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  1. Mosaic Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions, 12 cds and book. The jewel cases have slots cut in the spines. There is no large box, but the large book (unnumbered) is included. $95 $85 includes postage within the US. I will mail to other countries at my cost. Paypal or your check. Send me a pm if you're interested. Thanks Pete
  2. One more price drop, then on to ebay. Any takers for $80? OBO? I'm open to offers....
  3. I have a copy to sell of The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions box set. This includes the booklet an the metal box that fits over top of the set. Everything is in nice condition. I'm asking $50 including postage in the US. I will send to other countries at cost. Paypal or your check accepted. Send a pm if you want it. Thanks Pete
  4. Up with a price reduction.
  5. 5 cds, $25 including postage in the US. This is a nice series on Pickwick label of reissues of sides from the Black and White label in the 1940s: Greenwich Village Jazz: Barney Bigard, Cliff Jackson, Willie The Lion Smith Greenwich Village Sound: Joe Marsala, Etta Jones Masters of the Black & Whites: Errol Garner, Gene Schroeder, Ray Stokes, Red Callender Playing the Black & Whites: Dick Cary, Cliff Jackson, Art Hodes, Nat Jaffe Black & White & Reeds All Over: Rod Cless, Hank Duncan, George Wettling, Cliff Jackson Neat collection of hard to find sides, not so easy to find these anymore. Send me a pm if you're interested - paypal or your check accepted.
  6. For Sale: Art Tatum Tatumart Storyville box VG condition $60 now $50 SOLD Postage paid in US. To other countries at cost (weighs over 2 lbs) Paypal or your check accepted. Send me a pm if you are interested. Thanks Pete
  7. FS: Art Tatum boxes

    Storyville box up with price reduction.
  8. The set goes to Alex. Thanks.
  9. For sale: Thelonious Monk Complete Riverside cd box in excellent condition. $110 $90including postage within the USA. I can mail to other countries at my cost. Paypal or your check. Send me a pm if you're interested. Thanks Pete
  10. Jim S has bribed me into lowering the price to $90. And that's my final offer! He says it's killing him to see it sit here unclaimed. Any takers?
  11. Math was never my strongest subject
  12. Maybe everyone is afraid to buy it for that very reason! HMMMMM - I suppose I could let it go for $99.99 if that helps
  13. Up with a price reduction. I'll let the box go for $100 even. Send me a pm if you're interested.
  14. RIP Dean Smith UNC basketball coach

    I grew up in North Carolina, the son of a UNC alum who was a basketball fan and who raised me to be an avid fan as well. I went to UNC (I never applied anywhere else or entertained the notion of attending some other school) and graduated there myself (class of 1980). Dean was something of a god to all of us good Tarheels, though he would have hated to hear such a designation. He was a good and honorable man. Being a Tarheel fan in that era was one of the best experiences of my life.
  15. Any gardeners among us?

    I read in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer that heirloom tomatoes are the "gateway drug" to home gardening! Too true.
  16. Any gardeners among us?

    Black Krims are wonderful. In this area there is a Black Brandywine that is as good, similar flavor, easier to grow. I usually plant around 20 varieties of Heirloom tomato yearly. Always plant several "black" types. We usually try to plant at least a couple that we haven't tried before, just for fun. Since we don't start from seeds, we are subject to whatever is available from the local greenhouses, but it's always good, and interesting. I'm a lazy composter - three bins cobbled together from old shipping pallets. No particular system, I just throw in a lot of waste (we don't do weeds that are prolific- I fear that my mounds don't get hot enough to kill the seeds) and dig from the bottom. Works for us. We will do sweet peppers, sugar peas, heirloom string beans (Mountain Greasies from my home state of North Carolina), bush beans, cucumbers, collard greens, cabbages, strawberries, raspberries, onions, carrots, and various types of leaf lettuce, plus anything else that we get a notion to try out. Can't hardly wait for summer!
