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  1. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    **** 10 mins later... Wow, #7 is Marshall Allen? Amazing. And I've been meaning to check out Nubya Garcia, this has sealed the deal. Still several tracks here I'm dying to know. Thom, apparently you and I both think Quicksilver Messenger Service sounds like the Allman Brothers. Oh and I DEFINITELY need Mayan Temples!
  2. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    Here are my notes as I listened... Track 1 - I dig this bass player. Nice tone, and a deep feeling to this intro. Oh man, it's a McCoy Tyner tune. Contemplation? I get the names mixed up but I think that's the one. What an incredible legacy Tyner has left behind. As for this performance, I really like this tenor player... the "search" is there. The group is cohesive and play off each other really well. The pianist is technically great but doesn't reach me emotionally as much as the tenor player does. Track 2 - Another bass intro, hurray! Again, what a great bass sound. Electric bass, yes? Ooooh... I REALLY like the feel on this, especially once the drums kick into that double time kinda thing. This is very cool. Love the extra percussion too. Damn. This feels crazy good. And I love how the tenor player is just cascading notes over the top of this. Killer solo. I like this a whole lot. Couldn't begin to guess who it is but I'm anxious to find out. Track 3 - Ah yes! I can name that tune in three notes! You Stepped Out of a Dream, Anthony Braxton and my man Dave Holland. This is from one of the Arista albums, but I forget which one. I love Braxton but on this particular track I feel like it takes him a little bit to get warmed up. Still I would give this 5 stars. DH is outstanding as always. Track 4 - So, you are batting 1000 on bass players so far! I love this from the get-go. Oh wow... the vocal and tenor blend really nicely on this. And that percolating 12/8 thing underneath... this is beautiful. There's something very familiar about this tenor player. Great sound! Very magical vibe to this tune that I love...this has transported me to another place. And a bit less than halfway through, I see we're just getting started. [6 or 7 mins later]...Wow. I need more of this please! Track 5 - Groovy! Funky mallets. The first person who comes to mind is Cal Tjader, just because of his reputation, not because I'm personally very knowledgeable about what he does. Fun tune. Track 6 - Hmmmm. Not really sure what to make of this. I like that it has a middle eastern flavor to it, but other than that it doesn't do a lot for me unfortunately. Track 7 - This is more my thing. The recording quality places this in the 60s or 70s. The drummer is off the charts! OK...that horn player. This has gotta be Brotzmann or someone like that. And Han Bennink? I listen to a fair amount of outside stuff, but this is more outside than my usual listening. I like it though. It's got to be European. Track 8 - Nice. I do love me some blues. Right out of the gate, some seriously rock-solid rhythm section playing. And that guitar player--damn! This is killer. Couldn't begin to guess but I hear a whole lotta Chicago in there. Love this. Track 9 - Oh! I know this! Sun Ra!! DAAAAAMNN I love this. I'm annoyed at myself for not remembering which tune it is, even though I can sing along with it. This is from one of those Delmark records, either Sun Song or Sound of Joy. Love it! Track 10 - More Sun Ra? Oh wow... it's the same tune as above. Holy smokes. This is fantastic. I don't know this recording. I assume this is also the Arkestra, that definitely sounds like Ra on keys & piano. Definitely excited to find out what record this from. The original is so perfect in its own way but this is one hell of an update, I love where they take this. Track 11 - GREAT groove opening this one up. Tenor / electric bass / drums sounds like a perfect combo to me. Reminds me a bit of the Odean Pope Trio, but that ain't Gerald Veasley on bass. However, I do love the bass player, nice solo and sound. And that's not Pope either. No idea who this is, but I like it! Track 12 - A giant nod to Fela here. Deep groove. This is a blast! Wait this IS Fela! Wasn't expecting it to drop down to nothing in the middle there, that was a nice touch as sometimes we need a break from the groove, as great as it is. And then it's cool to hear the different layered parts come back in as the tenor solo builds. Very cool. Track 13/14/15 - Took me a little while, but I think this is the Allman Brothers? I run hot and cold on them, and I'm no expert, but have definitely heard things I really dug and others not so much. This particular sequence doesn't do a ton for me, unfortunately...there's some good jamming but to me it feels a little bit aimless. Still, cool way to end a REALLY great BFT. Really looking forward to the reveal on many of these. This was a super fun listen. Thanks so much for your time & effort in putting this together! Now to go back and see what others had to say...
  3. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    Listening right now (finally!) and hope to upload comments later today. Have not read anything in this thread yet. I'm about halfway through the tunes, and so far some killer stuff here!
  4. BFT 191-The Reveal

