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  1. COVID-19 claims another one.
  2. Dexter Gordon on Steeplechase question

    I have a friend who's looking for a good compilation of Dexter's recordings for Steeplechase. I mentioned the trio and quartet box set to him, but has there ever been a single or double CD or LP anthology of Gordon's work for the label? My initial searches didn't seem to turn up one.
  3. Our Spanish friends ? (depends on your point of view I guess) have released these live titles: 1) THE COMPLETE 1966 GENEVA CONCERT + 2 BONUS (CD)- Thelonius Monk 2) AT THE CHICAGO JAZZ FESTIVAL 1987 (CD)- DEXTER GORDON AND BOBBY HUTCHERSON jazz-festival-1987 3) THE COMPLETE STORYVILLE BROADCASTS (CD)- DAVE BRUBECK AND PAUL DESMOND storyville-broadcasts Has anyone heard or purchased these ? How are the performances/recording quality? I need good- great sound, otherwise it bothers me on my system. Thanks for the input, Jeff
  4. Haven't gotten it yet but this came out in the late spring: