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  1. Question re Dusty Groove

    One of the best curated stores I have ever visited, wish it was in my neighborhood! And beautiful inside as well...
  2. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    CD Japan delivered these this morning....ordered 17 of them; listening through headphones right now to the first one - "Not Now I'll Tell You Later" Three are mono, "Basie" (Atomic), "Live At Carnegie Hall", "Eddie Davis Trio" I have an early Atomic CD in Stereo on French Vogue/Roulette from before EMi acquired the Roulette catalog, (now owned by WEA....) Which is why we are getting all these Roulette re-issues....WEA Japan is doing a great job getting these titles out.
  3. Thanks! I just grabbed one of these!
  4. Dave Brubeck Gets All Subtle On Your Ass

    I sure miss those dime store/drug store cutout bins and all those 87 cent Lp's.... lots of monos with stickers "This record will play on a STEREO phonograph" Now here we are living in the days of vinyl mono mania....
  5. Atlantic Jazz Gallery Atlantic/Rhino

    Updated List to Lon's additions, thanks Lon! I shoulda bought these 15 years ago when they came out..the sound on them is very good on my system, picked up 8 of them so far....out of the 13. Wonder if there are any more? All deleted of course, it's 2015 already.....
  6. Atlantic Jazz Gallery Atlantic/Rhino

    Thanks Lon I knew you'd know!
  7. Atlantic Jazz Gallery Atlantic/Rhino

    These were all I could come up with: John Coltrane: 79965 Ole 79966 Plays The Blues 79891 Coltrane Jazz 75588 Coltrane’s Sound 75204 My Favorite Things 75203 Giant Steps 79892 The Avant Garde (w/Don Cherry) Ornette Coleman: 75208 Free Jazz The Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk: 75598 Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk Charles Mingus: 75589 Oh Yeah 75590 The Clown 75205 Blues and Roots Roland Kirk: 75207 The Inflated Tear
  8. Ornette Coleman reissues?

    Usually the price is a dead giveaway mini's are usually at least 2000 yen and up.
  9. Lady in Satin Centennial

    I bought this and received the 7" package which was a surprise. It's very nicely done, great photos. The CDs are almost impossible to get out of the cardboard slots. One time only for me and I put them in sleeves and stored them inside securely. I'd scratch them taking them in and out of the packaging. There's a marvelous posed photo of Billie with Ray Ellis in the background.
  10. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    Looks like it was a compilation of previous tracks from other Lp's issued after Basie returned to Verve.
  11. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    Ordered a bunch of these for September delivery. With shipping and discounts came out to $12.74 ea
  12. Warner Japan Count Basie Roulette Reissues

    I assume by the price these are jewel cases, mini LP covers usually run about 18-22 yen.
  13. Does anyone have or know of a complete list of these Atlantic Jazz Gallery issues? I'd like to put together a collection of them, but information is difficult to locate. Thanks!
  14. West Coast Jazz

    http://www.amazon.com/West-Coast-Jazz-Various-Artists/dp/B00J3FKAEO/ref=sr_1_6?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1403801725&sr=1-6&keywords=west+coast+jazz £11.88 from Amazon UK, Jeff
  15. Impulse 50th Anniversary

    Ordered at Amazon.de US $138.60 including shipping. We'll see if it ever really comes out....lots of announcements over the past 2 years with no results. We'll see.