  17. Replied to Tom. All others are in the mail. 341 titles left, folks - get'em while they're hot!
  18. Hello All In an effort to get my collection under control I am offering a large lot of lps for sale. Here's the deal: these lps are at minumum VG condition. They may be cutouts, there may be price stickers or minor writing on the covers. They will all be usable - no junk. I am asking $3 each for the first two bought in an order, then $2 each for each additional title ordered. Double lps count as 2. Postage will be close to cost. Including the cost of the mailer, that means $4 for 1 to 2 lps by media mail, then somewhat higher if you buy more. I can take your check or payment by paypal. I will mail to other countries at my cost. You can send me a pm or you can email me at I would be grateful if you would pass this list on to any collector friends who might not have access to organissimo. I've collected these over the past 20 years or so and I feel that it's time to get them to others who will enjoy them. Thanks for looking Adams, Pepper Urban Dreams PAJ Ammons, Gene and Friends at Montreux Prestige Ammons, Gene & Stitt, Sonny Jug and Sunny Chess Ammons, Gene & Stitt, Sonny Prime Cuts Verve Two-lp Anderson, Cat and the Ellington All-Stars Disques Swing Anderson, Cat Cat on a Hot Tin Horn Emarcy Anderson, Cat Cat Speaks Classic Jazz Auld, Georgie Musicraft Vol 1 Discovery Auld, Georgie With Sarah Vaughan Musicraft Vol 1 Discovery Basie, Count “8 & 16” Tax Basie, Count Hot Jazz on Film Vol 3 Extreme Rarities Basie, Count Straight Ahead Dot Basie, Count & Hawkins, Erskine The Live Sound of (Boris Rose) Pelekum Bechet, Sidney In Concert Brussels Fair 1958 Columbia Bechet, Sidney The Panassie Sessions RCA Victor Bellson, Louis Thunderbird Impulse Bennet & Basie Strike Up the Band Roulette Bigard, Barnie Clarinet Gumbo RCA Bigard, Barnie East on the Ears RCA Bigard, Barnie & Nicholas, Albert Vintage Series RCA Bishop, Walter Jr Bish Bash Xanadu Bolling, Claude Original Ragtime Piano Solo CBS Brookmeyer, Bob and Friends Columbia Brooks, John Benson Folk Jazz USA Sims Cohn RCA Jazz Line Brown, Pud Then and Now 1951/1979 New Orleans Jazz Bryant, Willie & Lunceford, Jimmie and Their Orchestra RCA Two-lp Burrell, Kenny Ellington is Forever Fantasy Two-lp Burrell, Kenny Ellington is Forever Vol 2 Fantasy Two-lp Burrell, Kenny Monday Stroll Savoy Jazz Byrd, Donald House of Byrd Prestige Two-lp Byrd, Donald & Jenkins, John Star Eyes Savoy Jazz Callender, Red Basin Street Brass Legend Carmichael, Judy Two Handed Stride Progressive Carter, Betty Social Call CBS Cats and the Fiddle I Miss You So RCA Two-lp Challis, Bill Goldkette Project Circle Cheatham, Doc Echoes of Harlem Stash Conover, Willis House of Sounds Jasmine Continuum Mad About Thad PAJ Cooper, Bob Coop! OJC ON HOLD Corea, Chick Light as a Feather Polydor Corea, Chick Return to Forever ECM Crosby, Bob On the Air 3/25/40 and 4/29/40 Aircheck Crosby, Bob Uncollected Hindsight Davison, Wild Bill and his Jazz Band 1943 Jazzology Desmond, Paul Quartet featuring Don Elliot OJC Dickenson, Vic Essential Vanguard Two-lp Dickenson, Vic Quintet Storyville Dorsey, Tommy Complete Vol 1 1935 RCA Two-lp Drew, Kenny Duo 2 with NHOP Inner City Edison, Harry Patented by Edison Roulette Eldridge, Roy All the Cats Join In MCA Eldridge, Roy Arcadia Ballroom 1939 Jazz Archives Eldridge, Roy at Jerry Newman's Xanadu Eldridge, Roy Heckler's Hop 1935/40 Tax Eldridge, Roy I Remember Harlem Inner City