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  1. Over 2,200 entries! I ended up sorting the list by Album Title -- all of the Crowns end up together because of the (C ) preceding each title. This made the list a bit more manageable -- somewhere around 86 lines. I'm surprised they don't have a cross-reference of the "Crown" titles in the book. I'd bet it's because they consider those a "personal indulgence", and they don't want people to take them seriously. Even so, it's fun to look up the entries for these titles, and maybe get turned on to something I've never heard of before.
  2. Giant asteroid could hit Earth in 2014

    Dumb newbie questions: do you know how many more BN reissues are in the pipeline? Are these more RVG's? Is their a listing somewhere on the internet of the release schedule? I've been buying CD's at an alarming rate, and I'll still haven't really scratched the surface of what's available now. *Please* don't tell me there's lots more coming -- my Visa card is getting worn out from extensive use!! Actually, it's great to know that these recordings are becoming more easily available. I'm sure I don't need to explain why this is so exciting to the members of this board - but discovering all of this great music has literally been a life-changing experience!
  3. Thanks for the links -- just added it to my jazz bookmarks. Also, I've found this one useful as well: Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD: A List of the Four Star Discs . This site has 4 star/crown CD's in Word, Excel, and text file formats. The Excel format is nice, as it's easy to sort by album title, record label, etc.
  4. Your favourite Blue Note Album Cover

    I'll second the vote for Henderson's Page One. Just played it earlier tonight, and that one just never gets old... Also have to put in a vote for the following: This one holds a special place -- it's one of the first jazz CD's I purchased, plus my kids wander around the house singing "Song for my Father" all the time. My techno-12 year old is still trying to figure out how to make that song the ringer on my cell phone!
  5. Secret Listening Pleasures

    I'm down with the first two, but WINGER?!?!?? OK, I'll 'fess up to owning more than one Tesla CD... At the risk of embarassing myself further, I'll also admit I occasionally enjoy some Snoop-D-O-double-Gee and Dr. Dre. As far as the teenager stuff goes, anybody remember arena-rock gods Triumph or Aldo Nova?
  6. Crocodile Hunter

    Crikey! That's the one! I guess I have to agree with kenny & jazzshrink -- the guy is an idiot, but his show can be entertaining and interesting to watch with the kids. With all the other crap on TV, this is one show I've always felt safe letting the them watch. Jeff Corwin's show is also a big hit here. It's always appeared to me that he (Steve Irwin) has a genuine love and respect for the animals he deals with, but it's also obvious he's *very* aware of the type of programming that improves his ratings. I don't recall any episode of croc-grabbing that was purely gratuitous -- he usually explains the reasons for needing to move the animal. I'll have to watch closer next time...
  7. Crocodile Hunter

    Great show! My kids love it, too. Our favorite episode is the one when he's in a desert somewhere, trying to grab a "spitting cobra". He makes a big deal about putting on his "sunnies", meanwhile this highly poisonous snake is coiled up, defending himself from this crazy Australian dude. Hilarious! I'm just glad that in addition to being very entertaining, he's also very knowledgable. Kids always seem to learn something from that show. ...And his wife is kind of a babe, too. Nothing like cute, crocodile-wrestling women to keep things interesting for dad, too. B)
  8. New article on Organissimo

    I'll make sure to stop by the next time I see you guys -- I see you're playing in both Grand Rapids and Holland soon. Thanks for bringing great music to West Michigan!
  9. In the queue

    My backlog has been reduced to under ten this week, although I'm sure that won't last long. And I have a bigger problem -- I've only been seriously listening to jazz for a little over a year, and I've got quite a lot to catch up on! I'm finding there's *so* much good music out there, I don't even know where to start sometimes. Speaking of neurotic behavior, I'm finding it very difficult to be anywhere near a music store without stopping in and picking up at least four or five discs. Unwrapping and playing a new jazz CD has become like a religious experience -- kind of reminds me of how some smokers make a huge production out of opening a new pack of cigarettes. Judging by the reponses so far, it appears things can only get worse....
  10. New article on Organissimo

    Indeed! I was lucky enough to catch you guys at the Lansing Jazzfest, and I really enjoyed your show! It's really too bad you couldn't play longer -- the one hour set was too short. Joe -- as an aspiring jazz guitarist, I really enjoyed your playing. I had played off and on for around eight years before discovering jazz, and guitarists like yourself have really given me a whole new outlook on the instrument (and motivation to practice more, too!). Thanks, and congratulations on the good review! -- Mark
  11. Rick Simerly - Obscurity

    Hello from a board newbie and a (relatively) new jazz fan, as well! Recently picked up Rick Simerly's Obscurity, and it's been in heavy rotation on the CD player ever since. I heard these guys at this summer's Aebersold camp, and was very impressed. Incidentally, Rick was my combo instructor; he is an all-around great guy in addition to being a wonderful musician. Also purchased Hazeltine's Manhattan Autumn -- really enjoying that one as well!