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  1. Cannonball Adderley--Somethin' Else (BN Deep groove, RVG stamp, ear, 47 West 63rd) $7.99
  2. Friends: I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I just listed a number of Mosaic Box Sets, Mosaic Selects, and CDs for auction on Ebay. All items are OUT OF PRINT, except for the Count Basie Mosaic Set. Please click HERE to view the listings. Here is the list: ILLINOIS JACQUET Complete Sessions Mosaic CD set OOP J.J. JOHNSON Complete Sessions Mosaic CD set OOP H.R.S. Complete Sessions Mosaic CD set OOP ART FARMER BENNY GOLSON JAZZTET Mosaic CD set OOP COUNT BASIE Fifties Studio Recordings Mosaic CD set BIG JOHN PATTON Mosaic Select CD set OOP RANDY WESTON Mosaic Select CD set OOP BENNIE GREEN Mosaic Select CD set OOP GRACHAN MONCUR III Mosaic Select CD set OOP STAN GETZ Complete Roost CD set OOP FREDDIE ROACH Brown Sugar CD OOP DON WILKERSON Texas Twister CD OOP GEORGE BRAITH Complete Blue Note 2CD OOP FATS NAVARRO and TADD DAMERON Blue Note Capitol 2CD OOP IKE QUEBEC Complete Blue Note 45 Sessions 2CD OOP Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jay
  3. Did you expect him to be inarticulate?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Don Pullen's set is the one I'd have wanted, and it's the only one that isn't nearly reasonable. Ugh.
  5. Most of the discussion for Oscar Brown, Jr.'s early '60s recordings for Columbia is in his RIP thread, but I didn't want to post there, so I apologize for any confusion. Maybe there should be a comprehensive thread for this artist? I have had Sin & Soul on repeat after reading more about Oscar Brown, Jr. in Scott Saul's important book Freedom Is, Freedom Ain't (which in my opinion deserves much more attention, praise, and discussion than its thread here provided). Sin & Soul is such a brilliant album, with some compositions that became standards, for instance, Afro Blue and Dat Dere (though I guess this version was recorded after Bobby Timmons instrumental one in This Here Is). I'm curious, though, if his composition Watermelon Man has any relation to Herbie Hancock's, or were they composed independently? I also hadn't realized or had ignored that Oscar Brown, Jr. wrote "Driva' Man," "Freedom Day" and "All Africa" on Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite! Coupled with Sin & Soul, that album is even more powerful. That was meant to be a link to the thread on Saul's book, not just Allen's post. I didn't mean to single it out.
  6. Nice! They should follow up the Carter/Bradford set with a John Carter Roots and Folklore series set, as Matthew proposed in another thread.
  7. R.I.P., Guru. Now playing Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1. I saw Gang Starr perform before Rage Against the Machine back in 1999 in Massachusetts. There were 300 cops outside protesting because RATM had recently done a benefit for Mumia Abu Jamal. I'll never forget Guru getting the whole crowd to raise its middle fingers in the direction of the police. When did J.A.W. (and Son-of-a-Weizen) become Moderator? Just curious because I didn't see an announcement to that effect. I haven't been that active lately because I've been busy with other things, but still enjoy reading the discussions very much.
  8. The Gil Evans Orchestra--Into The Hot (Impulse)
  9. Introducing Roland Kirk and featuring Ira Sullivan (Argo)
  10. Gato Barbieri--Under Fire (Flying Dutchman)
  11. About a week ago I finished my own immersion in Sun Ra. I finally read John Szwed's excellent book that had been lying around for a while, and listened to all of the recordings of his that I have chronologically: around 50 albums, I think. Last night I watched "Space is the Place" through a streaming site. I kind of wish the whole film were made of Sun Ra concert footage and space scenes, rather than the scenes with the "overseer," but it was definitely cool to finally see it.
  12. I just got the Wilkerson and am enjoying "Jelly Roll" now. Thanks for the heads up! I've been eyeing this since I got the Blue Note sessions a while back.
  13. According to Jazz Wise, "Italian label Cam Jazz, who own Black Saint and Soul Note, are to put out box sets representing their fine back catalogue."
  14. Probably his mom, a doctor, and maybe his dad.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, that's why I used the ambiguous word "terrific" to describe the cover. Maybe someone else has an idea of what that represents? Has Braxton ever commented on it in a publication that I might have overlooked? My impression is that it isn't disrespectful, but it certainly is strange. In some way racist? Not sure. Has this rabbit/boxer/cowboy symbol been used before for him in France? Wouldn't Braxton have had some input as to the cover art? I don't know much about the Futura label.
  16. Anthony Braxton--Recital Paris 71, Hommage a Johnny Hodges (Futura GER 23) http://www.discogs.com/Anthony-Braxton-Recital-Paris-71/release/538578 I found this sealed, for $20. I'd never heard of it before. Any opinions? I hope to have time to listen tonight. The cover is terrific!
  17. But really, why--unlike all other Mosaic sets--does the cover of the box set not have a photograph or anything, besides the title?
  18. I just finished: Herbie Nichols--The Bethlehem Years I just picked up the Threadgill LPs on About Time, so I am now playing: The Henry Threadgill Sextet--When Was That?
  19. Nina Simone--Wild is the Wind (Philips, Mono) Elaine Brown (Black Panther Party)--Seize the Time (Vault, arranged and conducted by Horace Tapscott)
  20. I'm listening to Intents and Purposes again this morning. This is an excellent album, indeed. Clifford, your article is what had me looking for it, in the first place. The mono sounds great. It says "Dynagroove" mono; can anyone tell me what that might mean? This record is really clean, and I got it for only $21.50! I'm enjoying a weekend of solitude, spinning lots of vinyl. Yesterday I listened to that album, then to: Max Roach and Archie Shepp--Force: Sweet Mao-Suid Afrika 76 (Uniteledis) Freddie Hubbard--The Hub of Hubbard (BASF MPS) Jaki Byard--Sunshine of my Soul (Prestige, stereo, green label) Bud Powell--the amazing bud powell, volume 1 (BN blue label) Horace Tapscott--The Tapscott Sessions, Vols. 4-7 (Nimbus)
  21. Bill Dixon--Intents and Purposes (RCA LPM-3844, Mono) This is my first time listening to this album!
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