    Very cool. Definitely a lot of stuff here that is new to me! As I think I mentioned in the other thread, I finally picked up that Waldron album thanks to your track #2. Some of my other favorites were the Henri Texier (who I have heard before but am barely familiar with), the Andrew Hill (which I DEFINITELY need to pick up...wish it wasn't so expensive/rare), Randy Sandke, and Bobby Previte. Thanks for introducing me to some new things that I may not have otherwise heard!
  5. BFT 191

    Went back and listened to some of these again. No idea how I heard Scofield on #12, I gotta take the cotton outta my ears. That's John Abercrombie.
  6. BFT 191

    Despite my initial mixed reaction to this track I'm tempted to check out the whole album now. Listening back again I can hear the Peterson-isms better, but it still sounds not like typical OP to me. I'm clearly not as much of an OP expert as I thought I was! Probably expectation bias, yes! Although I'm well aware of the popular opinions against OP and his technical prowess, I've personally always found his playing very emotional and engaging. For some reason this particular track did NOT engage me as much as usual (though on a technical level it's faultless), so I'm intrigued by that and am trying to figure out why...
  7. BFT 191

    I'm surprised I didn't totally love #4, I am a massive Oscar Peterson fan. Listened a second time and definitely got more out of it though.
  8. BFT 191

    Wow, track 6 *is* Andrew Hill! That record is definitely on my want list now. It really sounded like a more recent record to me. Gonna have to go back and listen again!
  9. BFT 191

    I hear you. As you may recall, I felt similar frustration with my BFT in November too. I think we have to figure out a way to pull new people in here. I may post something to some of my social media accounts about this if nobody objects. Might be able to pull in some of my musician friends...?
  10. BFT 191

    I think that's partly what threw me off. Even after listening to this track again, a couple more times, it's not obvious to me that it's Dolphy. His sound is so different on this one track.
  11. BFT 191

    Just for the record, I've already bought the album Felser ID'd for track 2. That's one I should have picked up a long time ago!
  12. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2020

    Thank you! Agreed. It's very rare for me that I make a correct guess on these things, but I still enjoy trying...and listening! And just commenting on what I hear. That's the main thing.
  13. BFT 191

