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  1. Miss you around here, John.

  2. "Up at Mintons" also featured Horace Parlan. Its only CD issues have been in Japan. I have JRVGs of them and I assume there was a previous TOCJ. MG there was a domestic "doubletime" 2CD set as well. Those with the ugly yellow/blue diagonal banner.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jutta_Hipp
  4. I think it's something they put in the tap water
  5. actually that looks like the core of the case the me; read the brief, the part about the unauthorised copies is on p. 15.
  6. your winrar will continue to function, just that there will be a pop up message each time you open it telling you to register
  7. no doubt I am dead wrong, but your post reads like an advert for a caste society where all are created equal but those with the proper dues and tormented souls are more equal and allowed to spew at the cost of others and the group. Cool beans if the group can handle it, but obviously it cannot. Sure there are lots of folks who are not vocal about being bothered and sure there are those who see nothing wrong and are rather vocal about that. Heck, there may even be some who are exalted by it all and are having a field day right now. But there is definitely also an increasing number of folks who are simply appalled or otherwise not amused; people are leaving this place -- full stop. This place is turning into a cliquish affair for the selected elite. I am all for a loving community where everyone can be themselves, but it is simply to utopic to be. So everyone adapts and I fail to see why that would not apply to those with the loudest mouths and the foulest language or those with the most exquisit CV. So let's have that community you speak of, but focus a bit more on behaving ourselves instead of going into rampant mode demanding everyone swallow everything. Just cut the crap and be nice to each other (and the rest of the world).
  8. I remember reading -- but where? -- that Fuego was Byrd's only recording on pocket tp. Listening to The Cat Walk (title tune), I'd say this is his normal trumpet sound of the time. The pocket trumpet (on Fuego) sounds less open and a bit hoarser than that.
  9. There is proof of this board scaring off some industry folks. I am in no position to elabor, but it is so.
  10. Heck, your post got the honour of being the little drop that did it. If you want to accuse me of lack of humour, the pic in my profile is much funnier than yours. Hah! the thing is, Chris, that this seemed just another tidbit dropped in just another thread, but there have been so many tidbits in so many threads that it is becoming a bit of a burden to the board. You still have not addressed that point. Your concern is with this board if I am to believe your posts on the celebration thread. Maybe you should address not only the monetary aspects and be happy, but also address and help re-shape the content of this board.
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