Eldridge, Roy Krupa Years 1941-1942, Sideman 1940 Phontastic Eldridge, Roy Rare Broadcasts Duke Eldridge, Roy The Early Years Columbia Two-lp Eldridge, Roy The Nifty Cat New World Ellington, Duke An Explosion of Genius 1938-1940 Smithsonian Six lps counts as 3 Ellington, Duke DE 1941 Smithsonian Two-lp Ellington, Duke DE's Band Shorts 1929-1935 Complete Soundtracks Biograph Ellington, Duke DETS 18 DETS Ellington, Duke DETS 19 DETS Ellington, Duke DETS 31 DETS Ellington, Duke DETS 33 DETS Ellington, Duke DETS 36 DETS Ellington, Duke DETS 40 DETS Ellington, Duke DETS 42 DETS Ellington, Duke Hollywood 1941 Classic Era Festival Two-lp Ellington, Duke The Bethlehem Years Vol 1 Bethlehem Ellington, Duke The Bethlehem Years Vol 2 Bethlehem Ellington, Duke The World of Duke Ellington Vol 1 Columbia Two-lp Ellington, Duke The World of Duke Ellington Vol 2 Columbia Two-lp Ellington, Duke The World of Duke Ellington Vol 3 Columbia Two-lp Ellis, Don Electric Bath Columbia Ellis, Don Live in 3 2/3 / 4 Time Pacific Jazz Evans, Gil Pacific Standard Time Blue Note Two-lp Ewell, Don Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon Fat Cat Ewell, Don Quintet Jazzology Ewell, Don Same Chiaroscuro Ewell, Don Trio and Quartet Center Records Ewell, Don & Maheu, Jack Easy Does It Fat Cat Ewell, Don & Greene Bob Duet! Fat Cat Ewell, Don & Hall, Herbie Quartet New Orleans Records Fagerquist, Don Sessions also Dave Pell, Al Viola Calliope Farmer, Art Plays Arrangements & Compositions Gigi Gryce Quincy Jones OJC Farmer, Art The Time and the Place Columbia Two-lp Farnon, Dennis Caution Men Swinging Fresh Sounds Ferguson, Maynard Live at Jim's MF Horn 4&5 Columbia Two-lp Foster, Frank & Wess, Frank Two Franks Please Savoy Jazz Two-lp Freeman, Bud Compleat Monmouth Evergreen Freeman, Bud Summer Concert 1960 Jazz Archives Freeman, Bud The Real Bud Freeman 1984 Principally Jazz Freeman, Bud The Test of Time featuring Ruby Braff Bethlehem Garcia, Russ with Maynard Ferguson I'll Never Forget What's Her Name Bethlehem Getz, Stan Stan the Man Columbia Two-lp Getz, Stan The Peacocks Columbia Giants of Jazz Same Concord Gibbs, Terry Can-Can Verve Gibbs, Terry Launching a New Band 1959 Trip Gibbs, Terry Mallets a Plenty Emarcy Gibbs, Terry Plays the Duke Emarcy Gibbs, Terry Sessions also Pete Jolly Red Norvo Calliope Gibbs, Terry Smoke Em Up Jazz A La Carte Gibbs, Terry Straight Ahead Verve Gibbs, Terry Swing Is Here Verve Gibbs, Terry Swingin' with Emarcy Gibbs, Terry Take It From Me Impulse Gibbs, Terry The Exciting TG Big Band Verve Gibbs, Terry & Tjader,Cal Good Vibes Savoy Jazz Gillespie, Dizzy Dee Gee Days Savoy Jazz Two-lp Gillespie, Dizzy Diz and Getz Verve Two-lp Gillespie, Dizzy Good Bait Spotlite Gillespie, Dizzy Something Old Something New Philips Gillespie, Dizzy The Sonny Rollins/Sonny Stitt Sessions Verve Two-lp Gillespie, Dizzy & Mulligan, Gerry Europa Jazz Europa Goodman, Benny An Album of Swing Classics 1955 live BOMC Three lps counts as 2 Goodman, Benny Complete 1937-1938 Jazz Concert no. 2 Columbia Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 1 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 2 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 3 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 4 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 5 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 6 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 7 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Complete