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Blindfold Test #27 Compiled by JSngry

Disc One

1. Reminds me of Jimmy Smith's "House Party." I can dig it, just don't know it.

2. I'd guess Louis Armstrong, doing a song with "Cheesecake" in the title. Probably some obscure slang from way back when for something else. Funny stuff!

3. Salsa, now that's my kind of pace change! I know a few names in this genre, but I probably couldn't differentiate Ricardo Ray from Eddie Palmeiri.

4. I like this one all the way around. I struggle to identify horns here, is it sax, baritone sax, and a trombone? Or two horns? I'm lost. Don't know who, I'd guess it was 70s for the sound of the bass. Really solid groove and I enjoyed all the solos and particularly the trades at the end. Strata East?

5. I'll bet this is another standard I don't recognize that some of you guys will spot with no problem. Always amazes me. Really weird piano solo, wtf? Kept the toe tappin' though. Monk?

6. Another toe tappin' rhythm. I'd buy this, the piano stands out to me but is in fantastic company. Guitar makes me think Tal Farlow for some reason.

7. This R&B threatens to get too sugary for me but never goes too far. Reminds of some Crusaders songs, but I wouldn't say this is them. Tastefully done, even the vocals. Not bad.

8. Billie? I pretty much stink at everything in these BFTs, but singers REALLY aren't my area of expertise. I like everything about it, the instrumentation is top-notch.

9. Buddy Rich? Don't like this much. Maybe I'm not in the mood for it. Too Vegas.

10. I like this better than the previous song, although there is a similar "big" horn sound. Gerald Wilson comes to mind, or Oliver Nelson. I feel I should know the tune, but can't put my finger on it.

11. Love this from the get-go. I love the doorbells, what can I say? Favorite track so far. I'm not recognizing the vibes...it doesn't sound like Bags and it doesn't sound like Hamp...Lem Winchester maybe?

12. Sonny Rollins? Love this one too. Great quartet, especially the piano.

13. Sun Ra? Spacy and psychedelic is my bag, baby! Yeah!

14. Mountain Oysters? Now that's some weird shit! Greeeeeaaazzzey, if you will!

15. An extra helping of greeeeeaaazze, much obliged. Patton?

16. Something very groovy, very mellow entitled..."The Groove Juice Special." Just kidding. I dig these sort of little interludes, they're great for breaking up mixes.

17. Lovely soundtrack for depression. Kind of pretty, but I might cry.

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Many thanks to Jim for compiling this excellent BFT! There are a number of tracks on here I'd love to add to my collection. I didn't recognize anything I have, but as usual I won't be suprised if I missed something I do have or was WAY off with all of my guesses.

Also, thank you Mark for assisting in distribution! Now, on to read the responses!

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I think track three is from Cachao's Legendary Descarga Jam Sessions, from the late 50's.....

D'oh! Right you are. For some reason I wasn't thinking Cuban here. I've maybe got 6 cds of music like this, and I miss this one. Son of a gun.

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glad to see you made it, btw. I was worried! Hope you can get to Disc Two.

no worries! disk two has been spun and some booty has been shaken! No promises, but I'll seek a slot soon!

drats and no slot this weekend as I had to install several lamps and even curtain rails to our crappy real old and not straight walls and ceilings... stuff looks much more homely here now, that's fer sure. Do I get points for that?

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"Cheesecake" in the title. Probably some obscure slang from way back when for something else. Funny stuff!

Cheesecake as a term for "girlie" photos goes back at least as far as WWII. Betty Grable, etc were "Cheesecake" queens. Whether it gets more gritty than that I'm not sure, but it does put me in mind of Louis Armstrong's stating that Barbecue was slang for a "fine chick". As in "Struttin' With Some Barbecue".

Now that's pretty hip. :g

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Answers/commentary to Disc One have been prepared, and will be posted tomorrow.

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drats and no slot this weekend as I had to install several lamps and even curtain rails to our crappy real old and not straight walls and ceilings...  stuff looks much more homely here now, that's fer sure. Do I get points for that?

:huh: I preferably listen to blindfold test discs while doing such things .........


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Quickly, before it's too late....

Disc 1

1. “How High the Moon” of course. How can you not love this stuff? I won’t even guess as to who’s playing. JOS? Burrell?

2. Goddam I dig this! Must have listened to it a hundred times. “Gobble gobble” indeed!

3. Fun music! I want to party at Jim’s house (after all, you can’t dance to Brotzmann – well, at least not all the time)

4. Almost sounds like Rollins to me, though deeper in tone. Sort of familiar theme, but I don’t think I know this one. A bit out, but the kind of wonderfully exuberant, passionate playing that I really love.

5. Sounds almost genteel compared to the last. Such a light, airy tone. Reminds me of early Konitz. And a touch of humor too. Again, how can one listen to this and not think that jazz can be fun and entertaining?