    This time I'll be one of the first rather than the last! I see there have been some responses but haven't looked at them yet. There is some GREAT stuff here, thoroughly enjoyed this! My notes as they occurred to me while listening are right here: -- Track 1 - I like the start-stop feel of the groove--very cool. Oh wow...yeah, that bass fill grabbed me, love that sound! This is really cool, I like the way everything is kind of interlocking, between the horns & rhythm. There's something Chicagoan about this. Is that a valve trombone? Great solo. Also nice how everyone drops out there except the bass. I really like this bass player. This is a 5 star track for me! Very anxious to learn who it is. Track 2 - Nice connection between the last tune and this one, what with the double stops in the strings. Man, you had me at the clarinet player, but cello too? The feel of this tune is beautiful. This is 2 for 2 for me so far... really love this. Great communication and a deep feeling. Great players here. Track 3 - Changing gears! Even though this isn't a style I listen to that often, I love it. Great energy and feeling here. Love that clarinet solo! That rhythm section is solid as a rock...damn, this grooves! So much joy here, it's infectious! Track 4 - I'm of mixed mind on this one...it's definitely some beautiful piano playing, but somehow it's not totally speaking to me. And I don't find the tune itself grabbing me all that much. Still, very well done, by a clearly gifted pianist. Track 5 - Kind of a Frisellian feel here. I like it, though that kind of western twang thing isn't always my bag. The production turns me off a little bit. But playing-wise, I like the trumpet solo a lot-- it takes more risks than I would normally expect on something like this. I can't get excited about vibrato guitar, but that's just a personal preference thing. Great sound on the trombone player! Overall an interesting track even if it's not really my thing. Track 6 - I like the way this starts. Great textures, with the strings and that funky groove underneath. Okay now... I like this piano player a LOT. I hear "the search" in his or her playing...much like listening to an old Elmo Hope or Andrew Hill record. Wow. This is super hip. Can I just digress for a moment and say I'm already worried about how much $$ this BFT is going to cost me? Damn this track is cool as hell. The stuff that the strings are doing harmonically over the groove is wild. Oooo, and surprise-- tenor! I like how the solo builds and the bass player starts to come out of the darkness a bit there too. Can't wait to find out what this is! Track 7 - A cool bit of counterpoint between the horns. I like that this is just clarinet, trumpet, and drums-- great instrumentation. Nice interplay here and I dig the feel. Track 8 - The opening makes me think of a movie soundtrack almost...dramatic and epic-feeling. Hmmm. Do I know this? Is this Kenny Wheeler? I think this is Music for Large & Small Ensembles, right? No...scratch that. I'm not sure what this is. I like it but it's not totally my flavor. Track 9 - I like this better once it settles into the groove about a minute in. I do like that fat bass sound. The groove actually never feels quite "there" though, to me...like, they could go deeper with it, to a place where it feels more comfortable. It feels a little stiff to me. The pianist is technically very good but not sure what he/she is saying. The bass solo starts out with that flashy riff and then sort of dissolves into I'm not sure what. I do like the sound, sort of McBee-ish, but...yeah, not reaching me. Track 10 - Nice simple vamp. I like the percussion...nice smooth feel on this. The way the horns are layered on top is very cool too, I like that sound. The mellow vibe is nice, but I do wish the soloists would come out of the box a little bit. The trumpet solo was starting to build and then it ended...kinda wanted to hear more of the trumpet player. Track 11 - Right out of the gate, YES! I dig the feel, the instrumentation (you had me at 2 clarinets!)...this is in the pocket from the get go. GREAT interplay and one-upsmanship between the 2 clarinets. This is excellent. Bass player & drummer are right there. That was too short, but oh so sweet! Track 12 - This guitar sound reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it. It's been a while since I've listened to Scofield, but this person sounds at least influenced by him. A bit different, but there's something there. Really thought this was gonna be a solo piece, wasn't expecting the other instruments to come in. It actually seems to fall apart a bit to my ears, once the pianist starts soloing. I could have done just the guitar part and left it at that I think. Now that I've said that--a great trumpet solo. This whole tune is confusing me a little but there are elements of it that I really like. Okay...maybe this IS Scofield? It's sounding like him more and more. If that isn't him, it's someone doing a very good imitation. Track 13 - Oh shit-- that bass player. Some Dave Hollandaisical stuff there. This things starts off-kilter and settles into a very interesting place. That is some seriously upper-register blowing. Oh wow, now we're on a different track again...this is an interesting tune. But a familiar motif coming back. That is some juicy Bari. Especially great when it starts to go outside and the edges dissolve a little. This arrangement is pretty wild, lots going on here! I would probably need a couple more listens to digest everything. This is fun though, I like it a lot. -- Thanks Milestones! As I said, really enjoyed this BFT and I appreciate you putting it together. I look forward to hearing what some of these are, though I'm sure my wallet doesn't... Funny, I wondered if it was Harrison on this too, though I didn't say so. I guess not though? EDIT: Funny, I guess it combined my posts, though I posted my initial responses, then looked at Felser's, and then posted the above comment about Harrison about 5 mins later.
  14. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2020

