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  1. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Dave’s Picks #2,376: Nassau. what a godawful release from an otherwise fine year. I don’t think a single song is listenable. I could just do an “I was at these shows” post (I was) and write about how spectacular they were (they weren’t. Nassau was way overpacked, rowdy, annoying, and the band was drowning each night). Are they running out of excellent shows that were taped, aren’t cut up, poorly recorded, or missing reels? Sooner or later it’s bound to happen. Time for Pigpen’s greatest hits.
  2. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    It would be nice if they put some music on that side.
  3. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    But they have released some of the RSD on CD.
  4. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Still on Amazon.
  5. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Could have added a bonus show as an alternative. Like the whole set with Clementine.
  6. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Also: no bonus material on the collected early discs. Just the l.p. Material.
  7. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    But the Dark Star St Stephen and The Eleven Lovelight are spiced from 2 different nights. Had the issues the Dark Star St Stephen with the correct second part—that would have made a good disc— and the other half in whole as well.
  8. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    But it would be perfectly almost exact.
  9. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Well American Beauty had a live show from several months after its release. Perhaps they could treat us to a fall ‘72 show.
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    One thing on the skull and roses is that I wish they’d included the NFA reprise—Lovelight from the Manhattan Theater and at least the full outro to Wharf Rat. Maybe the ham that proceeded it. But all have our petty grievances. I’m certainly down for a copy. what on earth can they do for Europe ‘72?
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Wake of the Flood is so underrated. Maybe because of that Keith song! But the tenderness, the finesse, and my God, the songs. Stella Blue! Row Jimmy. Eyes. Their last great studio work—imo. Yeah, Blues for Allah is intriguing, but not as nuanced. I wish I’d waited a year before I got off the bus! Btw: if that Fillmore West disc on the Skull and Roses reissue is their tape, and not the pre fm, it will be worth it.
  12. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Dp 35 Philly. I usually ignore “I was at that show” posts, but I was at that show. For 30 years I had that Dark Star—Dew etched in my brain. When it came out on cd—pure joy. I second that. But a lot depends on when you first heard them or got it. For me it was 6/10/67. Grunge! Pig Pen! Lon: been listening to a lot of 73 as of late. Some brilliant jamming. Oklahoma City Eyes—Stella Blue. Can’t get enough.
  13. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I was at this run. The ESP shows. They introduced around 10 new songs, dribbling out a few each night. The reason they selected this is like because it was recorded on 16 track so the sound is great. The run has been available in high quality for at least 20 years. I’d sooner have a show closer to the time Workingman’s was recorded. Maybe something from the Fillmore West when Miles Davis opened. Or another show with a great acoustic set. The Angel’s Share is interesting, but could be boiled down by eliminating the false starts or even the partial takes.
  14. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    The Angel’s Share hasn’t been heavily publicized. It’s like the Dylan stuff—preserve the copyright. So all the false starts, wheezes, and full takes. Worth a free listen.
  15. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    On me your address. And give me a few days. Someone sent it to me via Dropbox. I have to download it, decide it, burn it, etc.! I’ll be doing one for me, so it’s no problem.