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  1. McCoy Tyner's Milestone sessions

    I saw the Milestone Jazzstars during that 1978-ish tour at a very comfortable performance space in the Albany, NY, region, and have vivid memories of it. Rollins roaming the stage like a tiger, Carter the picture of elegance, Al Foster smiling dreamily, McCoy attacking the keyboard... it blew me away. A musician friend who came with me said of Rollins, "You want to kiss him for that phrasing!" One of my favorite Tyner records is "Trident," which I got when I was in high school. I wore that one out. There was another one I had in vinyl and absolutely loved, but it's long gone and I'm not sure of the title. The LP cover was yellow, and had a photograph of, I think, an African scene.
  2. How to participate in blindfold tests

    Gosh, thanks for the hearty welcome! Jim, I sent you a PM saying I'm in... I'm already starting to think about what to put on mine...