    I can take May (unless I should do a later month since I just did one in November?)...
  15. BFT 190 The Reveal

    Wow. Interesting reveal! Lots of folks I don't know here. My big takeaways are: Nisse Sandstrom (!), Sonny Criss, and hell yes, I need to listen to more Percy France! Thanks again Dan, some great things here that I need to investigate further...!
  16. BFT 190 Link and Discussion

    Getting in just under the wire once again, with some comments noted as I listened. Haven't looked at anyone else's answers yet. Track 1 - The tune is of course Herbie's "Watermelon Man." This version of it isn't my thing though. Track 2 - Horace Silver's "Song for My Father." I'm curious who the tenor player is on this-- really great solo, fantastic sound. Track 3 - Ahhhh...now we're cookin! This is great from beat one. It's another Silver tune-- "Sister Sadie." This band is killin. Great soloists! Don't know the saxophonists but they're tearing it up. Oh, that's gotta be Clark Terry on trumpet, no? Don't know the other trumpet player. Track 4 - "Things Ain't What They Used to Be." Soulful. Hmmm, actually I don't love this alto player. Hope I don't regret saying that. The rhythm section feels a little uptight. Overall this is ok but feels way too polite. Track 5 - Sorry, not a huge fan of this one either. That trombonist has a massive sound though! Track 6 - Holy tuba, Batman! Wow. Some good soloing on this--especially that tuba player. Again I kinda wish the rhythm section could loosen up a little. Track 7 - Now this is a nice groove. Love the two tenors trading off, they are right in the pocket. This is good stuff. As they get into it, I want to pick a favorite between the 2 but can't as they keep one-upping each other! This one is a blast. Track 8 - Sorry, again with the rhythm section...just not my thing. But also again, the trombone-- nice solo! Actually I enjoy both horns & the piano solo here but I can't get around the bass player & drummer. Track 9 - Oh, this is good. Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower." I like this pianist, seems well suited to this type of solo performance. A bit of Chick Corea flavor in there at times. No idea who this is though. Track 10 - I feel like I'm making a lot of similar comments but again this feels a little too polite. Too overproduced. The bass player sounds like George Mraz. Ah, but the alto player-- I do like this. Definitely curious as to who's on alto here. This solo makes up for the rest of it. Track 11 - Applause at the beginning always bodes well. Oh, this is a Dizzy tune, isn't it? Can't remember the name. Wow, I like this alto player a lot. Several mins later...still intent on alto player. Whoa. Need to know who this is! Not that the rest of the band isn't great...I really dig the piano solo too. Track 12 - Monk's "Well You Needn't." Good band, nice reading of this. Dynamic horn player and the rhythm section cooks along nicely. A lot of skips in this track, unless it's my internet connection...or they are dropping beats all over the place. Track 13 - Really dig the tenor player. Unfortunately what's going on underneath is distracting me...the bass player is getting lost, and the piano player is playing a second walking line on top of the bass player's line. Oy. Anyway...ok, focus...yes, the tenor player is COOKING. I could listen to that sound all day. DAMN... this guy just keeps ramping the energy up, despite the rhythm section's efforts to weigh him down. What a solo! Definitely looking forward to finding out who this is! Track 14 - The tune is "Easy Living." Another beautiful tenor sound, warm & smooth. Woo! This is stunning. Great way to end the BFT. Thanks so much for your efforts on this Dan! Even though it didn't all click with me personally, there's a lot here that I'm anxious to learn more about. Always fun to listen what others put together. Many thanks!
  17. BFT 189 reveal

    Very cool! This was a blast. Just posted my thoughts on the discussion thread, then came here. Looks like I got at least a few of them. You know, I kinda wondered if that was Maria Schneider on #8. She's someone I need to investigate further. I DEFINITELY need to check out that Earl & Carl Grubbs record! I can't believe I haven't heard it before, honestly... have been aware of it forever but somehow never listened to it. Thanks again for your efforts on this. I loved nearly every track here... I think we have very similar tastes. Happy New Year!
  18. BFT 189 link and discussion