Vol 8 RCA Two-lp Goodman, Benny Featuring Jess Stacy 1944-1947 Sunbeam Goodman, Benny He's the King with Wardell Gray (Boris Rose) Donna Discs Goodman, Benny Listen to the Magic Command Goodman, Benny Live the King's Rare Broadcasts (Boris Rose) Carib Goodman, Benny on V-Discs Vol 1 Sunbeam Goodman, Benny on V-Discs Vol 2 Sunbeam Goodman, Benny on V-Discs Vol 3 Sunbeam Goodman, Benny Rare and Collectible (Boris Rose) Yeri-Bean Goodman, Benny Sextet Columbia Grappelli, Stephane Brandenburg Boogie Angel Gray, Glen and the Casa Loma Orch Jazum Gray, Glen On the Air 1934 Extreme Rarities Green, Bennie Catwalk Bethlehem Green, Urbie & Pierce, Nat Old Time Modern Vanguard Grosz, Marty I Hope Gabriel Likes my Music Aviva Grosz, Marty & Wellstood Take Me to the Land of Jazz Aviva Guarnieri, Johnny Remembered IAJRC Guy, Joe & Page, Hot Lips Trumpet Battle at Mintons Xanadu Hackett, Bobby Creole Cookin' Verve Hackett, Bobby Sextet Storyville Hackett, Bobby Thanks Bobby Dobre Hackett, Bobby The Hackett Horn Epic Hackett, Bobby & Dickenson, Vic Live From Manassas Fat Cat Hackett, Bobby & Dickenson, Vic This is My Bag Project Hackett, Bobby & Sims, Zoot Strike Up the Band Flying Dutchman Haig, Al Jazz Will O' the Wisp Everest Haig, Al Manhattan Memories Seabreeze Hall, Edmund At Club Hangover Storyville Hall, Herbie Clarinet Legends GHB Hall, Herbie Clarinet Wobble Fat Cat Haymes, Dick The Special Magic of Standing Room Only Herman, Woody Encore 1963 Philips Herman, Woody Swing Low Sweet Clarinet Philips Herman, Woody Swinging Herman Herd Recorded Live Philips Herman, Woody WH 1963 Philips Herman, Woody WH: 1964 Philips Herman, Woody Wood's Big Band Goodies Philips Hodes, Art Apex Blues Jazzology Hodes, Art Down Home Blues Jazzology Hodes, Art Selections From the Gutter Storyville Hodges, Johnny Master of Jazz Storyville Hodges, Johnny & Davis, Wild Bill Blue Rabbit Verve Hodges, Johnny & Shavers, Charlie A Man and His Music Storyville International Jazz Group Same Disques Swing James, Harry Texas Chatter 1937-1938 Tax Johnson, J.J. Mad Be Bop Savoy Jazz Two-lp Johnson, Pete Boogie Woogie Mood 1940-1944 MCA Jones, Dill Davenport Blues Chiaroscuro Jones, Jo The Essential Vanguard Two-lp Jones, Jonah with Dave Pochonet & His All Stars Disques Swing Kaminsky, Max Chicago Style Jazztone Kaminsky, Max New Orleans Dixieland Jazz (Boris Rose) MK Kirby, John Biggest Little Band 1937-1941 Smithsonian Two-lp Kirby, John Boss of the Bass Columbia Two-lp Kirby, John Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm 1939/41 Tax Koffman, Moe Featuring Dizzy Gillespie Soundwings Kral, Irene Kral Space Catalyst Kral, Irene Where Is Love? Choice Lavere's Chicago Loopers Same Jump Lawrence, Elliot Jazz Goes Broadway Cohn Sims Farmer McKusick etc Vik Legrand, Michel After the Rain Pablo Lewis, Meade Lux Blues Piano Artistry of Riverside Lowe, Mundell Porgy and Bess RCA Camden Mann, Herbie Bebop Synthesis Savoy Jazz Two-lp Mann, Herbie Flute Man Columbia Mann, Herbie & Most, Sam The Mann With the Most Bethlehem Marsh, Warne & Christlieb Apogee Warner Bros Marx, Dick Marx Makes Broadway VSOP McFarland, Gary & Terry, Clark Tijuana Jazz Impulse McGhee, Howard Maggie The Savoy Sessions Savoy Jazz Two-lp McGhee, Howard Trumpet at Tempo Dial Masters Spotlite McPartland, Jimmy Hackett, Bobby Shades of Bix Columbia Two-lp McPartland, Marian At Storyville/At the Hickory House Savoy McPartland, Marian at the Hickory House Capitol Meldonian, Dick & Igoe, Sonny