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  1. So I perused some old threads regarding the Boris Rose archive. Did it ever end up anywhere? Or is it still in a Bronx basement with Elaine Rose looking for a buyer? Thanks.
  2. http://jazztimes.com/articles/136918-notes-from-the-backlash Notes From the Backlash New Yorker humorist Django Gold speaks In the furor surrounding this humor column, posted in late July on the New Yorker’s “Daily Shouts” blog, one party has been mostly silent: the column’s author, Django Gold, a senior writer for The Onion. So we decided to reach out to Gold and commission a guest column on the creation of his piece and the controversy it sparked. EVAN HAGA; EDITOR, JAZZTIMES
  3. That was probably just a comment by a reader, not by the author. John Coltrane is "John Coltrane", and Wynton Marsalis is "jazz giant Wynton Marsalis". How much funnier than that can you get? Definitely. Post wouldn't have put up two rebuttals to a fake argument.
  4. And this Peter Hum piece was very good. http://ottawacitizen.com/entertainment/music/a-rebuttal-of-that-new-low-jazz-hating-opinion-piece-in-the-washington-post
  5. Do you mean Chris Richards' piece? http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/style-blog/wp/2014/08/11/all-what-jazz-or-how-to-declare-something-dead-without-listening-to-it/ Post put up *two* rebuttals. http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2014/08/12/fine-jazz-is-easy-to-mock-that-doesnt-mean-its-useless/ I thought the key line in the Richards piece was this: "Ultimately, rebutting the substance of this argument feels deeply unsatisfying because there is so little substance to rebut."
  6. This contains a "Follow Your Heart" not to be missed. http://www.billfrisell.com/downloads/live-tokyo-japan-july-21-2000
  7. Good to hear! Thanks. I love how smoothly the Iowa City JF is run and it's a nice college town, but it seems much of the crowd is there for the street fair and chatting during most of the music (despite the level of talent on stage). The listening crowd can be an extreme minority, but I guess that's par for a free outdoor festival. I've had some good and bad experiences at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival. Attendance has increased, which has helped because it's a relatively small park and it's the die-hards that are showing up early enough to secure good real estate. Looking at Detroit's multiple stages, I'm wondering how difficult it is to go back and forth from stage to stage and have a good listening experience.
  8. My apologies if I offended anyone with the "It's Detroit" comment. Not my opinion--just referencing what a Michigan resident had said to me. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. With the sad news regarding Robin Williams, I totally missed this. Looked at her list of credits. Totally don't remember her cameo (?) in The Sopranos.
  10. The one that goes into "Home, Sweet Home"? Love it. If my fiancée insists on having bagpipes at our wedding, I'm gonna play the 30+ minute "St. Thomas" from that week.
  11. If I had to write a piece, it would be Keith Jarrett's instructions to his audience as read by Samuel L. Jackson.
  12. So the question I'm asking myself: top 5 favorite recordings of Beethoven's op. 110 piano sonata. 1. Kovacevich 2. Pollini Hmm. I'm a huge Sviatoslav Richter fan, but I don't like his recording of this piece. But back to your original query. I'd add... - Rach 2 (sentimental favorite being the Van Cliburn performance that's the 'B' side of my very first classical CD); - Beethoven 9 (too commercial? But love, love, love the Fritz Reinder CSO version); - Mozart piano concerto no. 23 (Sir Clifford Curzon); - the whole stinkin' Copland repertoire because I'm a sucker for Americana.
  13. The lineups are always incredible, but there's always so much overlap that you'd miss out on shows you'd love to see. And, no offense as I have nothing but love for Detroit's jazz history (because where would we be without the Jones brothers?), but as a Michigan resident said to me, "It's in Detroit." So if lineups were equal, Chicago or Detroit?
  14. jes1982

    J.D. Allen

    I still need to check out Orrin Evan's leader stuff... he's excellent on Bloom. On the basis of seeing his trio at the Iowa City Jazz Festival last year, definitely worth the time. This is coming from a non-musician in a forum filled with musicians, but his trio approach reminds me a bit of mid 60s Newk trios with what I think Sonny called "segue" playing. Maybe not as drastic as Sonny, though.
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