    Coming in under the wire! I literally started listening to this, and making my notes, 3 weeks ago. Learned soon after that my wife was going to need major surgery, and the rest is a blur. On the other side now, she is recovering, and all will be well. And I even managed to get this in before the end of the month! I see the reveal has already been posted, so I'll head over there in a minute to see if my answers made any sense. This was a GREAT set of tunes... many thanks to you, Felser, for this! There are many things here that I can tell I'm going to need to investigate further... 1. Right off the bat I love this...the bells, that bowed bass... gotta be McBee or Reggie Workman. Oh MAN. When that feel comes in...hoo boy! This is right up my alley. Very much a Pharoah vibe happening here. Wait...this has got to be Pharoah on soprano. Jesus this is good. I LOVE the drummer on this, there's a circular kind of thing going on in the drums that is just killer. What a band! 2. Really like this piano player. Love this tune and the feeling is right on. Right away I can tell this one is right up my alley too. I wish the horns were mixed a little louder. This has got to be the piano player's date. Or at least the piano player's tune. Soulful stuff here, really digging this. That's not Buster Williams, is it? No. Wow this is good. Love this trombone player! I suspect I will slap myself on the forehead when I read the reveal on this one. This is killer. 3. Oh man... what is this?? I know this tune but I can't think of the name. Good god. This is very cool... fusion bordering on Canterbury prog. I'm not super familiar with Brian Auger but wondering if it's him based on the keys here. This is a fun listen. It's driving me crazy that I can't ID the tune... it's just on the tip of my brain. 4. This is my kind of BFT. Again I love the feel of this. Wild guess on the trombone player-- Grachan Moncur? Wondering if this could be one of those BYG/Actuel records. Some very interesting stuff from the pianist, wow. I can't wait to see the reveal, so far I'm really anxious to learn what all of these are. I don't love this composition, to be honest, but the solos & playing on the rest of it more than make up for that! 5. Vibes! I can dig it. The bass & drums are great... supple support with a lot of sparseness, openness. Hang on, is this Khan Jamal on vibes? Yes! And that's definitely Johnny Dyani on bass. Can't remember the drummer though. I don't have this album, but I need it! This is excellent. 6. Does it get better than oboe and Fender Rhodes? Not really. Or wait, is it oboe? I don't think it's a soprano. Oh wow, I dig that bass groove. Tricky meter...in 9 I think? I really like what the drummer is doing too. And I love the background vox that just sort of "melt" in. This is very cool. This has the sound of something on the Black Jazz label. Again, anxious to learn who this is. 7. Oh boy...struggling with the tune name again. Airegin? This is burning, and is technically great, but I don't "feel" it as much as the other tunes here. It just doesn't scratch the same itch for me. Great playing though. I really like the piano player especially. So far there are a lot of pianists on this BFT that are standing out for me. 8. This is really nice. Beautiful and haunting... I love that lush chordal bed underneath the tenor soloist. Really great arranging. This is heartachingly beautiful...the tenor player and the rest of the band are all right there in the same space, in perfect sync with each other. Love this. 9. Okay, that's a hell of a drum solo out front. The Moontrane! Is this Woody's band? I'm embarrassed to say I can't ID him as well as I should be able to. This definitely sounds like it could be him though. This is killing. Boy, this tenor player is on fire... and sounds damn familiar too. Reggie Workman on bass maybe? A little hard to get the tone of the bass, but it's a hell of a solo. Wow. OK, I don't know how I didn't catch this before but that's gotta be Blakey on drums. Maybe Jazz Messengers from late 60s, early 70s?
  19. Hi all, I am the proud presenter of BFT188, with thanks to Thom Keith who brought me back into the loop here. Have really enjoyed the last few BFTs. I understand it's been a struggle to keep this going and I applaud all of you for keeping the tradition alive! Anyway, nobody's paying me to talk... I'm here to share music. So let's do it. Hope you find something you enjoy. I suspect there are a few tracks that some of you will get easily, and others that maybe nobody will get. I hope it's a fun listen though, it was certainly fun to put together. To listen, see http://thomkeith.net/index.php/blindfold-tests/ and select BFT188. Enjoy!
  20. BFT 188 REVEAL

