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  1. I know nothing about this Mosaic, or about Amos Milburn for that matter. I don't think I've seen this Mosaic discussed. In fact, I only noticed it existed today when I spotted a listing for it in the Acoustic Sounds catalog. Anyone have this set? How would you describe it, evaluate it? Amos Milburn Mosaic
  2. Happy Birthday As you like Mosaics, here's a birthday present:
  3. Budd Johnson

    I picked up an LP- "Linger Awhile," featuring Budd Johnson on tenor and soprano sax, pianist Earl Hines, bassist James P. Leary, and Panama Francis on drums. I really enjoyed Budd's playing. I had never heard him before. Are there any Budd fans (nah, not the beer)? Any recommendations? Comments on his playing. He reminded me of Ben Webster. I was also pleasantly surprised by Hines' piano playing. For some reason, maybe because I had only heard him at the end of his career, I didn't expect such hip playing. AMG cites a CD (apparently OOP) of the same title, which lists Budd, but also Ray Nance, who does not appear on the LP version. A good album. I wonder if Budd is worthy of the Mosaic treatment?
  4. Who has this 20 cd box set, and what do you think of it?
  5. Now reading...

    A strong novel.
  6. Now reading...

    The 4th and last novel in Mishima's Sea Of Fertility tetralogy. This novel is something of a throwback to his earlier novels in style. The quartet of novels are challenging to read.
  7. Now reading...

    Still have to read Underworld. Don't know why I haven't. The others you cited are indeed superlative.
  8. Now reading...

    The third novel in Mishima's Sea of Fertility tetralogy. No doubt an ambitious effort on Mishima's part, but the novel as a whole just fell flat for me.
  9. Now reading...

    I used to enjoy watching Hitchens on America TV; his witty repartee (even when he was wrong) was refreshing in an often anodyne cultural landscape. His relatively early passing was unfortunate. The memoir is interesting, occasionally amusing, and occasionally plodding. I wonder if he's remembered even now?
  10. CDs for Sale

    PM sent. Thanks.
  11. If these are still available, I'll take them:

    Amado- Desire & Freedom

    Carrier - Joy of Being

    Leimgruber - Lightnings

    Leimgruber - Lausanne

    Schiano - Scial Security

    Let me know.  Thanks. 

  12. Now reading...

    The 2nd novel in Mishima's "Sea of Fertility" tetralogy. Perhaps not quite up to the mark of his Spring Snow, but clearly a major effort from Mishima. It's fascinating, if disturbing, to watch Mishima engage with the subject of ritual suicide (seppuku), knowing that's how he ended his own life.
  13. Now reading...

    Another masterpiece from Mishima.
  14. Now reading...

    Exquisitely calibrated revelations of an unreliable narrator. One can follow this narrative approach as it develops in Ishiguro's earlier novels, A Pale View of Hills and An Artist of the Floating World," which bear strong similarities to TROTD. The tone of these novels is serious, but it strikes me that there is a fair amount of covert, mordant humor in these stories, although it can be hard to tell given the ambivalence of the narration.
  15. Now reading...

    Yukio Mishima - THE SOUND OF WAVES A lovely, nearly fabulist tale of young love, but with the shadow outlines of some of Mishima's later preoccupations.
  16. Charles "Bobo" Shaw (September 15, 1947-January 16, 2017)

    Love the BAG and HAE recordings. An important figure in the music. RIP.
  17. Now reading...

    Memoirs of a publishing giant (Simon & Schuster, Knopf, The New Yorker), with enough literary gossip to keep things interesting. Reading this reminded me of how similar Hollywood and publishing can be. Watching a book make it to publication is like watching how sausages are made--not always pretty even if the end result is tasty.
  18. Now reading...

    I have still to read Remains of the Day, but I might take a break before I do so.
  19. Now reading...

    Another ambivalent, ambiguous, elusive fiction from Ishiguro.
  20. Now reading...

    An interesting if rather baffling novel from Ishiguro.
  21. Nice find! Amazing how books circulate around, in their own inscrutable ecology.
  22. Now reading...

    That's a nice connection with Augie.
  23. Now reading...

    Part pulp Western, part political manifesto, part anarchist cookbook, part Vietnam War flashback, and more, this is an interesting gallimaufry. It's been a while since I read Abbey, and am still a fan of his Desert Solitaire, one of the great books of eco-literature. This one is more troubling, albeit entertaining.
  24. Now reading...

    I really enjoyed Ravelstein and would recommend it. I believe it's his heartfelt yet ironic tribute to his friend, philosopher Allen Bloom.
  25. Now reading...

    Not too long ago, I tried re-reading Henderson (I recall liking it considerably when I first read it several decades before) but gave up on it by page 50. I found it cringe-inducing, I think mainly for the African setting, but the whole novel seemed meretricious. I must have been in the wrong frame of mind, but am not sure I'm keen on trying again, even though one is always challenged by a Bellow work.