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  1. Discs for sale

    11 more added today. Thanks for looking.
  2. Discs for sale

    Added 18 today. Thank you for looking.
  3. Discs for sale

    Added 20 today. Thank you for looking.
  4. Discs for sale

    Added 23 today. Thank you for looking.
  5. Discs for sale

    Another 10 added today. Thank you for looking.
  6. Universal "Pure Audio" Blu-ray Audio releases

    I bought a bunch recently, but not many where I have the chance (and even then, not the intention) to do a comparison. I'm hoping they will sound very good (that's been my experience with music blu-rays, with audio & video, mostly classical). They're priced reasonably here in Singapore, at least the few I've found.
  7. Discs for sale

    An update with 14 more. Thank you for looking.
  8. Guys - if any of you is really upset by this and would not want to buy from me again, I understand. But in addition to using our allowed checked in & cabin luggage to the last 100 grams, I also had to mail more than 30 kg's to Singapore from France. So in that hurry, frustration, and unexpected expense I did not bring any of the discs back with me. I did not have time to sell them in Paris either so they practically got donated - left them in front of a store about to open :-)
  9. I didn't think I would have any more to add (since I leave on Sunday), but here are two more - will take any on hold back with me to SG and try to offload the rest here: Bill McHenry - La Peur de Vide (Sunnyside) digipak, w/A.Cyrille, O.Evans, E.Revis, one nick $6 The Fringe - 40 Years on the Fringe (Stunt) digipak, w/G.Garzone, J.Lockwood, B.Gullotti $6
  10. Well, I am selling it because I do not particularly enjoy it. But I do sell/list an average of more than 20 or so discs per month, some of which I have bought again years later at higher prices, so perhaps some will enjoy it and even I might if I give it more chances. But I do not have the space or the time, would rather buy/hear other music. So there you go :-)
  11. Just three (edit: four actually) more, and probably the last ones while I am here. (You are welcome to reserve some for me to mail once I return to SG, when I will also post an update to my main list and would be glad to combine any discs from here with stuff from that list. I will take anything not reserved to Gibert Joseph before I leave, hoping they take them and give me some money to buy another disc or two). Anne Sofie von Otter/Brad Mehldau - Love Songs (Naive) two discs, digipak $6 Steps Ahead - Modern Times (Elektra/Musician) $4 George Schuller's Circle Wide - Listen Both Ways (Playscape) digipak $6 Pierrick Pedron - Deep in a Dream (Plus Loin) quartet w/M.Miller, L.Nash $6
  12. Happy Birthday brownie!

    Happy birthday, Brownie.
  13. Here are six more I have to sell (also update the list above to indicate discs on hold): Sonny Rollins - Don't Stop the Carnival (Milestone) $5 Aldo Romano - Just Jazz (Dreyfus) $6 Bennie Wallace - Live at the Public Theatre (Enja) w/E.Gomez, D.Richmond $6 Steve Turre - Delicious and Delightful (High Note) w/Billy Harper $7 Khan Jamal - Impressions of Coltrane (SteepleChase) w/O.Pope, B.Lancaster $8 Michel Godard - Monteverdi (Carpe Diem) w/S.Swallow, some light scratches & scuffage, cardboard gatefold $5 Thank you for your attention. (if not enough are reserved while I am here, I can still take a couple that interest you back with me to Singapore and mail them from there, along with others from my main list - but I will try to sell anything not reserved at Gibert Joseph before I leave here)
  14. Starting a new topic for this, since it is a bit different from my usual for-sale list and updates to it. For anyone in Paris, we can meet somewhere convenient and not have to deal with postage at all (I am here until next weekend, 2 Nov). And for those in Europe, I assume it'll be cheaper for me to mail them from here than back from Singapore. I have bought a lot of discs here and these are the ones I will probably end up selling soon after I return anyway so you can help me make more space in my cases for more books and cd's. Other than the Blue Stars of France disc, all were bought new/sealed and I have listened to them a few times and have not managed to damage them yet, as far as I can see in our dim lighting in the apartment we got here. Stefano Bollani - Big Band! Live in Hamburg with the NDR Big Band (Verve) $8 Emmanuel Bex & Nico Morelli, with Mike Ladd - B2Bill. A Modern Tribute to Bill Evans (Bonsai) digipak $8 Christian Howes, w/Richard Galliano - Souther Exposure (Resonance) digipak $5 Blue Stars of France - Pardon My English (Jazz in Paris - Collector's Edition) cardboard gatefold, light scratches & scuffs $4 Erik Truffaz/Indrani & Apurba Mukherjee/Malcolm Braff - Benares (Blue Note) $5 Magic Malik - Short Cuts (Bee Jazz) w/slipcase $5 Jerome Sabbagh - Pogo (Bee Jazz) w/slipcase $5 Andre Minvielle - Follow Jon Hendricks..if you can!!! (Bee Jazz) w/slipcase $5 Jean-Marie Machado & Dave Liebman - Eternal Moments (Bee Jazz) w/slipcase $5 Stephane Spira - First Page (Bee Jazz) feturing S.Belmondo, w/slipcase $5 Knut Rossler & Johannes Vogt - Octagon. Between the Times (ACT) digipak $5 Oddjob - Clint (ACT) digipak $5 Trygve Seim/Andreas Utnem - Songs for Saxophone and Piano. Purcor (ECM) $5 Trio Dolce Vita - Amarcord (Jazzwerkstatt) C.Puntin, J.Brinkmann. J.Fink $5 The Art Farmer Quartet - To Sweden with Love (Atlantic) the "Made in Europe" version of the Japanese reissue, w/obi etc., has the Warner Bros logo/hologram on reverse of cd so I think it is legitimate (enough) - I have bought a bunch of these, selling these two because I don't enjoy the music, not for any other reason $5 The Art Farmer Quartet - Interaction (Atlantic) the "Made in Europe" version of the Japanese reissue, w/obi etc., has the Warner Bros logo/hologram on reverse of cd so I think it is legitimate (enough) - I have bought a bunch of these, selling these two because I don't enjoy the music, not for any other reason $5 ($85 together as priced above, buy them all for $65 and save me trips to the post office) Thanks.
  15. Are you now living in France? Your location still says Singapore. Just curious Thank you for asking. No, still living in Singapore but in Paris for a month-long stay, mostly holiday. We only have another week to go now, though. We scheduled the dates for convenience but have been very lucky regarding exhibitions and also some decent concerts.