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  1. Bill Evans trio -10 times 1963-1973 once @ The Vanguard
  2. My Funny Valentine - the Miles Davis album
  3. This one dropped from sight soon after it appeared. Any info ?
  4. Wish List for 2014

    Erroll Garner-Complete Columbia recordings 1950-57 Bobby Hutcherson Blue Note recordings 1963-69 Wayne Shorter Blue Note recordings 1964-1970 Feel free to add to it.
  5. And a few want it for a bargin basement price !!!
  6. There might be a Wayne Shorter Box Set coming out,but the vault has been pretty much cleaned .
  7. OK Bob,We can start the process.......
  8. I've got a set as well. Let me know if interested /
  9. Wayne Shorter Blue Note Sessions 1963-69 Bobby Hutcherson Blue Note Sessions 1963-69 Don't bet a penny that a Three Sounds Box Set will come from Mosaic.
  10. I've found no evidence that Blue Note has any JOS @ Newport tapes .Am i I wrong here ?
  11. What's On Your Wish List?

    Joe Farrell -"Follow Your Heart"-CTi If is every released Complete Erroll Garner-Columbia-not likely Complete Wayne Shorter on Blue Note Duke Ellington-"The Jaywalker" Les McCann in New York
  12. What is the sound quality of this CD based on 1-10 ?
  13. *** The Duke Ellington Corner ***

    Bal Masque has not been released on CD.