6. It’s cool to think that this is what it must have sounded like every night at Birdland back in 1949 or so. I’m no good at guessing players so I won’t. A radio broadcast?

7. Love this. One of my favorite tracks on either disc. Absolutely dig that gravely sax sound – like Tom waits’ voice.

8. Mix is weird with the horns way up front of the vocal, but fine stuff indeed. Almost Billie’s intonation, but don’t think it’s her. Technique be damned – it’s all about the emotion.

9. That wascally wabbit! Well, not exactly, but that’s what I think of when I hear this. You’ll be swell, you’ll be great, but I bet a lot of guys here won’t take this one seriously…

10. Another good, groovy, sounds-so-very-familiar track that might have served as a 1950’s movie soundtrack. Of a really cool film noir. Since I know who’s on disc 2, maybe this is more Oliver Nelson?

11. “Hi-Fly” on vibes. I always think of Eric when I hear this tune. I’m sure this would be easily figured out by a search on AMG.

12. Hey there, that’s a lovely waltz. If it’s what I’m thinking it is, I always think of Sammy when I hear this one. I played this track over and over in the car the other day. Wish it went on longer…

13. Not Nordine, but of his ilk. Gotta be in the mood for this kind of stuff. I’m not right now.

14. I know this one! Since the answers are already posted, I’ll come out and say it: Lockjaw Davis. This reminds me of that time I dropped into Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Oklahoma City and naively asked the cute young waitress what “lamb fries” were. Ugh, I’m such city folk…

15. Goddam this disc is filled with some lovely sax! Tune sounds a bit familiar but I can’t quite place it. Interesting and rather sparse organ comping. Like this one very much.

16. Hmm. Should know the voice, but there’s so much echo or whatever on it it sounds almost ethereal. It ain’t as catchy as “two all beef patties…” but a splendid jazzy commercial. ;)

17. Again, it’s all about the emotion. This one’s dripping with it, but I’m not really digging it (at the moment at least) and the song’s not doing much for me either.

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01 Burnin’! How High The Moon. I’m not sure who the players are, but I have a feeling they were having a good time. Sounds like the drummer is having a little bit of fun with the tune, but not letting it get out of hand! Good opener!

02 WTF? A bunch of friends and my (now)wife and I went down to see Phish for NYE 1999/2000. ABC had arranged to have a live feed from Big Cypress during their montage of large NYE celebrations around the world. Before they went live at Big Cypress, the band announced that this was going to occur and they would like for everyone to chant “cheesecake” throughout the entire thing. Just as WTF as this track… who is the other voice? Hoppy the Frog? Mitch Hedberg reference.

03 This sounds like Cachao. The only reason I know is that my brother plays bass in a salsa band called Bio Ritmo and he is constantly turning me onto more Cuban, Puerto Rican, Brazilian bands. Cachao was early on, and Vint turned me on to Cachaito!

04 I’m liking this, despite the electric bass. The guitar sounds so small, which is kind of cool in a way. Firey gruffness. Who is that? Nice trombone solo, then it really turns out! That is not an alto I don’t think. What the? A second electric bassist and we’d have ourselves a real good time!

05 I don’t get it. The whole thing was sort of odd, beginning with the laugh track. The group never really seems to gel. Some weird intonation from the saxophone.

06 This I like! The Man I Love. This is earlier than the majority of my jazz collection, so any exposure like this is much needed. What a trumpet! I’m liking the fuzz-tone guitar and the simplistic bop lines he is playing. He is relentless. This is great stuff.

07 Here we go, two bassists! It’s a party! This is actually really nice, and unlike anything I actually own, but the type of shit I really turn up in the car when I hear it on the radio. Alright, I’ve probably only ever heard anything like this on the radio like once, but I’m certain I turned it up. Syrupy like Bojangles sweet tea and the early-70s soul/r&b station that let me have it. It would be a long shot for me to guess who this is, but the lead sort of sounds like Gene Ammons. I’ve never heard him play with this type of band though…

08 Somewhere along the line, something changed. These days, it seems like a session with a vocalist on it becomes a solely vocalist session. A lot of the older recordings sound so fantastic because of the great horn players. I’d guess this is late-sixties because of the way the tenor plays some of its lines, and I’m not positive, but I would guess Archie Shepp? I dig this concept. Where did it go wrong? Obligatto.

09 Boy is this band stacked!


11 Hi-Fly. What a great tune. Unmistakeable vibrato and tone of Lionel Hampton! Wow. I had to go back to that one a few times. He’s so much fun to listen to.


13 Far out! Someone’s in the mood. I can’t tell if those are bells or a music box or a celeste or what. The voice sounds oddly familiar too. No idea though… as usual.

14 Mountain Oysters? Gross. I’ll take cheesecake.

15 Finish it off with a late night organ groove. This is hitting really nice right now. Sometimes this stuff is a little too light, but that touch is doing it.



Didn't want to miss the bus. I missed a couple of tracks, but I'm going to get back around to them this weekend. And Disc 2!

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