Gene Roland Music Progressive Menza, Don Hip Pocket PAJ Millinder, Kirk, Mundy Big Bands of the Savoy Caracol Morgan, Lanny It's About Time PAJ Napoleon, Marty The Big Three Hi-Life Nelson, Oliver Stolen Moments Inner City Newman, Joe The Count's Men Jazztone Newman, Joe & Byers, Billy New Sounds In Swing Jazztone Newman, Joe & Wilder, Joe Hangin' Out Concord Newport All Stars That Newport Jazz Hawk Zoot Ruby Maggie etc Columbia Newport All Stars Tribute to Duke Venuti Braff Norvo Kessel Burrell MPS Nichols, Red and hs Five Pennies Jazzology Noone, Jimmie and his Loonies, also Fats Waller Jam School (Boris Rose) Forsgate O'Day, Anita Big Band Sessions Verve Two-lp O'Day, Anita Hi Ho Trailus Bootwhip Bob Thiele Music Ory, Kid Creole Jazz Band 1956 Goodtime Jazz Page, Hot Lips Play the Blues in B Jazz Archives Parker, Charlie Bird's Perch (Boris Rose) Parktec Parker, Charlie Charlie Parker 10th Memorial Concert 1965 Trip Parker, Charlie The American Jazzmen Vol 5 also Tristana (Boris Rose) Richelieu de Jazz Piazzola, Astor & Burton, Gary The New Tango Atlantic Pierce, Nat Ballad of Jazz Street Zim Pierce, Nat Kansas City Memories 1956 MCA Pierce, Nat Nat Pierce-Dick Collins Nonet & Charlie Mariano Sextet Fantasy Pierce, Nat Orchestra 1948-1950 Zim Powell, Bud Bouncing with Bud Delmark Powell, Bud Vol 2 Jazz Reactivation Previn, Andre My Fair Lady Columbia Redman, Don Master of the Big Band RCA Richards, Johnny Something Else Again Bethlehem Richards, Johnny Walk Softly Run Wild Coral Rouse, Charlie & Quinichette The Chase is On Bethlehem Saxes Inc Saxes Inc Warner Bros Scott, Bobby A Taste of Honey Atlantic Sessions Inc Carmen McRae Jeri Southern Stuff Smith Chamber Jazz Sextette Calliope Shaw, Artie Complete Gramercy 5 Sessions RCA Shaw, Artie Complete Vol 1 RCA Two-lp Shaw, Artie Complete Vol 2 RCA Two-lp Shaw, Artie Complete Vol 3 RCA Two-lp Shaw, Artie Complete Vol 4 RCA Two-lp Shaw, Artie Complete Vol 5 RCA Two-lp Shaw, Artie Complete Vol 6 RCA Two-lp Shaw, Artie In the Blue Room / In the Cafe Rouge RCA Two-lp Shearing, George So Rare Savoy Jazz Sims, Zoot and the Gershwin Brothers Pablo Sims, Zoot Basie and Zoot Pablo Sims, Zoot For Lady Day Pablo Sims, Zoot Hawthorne Nights Pablo Sims, Zoot The Sweet Sounds with Rune Gastafsson Pablo Sims, Zoot Warm Tenor Pablo Smith, Stuff Black Violin MPS Smith, Stuff Violin Summit Verve/MPS Smith, Willie (sax) The Best of GNP Crescendo Sohn, Larry Sound of Sohn Cohn McKusick Jasmine Spanier, Muggsy Same Storyville Spanier, Muggsy Same Jazzology Stafford Jo Jo + Jazz (Webster/Hodges/Nance/Rowles/Fagerquist/Candoli) Corinthian Stewart, Rex Rendevous with Rex MJR Stewart, Rex & Williams, Cootie The Big Challenge Jazztone Stewart/Taylor/Bigard/Tizol The Ellingtonians 1944 Trip Stitt, Sonny Genesis Prestige Two-lp Stitt, Sonny I Cover the Waterfront Cadet Two-lp Stitt, Sonny & Sims, Zoot Interaction Chess Two-lp Sutton, Ralph and Kenny Davern Trio Vol 1 Chaz Sutton, Ralph and Kenny Davern Trio Vol 2 Chaz Sutton, Ralph Big Noise from Wayzata with Peanuts Hucko Chaz Sutton, Ralph Duo with Ruby Braff Chaz Sutton, Ralph Live at Hanratty's with Jack Lesberg Chaz Sutton, Ralph Quartet with Ruby Braff Chaz Sutton, Ralph The Jazzband Chaz Sutton, Ralph The Other Side of Ralph Sutton Chaz Sutton, Ralph We've Got Rhythm with Eddie Miller Chaz Sutton, Ralph & McShann, Jay Last of the Whorehouse Piano Players Vol 1 Chaz Sutton, Ralph & McShann, Jay Last of the Whorehouse Piano Players Vol 2 Chaz