    Agreed! I think it's one of that lineup's best albums, if not their best. I definitely will! Have only had time for track 1 so far but based on that alone I can tell it's gonna be a fun one! The Mary Lou Williams CD is fantastic, but yeah, Steeplechase discs are not always as easy to find as one would hope. I also think it's criminal that the Amina album isn't available on CD...that is an AMAZING record. Thank you sir! I think you'd really enjoy that Frequency CD. Cheers!
  21. BFT 188 REVEAL

    Finally! My apologies for the delay. Rough start to the week here. I may keep my comments spare, we'll see... I had wanted to write a bit about each piece but I just haven't had any time. I had a few different semi-intentional themes here... women in jazz, Chicago, Coltrane...and I guess Odean Pope. 1. "Holy Waters" (Carlos Garnett) from NORMAN CONNORS - Love From the Sun (1974) Norman Connors - drums Dee Dee Bridgewater - vocals Onaje Allan Gumbs - piano Buster Williams - bass Carlos Garnett - soprano sax Gary Bartz - alto sax Hubert Laws - flute Eddie Henderson - trumpet Bill Summers/Kenneth Nash - percussion I actually learned about this album right here on this forum back in 2010. I was trying to ID this track from an online playlist and JSngry helped me out! -- 2. "I Remember Clifford" (Benny Golson) from MAX ROACH - Chattahoochee Red (1981) Max Roach (doesn't play on this tune!) Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet Odean Pope - tenor sax Calvin Hill - bass Incredibly, I have only recently discovered this album. How is it possible this has never been issued on CD? I can't describe in words how much I love this record. -- 3. "Saxophone Shop, Part 2" (Pope) from ODEAN POPE - Out For a Walk (1990) Odean Pope - tenor sax Gerald Veasley - 6-string elec bass Cornell Rochester - drums Odean part two. Love this record. But yes, the first thing that made me go "wow" was that bass solo. -- 4. "Ecstasy" (Hope) from ELMO HOPE ENSEMBLE - Sounds From Rikers Island (1963) Elmo Hope - piano Lawrence Jackson - trumpet John Gilmore - tenor sax Freddie Douglas - alto sax Ronnie Boykins - bass Philly Joe Jones - drums Classic Elmo Hope...a favorite of mine. Thom Keith nailed Gilmore on this! -- 5. "Portrait of Light" (Bankhead) from FREQUENCY - Frequency (2006) Ed Wilkerson - clarinet, bells Nicole Mitchell - flute Harrison Bankhead - cello, bells Avreeayl Ra - kalimba, percussion I don't see a lot of people talk about this album, but it's fantastic. This is one of the mellower tracks...I find it beautiful. If you are at all into Nicole Mitchell and/or the AACM you need to check this out. -- 6. "Jihad" (Rene McLean) from DOUG CARN (feat. JEAN CARN) - Revelation (1973) Doug Carn - keys Jean Carn - vox Olu Dara - vox, trumpet Rene McLean - vox, alto sax Nathan Page - guitar Walter Booker - bass Earl McIntyre - bass trumpet Ira Williams - drums A personal favorite. -- 7. "All the Things You Are" (Kern) from CONNIE CROTHERS - Perception (1974) Connie Crothers - piano Joe Solomon - bass Roger Mancuso - drums Yes, Crothers was a disciple of Tristano, which is obvious here. But is it wrong to say I like her better? I believe this was her first album. On later records she evolved to an amazing level, IMO. -- 8. "Gloria" (Williams) from MARY LOU WILLIAMS TRIO - Free Spirits (1975) MLW - piano Buster Williams - bass Mickey Roker - drums Been checking out a lot of Mary Lou Williams the past several years and this is a favorite. Love the easy, soulful feeling of this tune. There are other tracks on this album that better showcase Williams' piano prowess, but for whatever reason I went with this one. This is a bonus track on the CD, it's not on the original LP. -- 9. "Central Park West" (Coltrane) from ERNEST DAWKINS - Afro Straight (2012) Ernest Dawkins - alto saxophone Willerm Delisfort - piano Junius Paul - bass Isaiah Spencer - drums Ruben Alvarez - percussion