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  1. Question re Dusty Groove

    One of the best curated stores I have ever visited, wish it was in my neighborhood! And beautiful inside as well...
  2. Yes I have been trying to source these as well, not easy to locate information. Reminds me of those Verve limited distribution CD's from the 90's
  3. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    CD Japan delivered these this morning....ordered 17 of them; listening through headphones right now to the first one - "Not Now I'll Tell You Later" Three are mono, "Basie" (Atomic), "Live At Carnegie Hall", "Eddie Davis Trio" I have an early Atomic CD in Stereo on French Vogue/Roulette from before EMi acquired the Roulette catalog, (now owned by WEA....) Which is why we are getting all these Roulette re-issues....WEA Japan is doing a great job getting these titles out.
  4. Thanks! I just grabbed one of these!
  5. Dave Brubeck Gets All Subtle On Your Ass

    I sure miss those dime store/drug store cutout bins and all those 87 cent Lp's.... lots of monos with stickers "This record will play on a STEREO phonograph" Now here we are living in the days of vinyl mono mania....
  6. Atlantic Jazz Gallery Atlantic/Rhino

    Updated List to Lon's additions, thanks Lon! I shoulda bought these 15 years ago when they came out..the sound on them is very good on my system, picked up 8 of them so far....out of the 13. Wonder if there are any more? All deleted of course, it's 2015 already.....
  7. Atlantic Jazz Gallery Atlantic/Rhino

    Thanks Lon I knew you'd know!
  8. Atlantic Jazz Gallery Atlantic/Rhino

    These were all I could come up with: John Coltrane: 79965 Ole 79966 Plays The Blues 79891 Coltrane Jazz 75588 Coltrane’s Sound 75204 My Favorite Things 75203 Giant Steps 79892 The Avant Garde (w/Don Cherry) Ornette Coleman: 75208 Free Jazz The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk: 75598 Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk Charles Mingus: 75589 Oh Yeah 75590 The Clown 75205 Blues and Roots Roland Kirk: 75207 The Inflated Tear
  9. Ornette Coleman reissues?

    Usually the price is a dead giveaway mini's are usually at least 2000 yen and up.
  10. Lady in Satin Centennial

    I bought this and received the 7" package which was a surprise. It's very nicely done, great photos. The CDs are almost impossible to get out of the cardboard slots. One time only for me and I put them in sleeves and stored them inside securely. I'd scratch them taking them in and out of the packaging. There's a marvelous posed photo of Billie with Ray Ellis in the background.
  11. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    Looks like it was a compilation of previous tracks from other Lp's issued after Basie returned to Verve.
  12. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    Ordered a bunch of these for September delivery. With shipping and discounts came out to $12.74 ea
  13. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    I assume by the price these are jewel cases, mini LP covers usually run about 18-22 yen.
  14. Does anyone have or know of a complete list of these Atlantic Jazz Gallery issues? I'd like to put together a collection of them, but information is difficult to locate. Thanks!
  15. West Coast Jazz

    http://www.amazon.com/West-Coast-Jazz-Various-Artists/dp/B00J3FKAEO/ref=sr_1_6?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1403801725&sr=1-6&keywords=west+coast+jazz £11.88 from Amazon UK, Jeff