Talbert, Tom Thins As They Are Seabreeze Tate, Buddy Kansas City Joys with McShann, Quinichette Sonet Tate, Buddy Unbroken MPS Tate, Buddy & Wilbur, Bob Sherman Shuffle Sackville Tatum, Art la storia dl jazz 1945 Joker Tatum, Art Piano Magic Phoenix10 Tatum, Art Works of Art Jazzz Taylor, Billy Evergreens ABC Paramount Taylor, Billy Kwamina Mercury Taylor, Billy My Fair Lady Loves Jazz Q Jones, Mulligan, Cleveland Impulse The Rhythmakers The Rhymakers Vol 1 IAJRC Thomas, Kid The Kid Thomas Band with Raymond Burke Jazzology Thornhill, Claude Uncollected Hindsight Tjader, Cal Warm Wave Verve Torme, Mel and Friends Live at Marty's Finesse Two-lp Turner, Ray Stardust Progressive Vache, Warren Jillian Concord Various Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Don Byas live I Giganti del Jazz Various Concert Jazz with Terry Gibbs Hawk, Hank Jones, etc Brunswick Various Cool Wailin' Bebop Vocals Spotlite Various Early Bones Prestige Two-lp Various First Sessions 1949/1950 Prestige Two-lp Various Guitar Genius of Dick McDonough & Carl Kress Jazz Archives Various Hot Jazz on Film Vol 1 Extreme Rarities Various Hot Jazz on Film Vol 4 Extreme Rarities Various S Vaughan M Davis D Gillespie C Mingus I Giganti del Jazz Various The Winners Basie Ellington Holiday Armsrong Tatum Giants of Jazz Various Twenty Five Years of Prestige Prestige Two-lp Ventura, Charlie Royal Roost Broadcast with Charlie Parker (Boris Rose) Big Molly Wallington, George Dance of the Infidels Savoy Jazz Waters, Ethel .1938-39 RCA Black & White Waters, Ethel Complete Decca Records Swingtime Waters, Ethel On Stage/Screen 1925-1940 Columbia Wayne, Chuck Traveling Progressive Webster, Ben Did You Call? Nessa Webster, Ben Duke's In Bed Black Lion Webster, Ben For the Guv'nor Affinity Two-lp Webster, Ben He Played it That Way IAJRC Webster, Ben The Warm Moods Discovery Wells, Dickie In Paris 1937 Prestige Wellstood, Dick After You've Gone Unisson Wellstood, Dick Ain't Misbehavin' Chiaroscuro Wellstood, Dick and his Famous Orchestra featuring Kenny Davern Chiaroscuro Wellstood, Dick From Dixie to Swing Classic Jazz Wellstood, Dick From Ragtime On Chiaroscuro Wellstood, Dick Jazz Its a Wonderful Sound Starfire Wellstood, Dick Live at Hanratty's Chaz Two-lp Wellstood, Dick Live at the Cookery Chiaroscuro Wellstood, Dick Plays Ragtime Music of The Sting Pickwick Wellstood, Dick Plays the Music of Fats Waller Music Minus One bass MMO Wellstood, Dick Stride Piano EMI Eletrola Wellstood, Dick The Blue Three Chaz Wess, Frank Flute Juice Progressive Wettling, George Is George Really George? JSP Whiteman, Paul and Blue Barron (Boris Rose) Girth Wilber, Bob & Davern, Kenny Soprano Summit in Concert Concord Wilber, Bob & Sullivan, Maxine The Music of Hoagy Carmichael Monmouth Evergreen Wilbur, Bob Blowin' the Blues Away with Clark Terr Classic Jazz Wilbur, Bob Soprano Summit Concord Wilcox, Spiegel Four Trombones in Rhythm FaT Cat Williams, George Rhythm Was His Business RCA Williamson, Claude Salute to Bud Affinity Wilson, Teddy And His All Stars Vol 1 Musicraft Wilson, Teddy Statements and Improvisations Smithsonian Witherspoon, Jimmy Monterey Jazz Festival 1959 with Hines, Herman, Webster, Hawkins I Grandi Del Jazz Woodman, Britt In L.A. Falcon World's Greatest Jazz Band Century Plaza World Jazz Yaged, Sol One More Time with Ray Nance Lane