Dawkins is one of my favorite modern saxophonists, I've seen him 5 or 6 times, mostly in Chicago where he hails from. In fact I bought my copy of this disc from the man himself and he kindly signed it for me. I love his take on this tune and his solo in particular. This album is much more inside than most of what he does. -- 10. "Dear Lord" (Coltrane) from MARILYN CRISPELL TRIO - Live in Zurich (1990) Crispell - piano Reggie Workman - bass Paul Motian - drums I think Crispell must love this tune, judging by the way she plays it and the fact that I have another recording of her doing this with Joseph Jarman. I feel the spirit of Trane in this. -- 11. "Solo for Unaccompanied Bass" (Brown) from RAY BROWN - Bass Hit! (1957) Brown - bass Ray Brown will always be the man. Sadly this is the only solo bass track from this LP, and I believe the only solo bass track he ever recorded. It's a beautiful piece of work, IMO. -- 12. "Cultural Differences" (Reid) from HEAR IN NOW - Not Living in Fear (2017) Mazz Swift - violin, voice Tomeka Reid - cello Silvia Bolognesi - bass I'm still becoming familiar with this album but it's pretty incredible. This particular track is just stunning to me. I think someone on Twitter mentioned it and when I knew Tomeka Reid was involved I knew I had to have it. -- 13. "Arashi No Yoru Kimi Ni Tsugu"* (Watanabe) from KAZUMI WATANABE & RESONANCE VOX - Pandora (1991) Kazumi Watanabe - guitars Vagabonde Suzuki - electric bass Rikiya Higashihara - drums Tomohiro Yahiro - percussion Asuka Kaneko - violin Zakir Hussain - tabla * "To the Stormy You"? (according to Google Translate) Yes, I know this was the wildcard. What can I say? I love Kazumi. And Asuka Kaneko on violin is absolutely ON FIRE here. -- 14. "Have Mercy Upon Us / Chant" (Myers) from AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS - Song for Mother E (1980) Amina Claudine Myers - organ, voice Pheeroan AkLaff - drums, gong, little instruments, voice Words are going to fail me on this one. Myers is beyond category and there are no superlatives I can use that will be enough for her. This piece is an 11 minute trip to somewhere beyond this world...a trip I want to take as often as possible. -- And there it is! Thanks to all who listened and commented. Phew! Now I can go check out BFT 189!
  22. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Thanks! And ouch! Last December sounds rough... Yes. I've been off this forum for quite a while but when Thom pulled me back in to do a BFT, I made a point of checking out the two previous BFTs, it seemed only fair. And I thoroughly enjoyed both! I hear you and I appreciate it! Sorry to sound like my feelings got all hurty. I do see it as an act of creativity too and really enjoyed putting it together. Honestly, I am terrible at guessing on these things. I try, and occasionally I may get one or two. But I don't really see that as the primary point. I like to hear things without the prejudice that comes with knowing what they are in advance, and just try to post my thoughts as I listen to the tracks and talk about what I like and don't like. I wish there were more people who felt comfortable doing that. The reveal is coming soon, I swear-- my apologies. Some unexpected things have come up in the last couple days and I am way behind. I thought I had put my notes together well enough when I put the test together but I have a bit more clean up to do before posting this. Should be up tomorrow.
  23. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Well, thanks to the few of you who participated. I'll post the reveal as soon as I get a chance, at some point today.
  24. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    As expected, you either knew or were in the neighborhood on a bunch of these. Comments below... Well done my friend! If you've already looked at some of the other comments above then some of my comments are redundant.