playable shape.
  3. "Duke Ellington" by Barry Ulanov "Duke Ellington His Life and Music" by Peter Gammond Two earlier works.
  4. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    Yes, more straight ahead; works better for me. I really like "Shadow of Your Smile."
  5. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    Thank you very much for the information. I like the "Swing Journal" one, much more than "Hi-Nology." Feelin Good, Hino/Kikuchi & Alone Together have been issued before.
  6. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    Apologize for derailing Hino, does anyone have a link to the TAKT reissues mentioned in post 1? thank you
  7. Hello, I am trying to purchase a cd from the Tradera website but cannot navigate it/register. If any members are registered w/Tradera and can assist me, I would appreciate it (will cover all expenses; cd is only 150 Kr). thanks bakeostrin
  8. The one on Ebay is not TOCJ 66104, but the mini lp cd BNC 2007, a 2003 CD. Like the former cd, it appeared in Japan only, but it was not for sale to the public (some kind of promotion--"Blue Note Club"). It is scarcer than the TOCJ.
  9. Hello, Can anyone who has this particular set tell me whether the ZYX Pepper cube box set came with a piece of square cardboard (thicker than the box itself) and, if so, where it fits? For example, is it just loose, say fitting between the booklet and the jewel cases or is it somehow affixed to the box? I am trying to have one repaired/restored and would like to have it done correctly. thanks in advance
  10. Jazz In Paris

    Thanks very much for the information. By the way, that Guerin cd has been reissued: with Leloir photo; unsure if that is the original cover; the Golson on Blue Note combining Philadelphians (originally) on UA (and reissued w/original cover in Japan) with the Guerin features Golson only (didn't realize it had the Guerin session) Also, same Japanese company atelier sawano also issued "Soul Jazz" w/what looks like original cover (too bad these are digipaks; I try to avoid them).
  11. Jazz In Paris

    You listen to the music, not the cover, but it's too bad the reissue does not use the cover for "Afternoon in Paris," a marvelous cover to preview the wonders within. Does anyone have information about the Art Farmer title listed as "Hard Bop," such as original label, cover, etc.? thank you
  12. RE ^ ; yes regular issue by Taschen is the same book; if you keep eyes open on line, can sometimes be acquired for less than $50 (it's the one earlier posters described as coming in a cardboard box with a plastic handle). Due to weight, the shipping will cost can raise the cost substantially. You can get a non-collectible copy of the German first edition (published by Burda) for $25 or less (all text in German). The revised Taschen edition contains more photos and lacks some of the photos contained in the original. I think some of the photographs which appeared in color in the Burda edition appear in b&w in the Taschen edition (and vice versa). Also, the Taschen edition contains some photos that appeared in Claxton's "Jazz West Coast" (the 1955 portfolio published by Linear). I am not familiar with later editions published by Taschen; currently Taschen offers a 600 page book for $39.95 with a multicolored jacket; smaller size than the 17 pounder. Ultimately, it is quality, not quantity; that original Jazzlife by Burda was about 275 pages, one of the most collectible jazz books of them all. Clayton's photos are so excellent; whatever one you get, you will enjoy it. With the Taschen editions, you get get bonus of reading Berendt's text (unless you could read the original) + additional commentary. Also, regarding "Jazz Giants"; "Jazz Optisch"; the great thing is you can pick up non collectible copies of those for under $10; "Jazz Giants" is available in the Billboard/Watson Guphill published edition very cheaply (the Japanese edition published by Shinko is the highly collectible one; the other editions may be advertised as with a "slipcase," but it is the Shinko edition in a hard slipcase and outer cardboard container that is collectible. "Pictorial History" did not make much of an impression on me (I need to revisit it); similar I thought, to "Black Beauty, White Heat", but not as artistic in its presentation.
  13. There were 3 editions of the original German: (1) hardcover with two EP records laid in the rear board inside a cardboard band; dust jacket; binding on spine is rounded; (2) hardcover w/o records; dust jacket; binding is square; no records (no cardboard band inside rear cover); (3) softcover w/jacket (frequently glued to spine) no records; All are the same size; dust jacket flaps (in German) describe schallplatten (records) although only the true first has the records. You can get copies of these in varying conditions (softcover or hc w/o jacket or records) for $20 on the low end. (bigger money for a first w/jacket + records + signature). For the second edition, editor Steve Crist & Claxton went to Germany hoping to find (at the Jazz Institute Darmstadt (sp?)) Bernd't original tape recordings to include more music; however they could not find the tapes, so the new edition only contains a remastering of the material found on the 2 EP's from the first edition. Berendt also was involved in two other collectible photo books: (1) "Jazz Optisch" Nymphenburger 1954; a slim volume of jazz photographs including those of Claxton, Leloir, Leonard & Gottlieb; all black & white; 1st = hardcover w/jacket (a shot of Lester Young from "Jammin the Blues"); later hardcover with art cover, 3 editions each called "fan edition"; can be had very inexpensively; text only in German, the first great jazz phonebook collection in my view (superior photographs to, "A Pictorial History of Jazz" or "1939 Swing Photo Album"). Book is sort of a precursor to Abe's "Jazz Giants"; high quality photographers; (2) Foto Jazz; also Nymphenburger 1959; the German edition of van der Elsken's book (Dutch is available in reprint currently); a very fragile hardcover paper covered boards book; highly collectible; difficult to find in decent shape b/c of fragility; Berendt did the text for this edition. I follow the prices of the Clax books (had the privilege of knowing him, very talented & humble); interesting many resellers had the artists edition on eBay for $1,500 when Taschen had the book offered at around $1,000 (or maybe it was Euros); but those have disappeared. One seller had the book up for auction at a nice price, but I noticed the seller (whom I have no affiliation with) listed the print folio separately. I thought that was a bad deal since you could buy a complete one from Taschen for less (apparently now you can't). If you think that 700 page book is heavy, add the large cloth covered clamshell case for the artist's edition and it must weigh 20-30 pounds
  14. You are welcome; glad to help you anytime. Book is not an essential, but at that price for some nice Leloir photos, you can't go wrong. At least "Du Jazz Plein les Yeux" is both large format and hardcover (with jacket). For a phonebook collector, that is the best presentation. Enjoy.
  15. Seeing a Big Beat Steve post inspires my memory; I was thinking of the book "Le Jazz et see Musiciens" by Gerard Montarlot (at least it begins with "M" as in Malson); is a pictorial (without jacket) hardcover featuring Leloir photos (in color, I believe). Medium format (not a quarto), not a collector's book (but does not sell for collector's price).