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  1. Bookshelf speaker recommendations.

    So, I'm still hemming and hawing over my new speaker purchase. Which I knew would happen because I'm well-known to take more than a year researching speakers before I finally pull the trigger. Does anyone have any recommendations? I want to stay under $1,500. So far I've somewhat narrowed it down to PSB Speakers Imagine B (mostly because their headphones are simply mind-blowing), Dynaudio X14, and I've recently started falling in love with the Zu Omen Bookshelf. The full-size Zu Omen is a slight consideration, but with my Velodyne sub I really want to go with stand mounts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I remember having a discussion with Jim about this not so long ago concerning The Beatles. Today, for the first time oddly enough, I listened to The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators. First in mone, and then in stereo. I was stunned by how incredibly inferior the stereo version was. It’s nearly unlistenable in stereo. So what other albums has anyone else run across that sound far better in mono?
  3. J.D. Allen

    Does anyone else here listen to Mr. Allen at all? I did a search, but came up with nothing. I got his debut album, In Search Of, the other night and sat and gave it a really close listen last night. I'll have to give it another listen, but my first impressions are that he kinda sounds like he's trying really hard to be some kind of weird hybrid of Coltrane and Rollins, yet doesn't really succeed. That said, I found myself thoroughly enjoying his attempt. Of course, I also had to keep in mind this was his debut as a leader, and there is some definite promise there. With the exception of one avant garde-lite track which I found rather messy and pointless, the cat sounds like a keeper. I'm looking forward to diving into more material. Anyone else dig him?
  4. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Does anyone else here do streaming? I have to admit I always stayed away from it because when Spotify first took off their sampling rates for the free model were an atrocity (96kbps MP3, IIRC). But after reading up on the new and improved streaming from Spotify Premium (320kbps Ogg Vorbis), Tidal (320kbps AAC, and FLAC/ALAC if you want to pay for it), and Apple music (256kbps AAC), I decided to audition it again today. Naturally, being a big iTunes fan I decided to give Apple Music and their three month free trial a go. So far, so good. The sound quality is the same excellent quality they offer with their iTunes store downloads, and it seems to run just fine, unless I'm overloading my processor as I'm web surfing on the same iPad I'm streaming on. The catalog is quite impressive, even for more obscure Free Jazz and European Improv releases. There are 53 Evan Parker albums, for example. So, today's listening: Van Halen - Van Halen Evan Parker - 50th Birthday Concert Parker/Guy/Lytton Schlippenbach Trio - 2x3=5 Björk - Vulnicura Three distinctly different styles of music, and all sounded wonderful. I'm still an old fart that insists on buying and owning music, but I can see this as a nice little $10 a month supplement! Anyone else have an experience with streaming that they'd care to share? I do admit I'm very impressed with it so far.
  5. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    It’s just general observations, not really a debate, or even an actual conversation. But I’m done with it.
  6. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    That’s a rampant problem all throughout American political discourse. Everything is either/or, there is no allowance for nuance. I’ve certainly been guilty of it in the past, but I tend to be hyper aware of it these days.
  7. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    And then there’s me. A very liberal progressive type living in the heart of Red State America that sees and empathizes with both sides of the debate. 99.99% of gun owners are highly responsible and respectable people. But yes, gun violence and mass shooting are definitely a problem. I certainly have no solution, but I do recognize the problems. Do nothing and continue down this bloody path, do something and you’ll only affect the responsible owners since bad people will always be able to get guns. It’s an incredibly complicated problem with no easy solutions.
  8. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Personal attacks are things like calling you a disgusting human being, no matter how true. Worst consequence: pissing the other person off. Threatening someone with a weapon is something that can land you in jail. Wee bit of difference between those two things. Not that I expect you to comprehend any of that.
  9. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Yes, now it’s all so very UN-Paul-like. Gents, I guess we have our culprit.
  10. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    And now we blame all of this on Paul’s mental faculties. You are a truly disgusting human being.
  11. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    You and Jim can remain as tone deaf as you wish, but five posters here are telling you otherwise. How could that possibly be if in fact it were “ludicrous”.
  12. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    But doesn’t he have to check in here to see it?
  13. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    You’re free to have that opinion, but as worded it is indeed a threat. That’s not to say that was Jim’s intention. Just that when looking for the right words to convey his thoughts, he found all the wrong ones. If multiple people can read it the same way, well, then you’ve got fire.
  14. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    And the only appropriate response:
  15. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Did you see his statement? Not a whole lot of context needed there.
  16. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Um, my response just now reading that thread was similar to yours. I’d advise Jim to be very careful when making comments like that on a public forum, because that could very well lead to a knock at the door. Very poorly worded, and in incredibly poor taste. Now it’s perfectly clear why Paul left.
  17. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Eh, Paul can give as good as he gets. He is a cantankerous ol’ fuck. I’m sure he just needed a break, and will slip back in when he’s ready.
  18. As far as I know, Larry hit the nail on the head.
  19. Which is silly, of course, since the majority is usually opposed to their government. No matter the country.
  20. I didn’t even know he was gay. That really complicates life. I’ve witnessed it firsthand in my family. Anyone that still believes it is a “lifestyle choice” is a fucking imbecile.
  21. He was staunchly opposed to the Israeli government. He had nothing against Jewish people to my knowledge.
  22. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    48, less than a month away from 49. And she didn’t lure me in with her body. My first exposure to her was the video for Bad Romance. I actually found her to be a bit of an ugly duckling, but thought the song was fantastic. So if she was actually trying to be sexually alluring, it definitely wasn’t working for me, but the talent was glaringly obvious. So for years I kind of admired her from a distance, but when Joanne was released I was all the way in. And then her turn in A Star Is Born showed what a great actress she is, and how downright beautiful she really is.
  23. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    All fair enough. Can you explain the Gaga phenomenon? The cats that got me to even pay attention to her were my age or older. I don’t care about “real time” or “baselines”, I just want to know what the fuck you really think is going on. Because while I don’t subscribe to your notion of what “drives” pop culture, I’m at least open to what you have to say. God help me...
  24. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    So, the second largest demographic for GOT is 30-44y.o. Can they speak with any relevance? Point being, pop culture may be largely driven by a younger demographic, but there is a lot of help involved.