  19. I need to make space, and we've had some unexpected bills, so I will offer up some jazz books for sale. All prices include postage within the US (media mail). I am happy to send to other countries at cost. Your check or paypal accepted. All books are in very good condition. Thanks, Pete Jazz Masters of the Twenties Richard Hadlock (hardback) $6 SOLD Jazz Masters of the Thirties Rex Stewart (hardback) $6 SOLD Jazz Masters of the Forties Ira Gitler(paperback) $4 SOLD Jazz Masters of the Fifties Joe Goldberg (hardback) $6 SOLD Or all 4 for $18 Stride: The Music of Fats Waller Paul S Machlin (paperback) 8 Art Tatum A Guide to His Recorded Music Arnold Laubich, Ray Spencer (hardback) 20 Fats Waller On The Air (Radio Broadcasts and Discography) Stephen Taylor (hardback) 40 An Unsung Cat The Life and Music of Warne Marsh Stafford Chamberlain (hardback with dj) 40 Music on My Mind Willie the Lion Smith (Hardcover) 10 Charlie Parker Discography Bregman-Bukowski-Saks (paperback) 15 Rhythm Oil Stanley Booth paperback 5 Ellington Uptown John Howland paperback 6 A Pictorial History of Jazz Keepnews hardback 5 The Dance Band Era Albert McCarthy hardback 5 Black Beauty White Heat Frank Driggs & Harris Lewine paperback 5 Ellingtonia W.E. Timner 4th edition 1996 hardcover 30 Whitney Balliett Collected Works hardcover 12 Reading Jazz Robert Gottlieb hardcover 6 From Cakewalks to Concert Halls African American Music 1895-1030 Morgan-Barlow hardback 5 Louis Armstrong In His Own Words hard back 6 Jazz People Ole Brask paperback 5 Louis Armstrong The Offstage Story of Satchmo hardback Michael Cogswell 6 Bird's Diary Ken Vail paperback 8 Count Basie Swingin' The Blues 1936-1950 Jazz Itineries #3 paperback Ken Vail 12 AFRS One Night Stands 1001-2000 Charles Garrod paperback 15 Dead Man Blues - Jelly Roll Morton Way Out West Phil Pastras hardback 5 Micrography April 1982 (Coleman Hawkins Live Recordings 1947-1960) 5 Kings of Jazz - Fats Waller Charles Fox paperback 5 Stan Getz Discography Astrup first edition - plastic binder is 20% intact 4 Woody Herman an the Second Herd paperback James A Treichel 20 Coleman Hawkins 1922-1944 & 1945-1957 Jean-Francois Velletard 2 volumes paperback 40 Oscar Pettiford - Jazz Bass Facing Erik Moseholm paperback 12 I am willing to consider offers, especially on purchases of multiple titles since I save on postage. Keep in mind that for the most part I am selling these at my cost or a bit less. Thanks for looking. Send me a pm if anything interests you.
  20. For sale: Jack Teagarden Roulette session, Mosaic box, complete including box and booklet. Nice condition. $65 includes postage within USA, will ship to other countries at cost. $70. Your check or Paypal accepted. Send a pm if interested. Thanks Pete
  21. For Sale Bud Shank & Bob Cooper Select 3-cd set complete with cardboard cover (Set No. 1132) and booklet. $55 including US postage, will ship to other countries at cost. Paypal or your check. Send a pm if you're interested. Thanks Pete
  22. The following are for sale. Prices include postage within the US. I can mail to other counties at cost. Paypal or your check accepted. Send a pm if you see something you want. Thanks Pete Art Hodes: Jazz Alley Vol 3 with Higgy, Parenti, Condon, Bigard etc (Storyville) $5 Duke Ellington: Tivoli 1969 (Image) $7 Duke Ellington: Jazz Icons 1958 (Naxos) $7 Duke Ellington: Love You Madly/Sacred Music (Jazz Casual) $7 Duke Ellington: Jazz Jestival Vol 2 (also Bobby Hackett, Mike Bryan) (Storyville) $5 Duke Ellington: The Intimate DE (Image) $8 Phineas Newborn, Jr & Jimmy Smith: Jazz Scene USA (Shanachie) $12