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  1. I noticed Amazon has a slew of The Italian Label "Red Records" Re-Issues that came out on February 22nd. This is a great Lable and I just hope these aren't CDR's. BTW I highly recommend the two Billy Higgins titles, Soweto and 3/4 for Peace. Anybody else know what is going on?
  2. Richard Raux?

    Is this Roy Burrowes Live session any good? I haven't a clue except with MaL Waldron, that does prop it up some.
  3. One more of those labels...

    I orederd Don Ellis "New Ideas" and it showed up as a POLL Winners copy. I feel ripped off as theis is a co. from Spain. Has anybody else accidentally got a CD on the PW Label? Any thoughts. I'm probably going to send it back!
  4. third Dexter Gordon box-set

    I'm on the fence over this one. Don't want to wait till it's out of print. With the linup of sidemen on this mammoth set, it should be fantastic. Came out over 7 years ago and I'm just now looking at it.
  5. Anybody Heard Of Billy Robinson?

    Hello: I just bought Doubt Dropping at a used cd store. I like Billy's playing as he sounds like he is making a statement or carrying on a conversation as he plays. The cd is like no others I have which is saying something. I'm trying to talk myself into buying Archie Shepps Attica Blues. I have all of Shepp's recommended Impulse Recordings. Anyway, I took a chance when I bought the CD since I didn't know who Robinson was but with no barcode on the CD and recorded in Canada as a quartet, I couldn't resist. Does anyone have the othe cd on Tocma records from 1998?
  6. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    I bought the CD and it is Great. Count me in for the LP re-issue. I don't know how many copies are in this "Limited Edition" pressing, but I don't look for this to be available very long before it is OOP. In fact I think I'll buy another copy and keep it sealed
  7. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Do I have to wait till April 19th? I'm ready to order now!
  8. Anybody Hip to this Set? A groovy dream come true – the complete studio recordings of German bandleader Peter Herbolzheimer – easily one of the funkiest European talents of the 70s! Although Herbolzheimer's got a clunky name, his sound is incredibly fluid and tight – a large group approach to funk that rivals some of the best American work of his time – including classics from Lalo Schifrin, Johnny Pate, and other key maestros of the blacksploitation era. Peter's got a way of taking a large group of players and really making them groove – a sound that's kind of an electrified extension of the styles first laid out at MPS by the Clarke-Boland Big Band, but served up with a hipper, funkier 70s approach to rhythm. Like the CBBB, Herbholzheimer's groups often feature American players – such as Art Farmer on trumpet or Herb Geller on saxes – alongside more familiar MPS talents like Dusko Goykovich on trumpet, Dieter Reith on organ, Ferdinand Povel on flute, Jiggs Whigham on trombone, and Sigi Schwab on guitar – joined by the legendary Sabu Martinez on a few of the best sessions here! The 4CD set is a massive discovery in music – as it features not only Herbholzheimer's Rhythm & Brass albums for MPS and Polydor, but also records under the group names Certain Lions & Tigers and The Galactic Light Orchestra. The package features a whopping 8 albums in all – Soul Condor, Time Travellers Galaxis, Waitaminute, Wide Open, Hip Walk, Touchdown, and I Hear Voices – most of which have never been reissued before – a whopping 61
  9. Promising Music in trouble

    I just caught on to the Promising Music MPS series and immediately ordered: John Tchicai: Afordisica Charlie Mariano: Helen 12 Trees Wolfgang Dauner: Free Action Pork Pie: Transitory Zbigniew Siefert: Man of Light Alphonse Mouzon: Virtue I'll stop at this point till I receive them and check them for sound. Anybody else have comments on the above or any others? I also ordered the 4CD Universal Music set by Peter Herbolzheimer: Big Band Man, supposedly funky German Big Band group with excellent side men.
  10. One just sold on ebay for $326.00 is that reasonable?
  11. I've been getting into Free Jazz lately and am Looking for Sonny Murray: "Sonny's Time Now" issued in 1999 on DIW Japan on LP. It also included a one sided 7" disc of extra material. I know the CD is readily available and I would consider that if someone has a very clean copy with obi. Thanks for the help! Dova
  12. Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth

    According to, the item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Do you suppose it got pulled by Roy Brooks widow because the estate was not receiving any payment or royalties due to the re-issue on P-Vine? The Cd and Lp were selling on e-bay over the last couple of weeks but are drying up fast. Anybody know?
  13. Free America

    I bought most of mine at several years ago and they had most of them in stock. The only one I need to complete the series is Braxton solo Improvisations.
  14. Waymon Tisdale Bassist dies

    Jazz Bassist Waymon tisdale dies after a 2 year fight with cancer. I just did a gig with Waymons uncle and was told he died last night in a local hospital. I didn't really follow his music but he was long admired in the community and Oklahoma as an awesome baskeball star and recording artist. My prayers go out to his family.
  15. I recently stumbled across the Tribe label and really dig the music. I'm looking for a japanese P-Vine CD of Doug Hammond & David Durrah "Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen" The cd has 2 bonus tracks not on the Lp. The Tribe Label absolutely kills with albums from Marcus Belgrave, Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison, and several others. I would even be open to trades. If you are not familar with tribe, Start with marcus Belgrave's Gemini availabe at Dusty or Amazon. Thanks for the help!