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  1. George Mesterhazy RIP

    Pianist and arranger George Mesterhazy died in his sleep on April 11th... http://www.georgemesterhazy.com/ http://www.atlanticcityweekly.com/arts-and-entertainment/Musician-Pianist-George-Mesterhazy-Dies-147251505.html
  2. who else would you like to have heard play/record w/ Miles?

    Eddie Costa!
  3. Gene Shaw

    I second what JSngry said so correctly! Many thanks...
  4. Buddy Stewart

    @Jazmaan - thanks for your reply! In the meanwhile I assembled most (of his issued sides), and come to almost 85 tracks j.
  5. Esmond Edwards (Producer)

    Exciting news! j.
  6. YOUR Top three all-time jazz vocalists

    @JSngry - I suggest you watch her "recently" posted video clip on youtube...(every Kenney fan's "wet dream" so to say, long fingers or not) Filmed only a couple of monthes before she took her own life...AND!!!!!!! doin' some tunes she never ever recorded at all! What's more she even gets Hugh Hefner into joining a song with her... Rather creepy how he eats her with his eyes... @Paul Secor - you can read more about her on Bill Reed's blog (drchilledair). And lucky for us all of her albums are imprint (Japan of course), including three cd's with previously unissued material. The US re-issue of the first of those discs 'Snuggled On Your Shoulders', also contains 4 extra bonus tracks taped at Birdland with the Gildo Mahones Trio...Way cool stuff, and extra interesting because she sounds different than on her studio albums...She takes wat more liberties etc... @Pete C. Some of these singers are worthwhile to check out...Perhaps interesting for some people is that Marilyn Moore was once Mrs Al Cohn and father of guitarist Joe Cohn...Some say her career was cut short because of the very similar sound and approach to songs as Billie Holiday. Leonard Feather thought high about her. She recorded a beautiful album for Bethlehem 'Moody' with excellent backings from Al Cohn, Joe Wilder, Don Abney, Barry Galbraith, (and I think Milt Hinton and Osie Johnson, not sure though) She recorded the music of 'Oh, Captain' an elusive LP/collectors item featuring songs/tunes from Dick Hyman & Feather as playd by Coleman Hawkins and Tony Scott etc...vocals by Jackie Paris, Moore and on one song Osie Johnson...
  7. YOUR Top three all-time jazz vocalists

    Oh yes! Bobbe Norris Jackie Paris Joe Derise Lucy Reed Jackie & Roy Pinky Winters Kitty White Beverly Kenney Bev Kelly Marilyn Moore Ann Richards Helen Humes Helen Carr Inez Jones Frances Wayne Mavis Rivers Teri Thornton Sylvia Syms Teddi King Earl Coleman Ann Burton Kenny Hagood Alice Darr Peggy Connelly Ann Hathaway ... are a few singers from the past I like to add... impossible for me to select only three (since I am mainly a lover and collector of jazz songbirds (well known and forgotten)
  8. Ann-Marie Moss has passed away

    Sad news... A terrific singer, her version of 'My Romance' is still way cool... Pity she's so underrecorded...2 albums and a handful of songs (including those with Maynard Ferguson!) j.
  9. New Wardell Gray Transcription

    @Scooby - I truly admire and respect people who can do so... Do you do this for living? Free? You do requests? Thanks for the Gray solo! Incidentally I played it today (with Terry Swope's vocal obligato on the theme) Thanks! j.
  10. Spoke with John Wright This Morning!

    I adddddooooooorrrrreeeee John Wright, in fact my very first question here was about him (and his 'La Salle St After Hours', which I consider as the most "sexy" piano tune ever recorded) =) j.
  11. Whatever Happened To Jean Turner?

    (short resumé, edited, once send to me by a fellow collector) Capitol Records produced one album where Jean Turner was featured as the Kenton band singer, but there other lesser known sides she made for Capitol and numerous live recordings in the short time she spent with the band. she also appeared (and was taped) at the Newport Jazz Festival in July 1963. Jean, who was the last vocalist employed by Kenton, joined the band in March 1962 and stayed until after the European Tour at the end of 1963. This was the band known as the Mellophonium Band - an experiment with these difficult instruments never to be repeated. Her first recordings with the band were made on 3 April 1962 were designed to feature Stan's new singer before the band went on the gruelling 1962 National Tour. They were issued by Capitol initially on a 45 single and later appeared on compilation albums released by Stan's own Creative World label in the 1970s. Two rejected titles were also recorded at that session. Two further titles for Capitol were recorded on 28 September 1962 again released initially on a 45 single. Like the earlier 45 they appeared later on 'Creative World' compilations. Her final recording for Capitol was held back from her only Capitol lp and not issued until the 1970s on 'Creative World'. . Also recorded in concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall during the 1963 UK tour. When the band returned to the USA before Christmas 1963, Jean had a brief spell with Harry James (Stan generously lent Harry her charts) and then left the music business. She was last spotted in 1974 at a Kenton concert near San Francisco by drummer Peter Erskine but her present whereabouts are unknown. All of her known sides with Kenton (live and studio) have been issued...even a track were she bearsk down in coughing... I think she's rather good =) j.
  12. Buddy Stewart

    Hi - does there exists something like a complete Buddy Stewart discography? Think I have most of the tunes he recorded, but just want to be sure! He sure was a fine singer Thanks j.
  13. Kay Davis, R.I.P.

    Ow, sad news indeed... Did she ever made a solo album? j.
  14. Amadeo Tommasi

    Now I remember that he accompanies on Riccardo Mei's debut LP 'My Funny Valentine' from the late 80s. Never issued on cd. Worth checking out...Of course it's Mei's "shining hour', but great music, plenty of solo space for Tommasi, who gets into some nice piano/vocal duets too... Seems to a rare lp as I wasn't able to locate a decent cover for it (a selfportrait pianted by Mei) Mei recorded two cd's later on, one with Richie Cole and another one with Bill Watrous... j.
  15. Halcyon records HAL110

    Also reissued on cd is Marian Remembers Teddi, which features Teddi King. Great recording, originally issued on a double LP, now released on one cd... j.