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  1. Last week's Night Lights show up, with a special thanks to Jsngry, who allowed me to use a quote from an old Organissimo post of his concerning the topic at hand: Final Miles: Miles Davis On Warner Brothers The web post also includes links to the full-length studio outtake of "Can I Play With U?" (the Prince song and recording originally intended for Tutu), Miles' appearance at Prince's 1987 New Year's Eve concert at Paisley Park, and much more.
  2. This past week’s Night Lights show explores pianist Bill Evans’ brief but significant stay with Miles Davis’ group in 1958-59, including some non-Kind Of Blue live and studio recordings: Kind Of Two: Miles Davis And Bill Evans
  3. JazzTimes article about the collaboration that only fleetingly came to pass: The Ballad of Miles Davis and Prince ... also includes this pleasing passage: Eventually the subject turned to other trumpeters. “I knew there were musicians that Miles loved to put down,” Leeds says, so he threw out Lester Bowie’s name, figuring Miles would have little time for the Art Ensemble of Chicago mainstay. Instead, he got this rejoinder: “Eric, why the fuck wouldn’t I love Lester Bowie?”
  4. I am quite enticed by this pairing. I would like to know if anyone has heard these concerts in some form? I really would like to know about the sound quality? Bad recordings really put me off. Thanks Jazz fans.
  5. The classic square-box complete sessions are back: It says it's limited. And I don't see it anywhere on Amazon, so it can be truth. The list of reissued boxes its: - On The Corner - Jack Johnson - Seven Steps - Miles Davis/Gil Evans - Miles Davis/John Coltrane - In A Silent Way - Quintet 1965-68 - Bitches Brew I don't see there Cellar Door Sessions though.
  6. A recent Night Lights show up for online listening, devoted to the period between the two "great quintets":
  7. I already have several tracks from the original sessions that were included in a Miles Warner Bros era collection—and a little wary of how it’s been “finished,” but I’ll probably pick it up regardless: Miles Davis’ Rubberband set for release
  8. French Radio France Musique will be broadcast this evening 4 Nov 2015, 20:00 CET, an unissued (as they claim - it is not mentioned in the plosin list the July 14, 1988 concert of Miles Davis Octet at Jardin des Arènes de Cimiez, Festival de Jazz de Nice. It will not be available for web streaming afterwards. Concert inédit INA-Radio France : Miles Davis, le 14 juillet 1988 (Jardin des Arènes de Cimiez, Festival de Jazz de Nice). Evénement dans "Les mercredis du jazz"! Jérôme Badini offre aux auditeurs de France Musique un trésor caché dans les archives de l'INA - Radio France : un enregistrement inédit de Miles Davis au Festival de Jazz de Nice, le 14 juillet 1988! Celles et ceux qui étaient présents se souviennent avec émotion de ce concert donné par un Miles Davis au faîte de sa gloire électrique, entouré de Kenny Garrett, qu'il décrivait comme le saxophoniste l’ayant le plus impressionné depuis John Coltrane, de Robert Irving et Adam Holzman aux claviers, Foley à la guitare, Benny Rietveld à la basse, Ricky Wellman à la batterie et Marilyn Mazur aux percussions. >> Attention: séance unique, il n’y aura pas de réécoute << Enjoy Alex
  9. To be issued as a 3-cd set:
  10. Kind of Bloop

    I post this hesitantly, but, hey, it's out there to hear... or whatever... Kind of Bloop An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue
  11. More info here: Star On Miles: The Return Of Miles Davis Special thanks to Jim Sangrey and Ross Lawson.