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  1. Lennie arrived - Set 0009 of 5000! A New Year full of new music ! Thanks Mosaic and happy holidays to all. Bob
  2. I came across two mint Lp recordings of Ervin Nyiregyhazi on Columbia Masterworks from the 1970s. A bit heavy on the keyboard but intriguing. Any thoughts on these recordings or on this pianist who according to preliminary on-line search had a very promising career but encountered some significant personal and professional hurdles dying in relative obscurity in the 1980s after a brief period of fame with these recordings.
  3. I saw that there is a copy of this CD for auction on buyee.jp which I have been looking for years but for some reason it is says I cannot bid on this CD. Does anyone know anything about this site or what I can do to place a bid. I have been looking for this CD for many years, which according to the picture on buyee.jp was issued by “ Orpheus Music Group” in 2012. Any assistance or leads on tracking this CD down would be most appreciated. All the best, Bob
  4. I remember picking up some compact discs of Tony around 2014-2015 of older Columbia recordings which had not been previously released on compact disc. The compact discs I picked up at that time were: In Person with Count Basie Sings A String of Harold Arlen I Wanna Be Around. i then saw that there were CDR pressings of many of his Columbia LPs previously unavailable on compact disc which I avoided and continue to avoid as CDRs generally do not hold up over time. Does anyone have a list of the Columbia LPs that were actually re-issued as separate CDs - not CDRs around the time when the Complete Tony Bennett Collection was issued 8-10 years ago? Thanks, Bob
  5. Thanks Marcoliv for your offer.


    I am looking for the 4 CD set - Joyce Anos 1980. Is it available on Brazil ?




  6. Hope everyone is well, Anyone have any leads as to Internet sites where CDs from Brazil can be ordered and sent to the United States other than the usual third party Amazon-Discogs sites? Looking for a Joyce CD that was issued in Brazil in 2016. Thanks. Bob
  7. Perhaps there has been a thread like this in the past but here’s two landmarks I’d like to propose renaming: Golden Gate Bridge - Golden Gate-Tony Bennett Bridge Manhattan Bridge- Sonny Rollins Bridge Ant other landmarks...
  8. Thank you Mr. Bennett for all the great music these past 70 years - keeping you in my thoughts. Thank you to the board member who posted a nice picture of Mr. Bennett this past spring in Central Park observing COVID protocol - As always, Mr. Bennett looked great. Proposing that the Golden Gate Bridge bear his name and be renamed the Golden Gate- Bennett Bridge.
  9. Thanks Sonnymax - that makes sense. Ah, now I am on the lookout for the Hodges Mosaic!!
  10. Just discovered this set recorded in November 1960, great music ! Who had the original issue if this material - was it Verve -?
  11. bebopbob

    Ted Brown

    Happy birthday to saxophone legend Ted Brown- 93 today!
  12. Anyone have any thoughts as to why authentic (not CD-R burns) made within the last 10-15 years do not read and cannot be played on a regular compact disc player? I recently bought two such discs brand new that do not play. Any similar experiences? The CDs are: Keith Saunders - Lost in Queens (TCB- Montreux Jazz Label) Oliver Jones- Skip Bay: Then and Now (Justin Time) Thanks, Bob
  13. Great deal - highly recommended: John Scofield-3 CD set includes: Quiet- 1996; Works for Me- 2001; Enroute- 2004. Great compilation -about $15.00 for all three
  14. Just received my first Steeplechase CDR from Amazon - Frank Strozier Sextet -Remember Me- will be returning as it was not described as a CDR pressing but now Steeplechase is pressing CDR burns like OJCs have been for awhile. Any leads as to sites that are still selling authentic CDs of older Steeplechase and OJC titles? Thanks, Bob
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