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  1. Not Mangione, who has not played Big Ears in the last two years.
  2. I missed crediting mjzee for providing the album containing Ayler's Angels, well done. Like Felser, I heard the township jazz style of South Africa in #3. Only the drummer is actually South African, trumpeter/leader is American, and the remainder of the band British. Abdullah Ibrahim is the best known and probably greatest player and bandleader in that style. I love a driving hard bop theme, and Jodo is second only to Woody Shaw's version of Larry Young's Obsequious on my list of top driving hard bop themes. I actually got to know the tune in a much longer live version on Night of the Cookers.
  3. Where can you stream the quartets?
  4. There are three expensive newish sets from Wadada Leo Smith that intrigue me. I think the Chicago Symphonies have been out for several months. Four CDs, all feature sax, trumpet bass and drums. Three with Henry Threadgill, and the fourth with Jonathon Haffner. Emerald Duets is 5 cds with four drummers. Andrew Cyrille, Pheeroan ak Laff, Han Bennink and Jack DeJohnette. String Quartets 1-12 are on 7 CDs and at least 4 of the quartets feature additional musicians, including Anthony Davis and Wadada himself. None seem to be streamable, has anyone heard any of them?
  5. Midmonth Clues: The album containing #5 was named a top ten jazz album of 2022 by a major publication. Two instrumentalists studied at Julliard, with Kenny Barron and Steve Nelson. #6 is from the debut as leader of a brassman who has since become better known for a different style of jazz. Both leaders have played Big Ears in the last two years. #4 features an American guitarist with a European group. The European group has an obvious name similarity to a group that played Big Ears a few years ago. Track not yet identified on #3. Album and track not yet identified on #8
  6. Thom correctly identified artist and album on 3 and artist on 8, as well as confirming the previous IDs of 1, 2, 7 and 9. Well done sir.
  7. Thanks everybody for your reactions. 1,2, 7 and 9 identified. I'll probably do clues at midmonth if Tim and Thom don't ID the rest. In the last week of the month I approve of posting reactions even if you have Shazamed.
  8. Tenors and album identified for #2 Title, piano and tenor identified by first name for 7. Glad you enjoyed 5 and 8.
  9. Dan is correct on the composition for 6, felser correct on 1, mjzee correct on 9.
  10. 9 tracks, a little over an hour. https://thomkeith.net/blindfold-tests/current-tests/ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enjoy!
  11. Hope there's a James Brandon Lewis pop-up - so far he's only playing with the Messthetics.
  12. Please reveal your BFT 239 contribution

  13. 2024: Thursday: Blacktronica Workshop 5 (Regas Square) Very Very Circus 6:15-7:30 (Mill and Mine) Tyondai Braxton 8:15-9:15 (Standard) Charles Lloyd 9-10:45 (Tennessee) Fred Frith 10:45-12 (Bijou) FOMO highlights Mary Halvorson, Adrian Lenker, Angelic Brothers Friday: Jason Moran 1-2:30 (Civic Aud) maybe Brandon Ross 2:15-3:30 (Bijou) Zooid 3:30-4:45 (Civic Aud) Christian McBride 5:45-7 (Civic Aud) Brad Mehldau 7-8:30 (Tennessee) Tomeka Reid 8-9:15 (Point) Rhiannon Giddens 10-11:30 (Tennessee) FOMO highlights Christian McBride - Edgar Meyer, Laurie Anderson w Sexmob, Ringdown Saturday Film - Henry Threadgill 10:30 (Regal) McBride - Mehldau 1-2:15 (Tennessee) David Virelles 2-3:15 (Old City PAC) Myra Melford 4-5:15 (Bijou) Dave Holland 5:45 - 7 (Tennessee) maybe Digable Planets 6:45-8 (Civic Aud) McBride - Giddens 8-9:30 (leaving Tennessee early) Herbie Hancock 9-11 Messthetics w James Brandon Lewis 11:30 - 12:45 (Standard) FOMO highlights Shabaka, Fred Frith solo, Sexmob Sunday Air 1-2:15 (Jackson Term) Harvest Time 2-3:30 (Civic Aud) Henry Threadgill Vijay Iyer 3:45-5 (Tennessee) Ahleuchatistas 5:15-6:30 (Jackson Term) Joe Henry or Laraaji 6:30 Jon Batiste or Julian Lage FOMO highlights Silkroad, Jakob Bro
  14. Slight update from website using above link: 2/23: Volume 11 just landed here at HQ today and Volume 8 should be here in the next day or two. We're currently preparing orders, and as soon as Vol. 8 arrives, we will begin shipping. Planning for this round to be all shipped by the end of next week. Thank you again to all subscribers and listeners of the series - We truly appreciate your patience during the delays. The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra live at IUCC series is a monumental set of unheard recordings from 1978-80. Recorded live at the Immanuel United Church of Christ in south central LA, this is the Arkestra in its purest, rawest, and most adventurous form. The next 3 volumes are planned for shipment mid-March. We can't wait to share the remainder of the series in the coming weeks. Check back here for bi-weekly(ish) updates Bright Moments, NIMBUS WEST
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