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  1. I have found no discographical evidence for Austin having recorded with the Ravens. Anybody else have any? This doesn't in any way suggest that he was not a member of the band.
  2. There's some circumstantial evidence that the singer is the Austin Leon Cromer who was born Oct 7, 1930 and passed away November 10, 1999. Newspapers.com has a Pensacola News Journal obituary that does not mention his singing, but he did have 4 children. Ancestry.com has a Brazil Immigration card for Austin Leon Cromer with same birth date, listing his profession as musico and parents as Timothy and Gladys. The date corresponds to the Dizzy Gillespie State Department tour of South America. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/537797
  3. BFT 225 1. Latin jazz. Dizzy? 2. Organ combo. I like the trumpet growls. Don Patterson? 3. Can't rule out Turrentine 4. Leaning toward Rollins. 5. A God Bless the Child that could be Blue Note. Wayne Shorter? 6. A Bird composition Yardbird Suite, or Now's the Time. Killer piano intro. Piano player is a hummer during his solo. Dexter? 7. Everything about the opening screams Coltrane Classic Quartet. 8. Joe Williams? 9. Tight small band sounding big. Jazz Messengers? 10. Stride feel in the piano, live date, possibly JATP. Johnny Griffin? 11. Torn between Art Farmer and Freddie Hubbard. Not really, I have just guessed Art Farmer wrongly sooo many times. Art Farmer, around the time of Blame It on My Youth. ------------------------ After reading the thread. Dan's Hometown BFT was so difficult, I was sure he wouldn't give us any obvious tracks. I initially concluded 4 was Grant Stewart rather than Rollins on that basis. Listening to 7, I know it should have been more familiar if it was the Coltrane classic quartet, but it was so McCoy and so Garrison and so compositionally that band, I was convinced it was - leading me to conclude other tracks might be big names too.
  4. March looks better than April for me. I would be at Big Ears when April deploys. Volunteering for March.
  5. Looks like the Wikipedia discography could use a little help: Mind over Matter (Blue Note, 1998) New Directions with Stefon Harris, Jason Moran, Greg Osby (Blue Note, 2000) Turbulent Flow (Blue Note, 2000) Far from Over with Vijay Iyer (ECM, 2017) Travail, Transformation, and Flow with the Steve Lehman Octet (Pi Recordings, 2009) Mise en Abîme with the Steve Lehman Octet (Pi Recordings, 2014) The five I have found with the help of posts here: The 'Infancia' Project with Luis Perdomo (Criss Cross, 2012) Devotion with Marko Churnchetz (Whirlwind 2014) Spirits and Warriors with Luis Perdomo (Criss Cross, 2016) Transitions with David Gilmore (Criss Cross 2017) Ganymede with Matt Brewer (Criss Cross 2019)
  6. Converting slow moving back stock into cash may be worthwhile as they move to a more Bandcamp centered strategy.
  7. Thanks, 15 selected. Steve Lacy, Perry Robinson, Marilyn Crispell, Rova, Derek Bailey, Don Preston and Joe Giardullo are the collaborators I went with.
  8. I see the catalog, but not the offer. I'll have to see if I have some of the Steve Lacy sides
  9. Maurice White is a possible member of the group on 6 then. Maybe the Pharaohs?
  10. The Teena is the last track of Starchild, Light.
  11. I think this establishes that 6 is the Terry Callier JSngry spotted.
  12. Milt Jackson did make a couple CTIs
  13. Yeah, I heard the pizzicato violin as harp, but it wasn't.
  14. Definitely not purist, but horizon broadening in a good way. It grooves. 1. Calls Dee Dee Bridgewater to mind, although it could be a vocalist you wouldn't find in the Jazz section of your mythical local record store. 2. Sounds more like Pat Martino to me than anything else. 3. The percolating rhythm makes me lean toward Flora Purim, probably with Airto. 4. The feeling is "good CTI". Could be an old master like Turrentine or Rollins. 5. Nat King Cole? or Johnny Mathis? Maria, composer I believe is Lenny, from West Side Story 6. We are in the land where soul and jazz intertwine. 7. Add in a dash of Joni Mitchell this time, but down an octave. 8. This could easily be an ECM piano trio. Maybe led by Avishai Cohen the bassist? But NO, it's live and ECM does that very rarely outside Keith Jarrett solos. Kenny Barron? 9. John Klemmer is the go-to guy when you hear digital delay. Outtro confirms it, with McBee and Mouzon. I like this, not all Klemmer is this good. 10. Aarrgggh this is familiar. I hear Alice Coltrane and probably Michael White. There was a McCoy Tyner album with Alice, but I'm not getting a clear McCoy vibe from the bass or the piano. I'll go with Michael White as the leader. 11. Pretty sure that's an electric bass, and nobody's concerned about being too commercial or not commercial enough. Stefon Harris? 12. Having absolutely no clue, I'll throw out a name I came across accidentaly a few months ago. Jaimeo Brown? 13. Ditto, but the wild guess is more old school. Jon Lucien? 14. Aw hell. It could be a CCM artist I'm totally unaware of, but I'm willing to be wrong with Dee Dee Bridgewater twice in the same BFT.
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