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  1. Organissimo does Tel Aviv, Israel

    Thanks Barak, for being such a mensch: Theo (B3's dad)
  2. Amsterdam?

    Oh Ron, Jim and Alison love Philly more than anything: don't worry - and thanks for being such a good friend to my kids. Theo (B3's dad)
  3. morgana king

    Oh, 'It's A Quiet Thing' is my all-time favorite: still gives me goosebumps.
  4. Kinda deep for a guy like me who plays a one string guitar, but funny.
  5. Organissimo Does Philly

    Welcome home guys: We missed you; glad you are home safe and sound. Got some more live tracks for the new cd? Great pics! Theo
  6. organissimo takes Boston!!!

    Just you all wait until the nasty boys line up in Boston: Harvard, watch you ass. Organissimo has arrived and there ain't no stoppin' 'em. Scofield, Marsalis, you watch your asses too: the midwest Hammond kick-butt honkin' groove down homeys have hit the big town. Don't quit your day jobs, hear?
  7. This Is The Place

    I wish you all the best on your tour: it has been a long time coming and, as I have always maintained, all you need is the right set of ears to hear you and you will instantly be in the mainstream of American jazz: you are world class - there's no doubt about it. I'll be rooting for you
  8. We're goin' BIG TIME - squeedel de squonk do boom da wack!
  9. This Is The Place

    yeah, right. I don't drive at night - can't see, don't travel, except when my wife makes me, don't like the guvmint, ain't got no time' no money, and so on. What can I say? Y'all gonna haf to do it yersef, but I still want that Caddy! I still think Organissimo should do a tune called, Eat Yo Greens, as suggested
  10. This Is The Place

    Ok Greg. You know best. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. Thanks
  11. This Is The Place

    C'mon Greg: you have done more for the guys than anyone so far: stay with it. This could be your chance to make the big time: guitar players - and I speak with some authority - come in six packs. But, good managers are hard to find. Sure, RD needs some help, but with James and Matt and yourself, Jim and Freddie (Little Milton?), you have a good shot. And, forget about washing the car: you want to use Beulah, just let me know, ok? Love ya, man
  12. This Is The Place

    You all know that I am Jim's dad, but I gotta tell ya - having spent sixty years listening to great music -and playing, although kind of so-so, tonight I had the time to put on the earphones and, even though I have heard 'This Is The Place' several times on speakers, I was completely knocked out! There isn't a single line by any of the guys that fails: I am overwhelmed. If you haven't just sat back with the phones on and let Organissimo take you away, you have missed a lot. I expect great things for this band in the future: if you all don't have an unopened copy of Boogaloo and Place, I suggest you buy one of each to keep: one of these days they will be worth a fortune. Jim - you are amazing. Joe - what can I say? Being a guitar player myself, after hearing you I might take up the kazoo. Randy - Damn! And, don't forget Johnny - very nice horn work. Greg - keep booking our boys: we need you. This is the place? Definately
  13. Greg: you still haven't washed my car.
  14. This Is The Place

    How many of you listen to Live365? They have also been very good to Organissimo.
  15. This Is The Place

    All I know is Organissimo is keeping good company. And I absolutely love the new CD. I had several copies which I have given away so now I have to come up with more moolah to buy extras. Damn! Check my new email address: I am getting to be big time!