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  1. Rooster, I'm from Switzerland... HELL!

    Thanks everybody for your recommendations (keep'em coming!).

    I have seen "In All Languages" here, someplace, but for the usual price (being around 22-25$ for fully priced CDs).

    Nobody can speak in favor of "Body Meta"?

    And how about acoustic stuff?

    (yes, I know the duo with Kühn has been mentioned. I will pick up that one for sure)

    What do you think of the two discs with Geri Allen?



  2. I read Jonathan Safran Foer's "Everything is illuminated" on my vacation.

    It's been quite some time, believe me, that I have read a book which so thoroughly amused me, and at the same time, moved me. One of the best books I've read since quite some time!

    Anybody read it?

    Just bought Eugenides "Middlesex", but no time to read it right now. Others on my stack are: Franzen (Corrections), McEvan (Atonement), and of course much german stuff (Ingeborg Bachmann, Robert Musil).

    Other future reading shall include Paterson by W.C. Williams (anyone knows it?), some Blake, Elliott, Whitman etc.


  3. I heard "Alone Together" on the radio recently - and while I was immediately sure it was Gene Harris on piano (although actually I don't know more of his than this 2CD set and two Three Sounds discs), but somehow I had very very long to find out the tenorist was Turrentine. My main problem was that I thought this was one of those Harris Concord albums (I know none of them), the style of music they dub "modern mainstream" here.

    However the interpretation of that nice standard struck me as beautifully crafted, open-minded swining music.

    I usually tend to under-estimate the whole album, though every time I spin it again (three or four times a year, maybe), it strucks me as a very fine one!


  4. I have seen that by now all of Ornette's Universal/Verve stuff is OOP. I don't have any of this, and would like to get some recommendations. Not only for the electric (prime time) stuff, but generally for the post Impulse, Columbia, post-classic or whatever you could dub that period of his work.

    The only one I do have is one of the two discs with Geri Allen.

    I have listened an hour ago to some of "Body Meta" - and somehow I find it difficult to get into that music. Recording quality (or generally the sound) bugs me quite a bit, too.

    However, I would like to explore some of this stuff before it vanishes at all...



  5. (all off-topic, sorry!)

    couw, Ms Hipp appears as a side-woman on the disc I mentioned.

    The following are the Koller tracks (taken from amazon.fr) - and I have to stress that I am going from memory and am not sure if she really is on any of all of them - gotta check as soon as possible, but have no access to my collection right now):

    8. The Way You Look Tonight(Koller Hans)

    9. You Go To My Head(Koller Hans)

    10. Flamingo(Koller Hans)

    11. Four Roses In A Iceblock(Koller Hans)

    12. Unter Den Linden(Koller Hans)

    13. All The Things You Are(Koller Hans)

    14. What's New(Koller Hans)

    15. Indian Summer(Koller Hans)

    Seems to be something else than what's on the disc you linked above. PM me, and I'll give you the rest of the details - but I won't have time till late on wednesday or thursday morning.


  6. B000023YQZ.08.LZZZZZZZ.jpg

    This disc has some good (and presumably pretty rare) sessions. I have not yet delved deeper into the work of Gullin, but judging from the few tracks on this disc, he sure is an interesting player.

    (The Konitz and Koller tracks are fine, too, by the way. Jutta Hipp plays on one of the sessions, I think on the Koller one.)


  7. Jay Cameron is another one who deserves mention; Wilen presumably made his recording debut on a Cameron date (see the cover of a CD reissue containing that date in the Wilen thread), and Cameron later was part of Slide Hampton's tentet (this is documented on "Exodus", reissued recently in the excellent Jazz in Paris series).


  8. I only have very few Mosaic LP sets. The Pepper, the Brooks, both of which are not 180gram LPs, but sound alright. Then I have one with 180g-Lps, the Buck Clayton - and that sure sounds incredible, in my opinion.

    I usually buy the CD versions, the LPs would be too expansive, but these three, I picked them up when they were OOP for a long time, and I got them for quite nice prices...

    However, I would sure like to have some of the MD sets on LP! How's the one with Coltrane?


  9. General question: those sets distributed by Verve, are they also part of the 5000 or whatever limited edition, and also numbered, as if you got one from Mosaic directly?

    They are part of the limited release of 7500 sets.

    I have purchased several Mosaic sets through authorized retail outlets in the states - Ellington Reprise, Four Freshmen, Christy/Lee. They are always numbered.

    Thanks, Ed! I did think so, but it's always better to ask before you buy...

    I think this one is the first that might be seen in stores this side of the water. The Ellington and the others you mentioned have not been sold here.


  10. Ubu, don't think the new Bud Powell releases on Fantasy have material that has not been issued previously on other labels.

    The George Gruntz 'Mental Cruelty' CD has not been seen here so far. Never heard that one.

    One excellent session that is not listed in the discography that is attached to the La Note Bleue link is the Jay Cameron International Sax Band, one of Wilen's very first session where he played alongside Bobby Jaspar, Jean-Louis Chautemps and Cameron. The 1955 session was reissued in one of those Vogue/BMG CDs that showed up several years ago. I have the original Swing 10-incher which still plays very well. It was my introduction to the sound of Wilen (he was not 18 at the time) and I was very impressed. Wish I had heard Wilen and Jaspar playing together in a club. This must have happened at some time!

    Wilen's first session was with Roy Haynes, another Swing 10-incher that had Wilen, Cameron, Henri Renaud, Jimmy Gournley, Joe Benjamin and Haynes. Worth checking also. It was reissued in the Vogue/BMG series (The Paris 1954 Sessions which gathers dates from Haynes, Rene Thomas and Frank Foster).

    brownie, I didn't mean to say the Powell discs have unreleased Barney. They are compilations drawn from that My(s?)thic Sound 10CD thing Paudras did (I have never seen a trace of that, though I certainly wish I had it!).

    I have the Cameron session on that Vogue Masters reissue. It still seems to be available from amazon.fr.

    Here's the cover:


    And that 54 sessions disc is a very very good one! Maybe my favorite of that Original Vogue Masters! I think that one has gone, cannot find it on amazon.fr.


  11. Wow, brownie! I really wish I had such memories!

    Thanks for that link. I have once seen that Note bleu CD, but missed it...

    Some recent available Barney is on the Bud Powell discs released by Fantasy from the Francis Paudras recordings. He appears on just one track of the first one (came out last year) and on several cuts on the second one (which has just been released, if I am right). I only have the first one, so far.


  12. The New York Romance with Kenny Barron is a winner! Barney plays some bari on that one, too. And his soprano playing is beautiful.

    See the cover a little bit bigger:


    anyone seen it thus?


    Another very good disc:


    A quartet featuring Gourley and Wilen. One of my favorite discs including Wilen.

    and this one:


    It includes some of the finest Barney I've heard!

    Then this one has been mentioned by Jim (Sangrey) also in that other thread. Please post your impressions here, Jim, after you've listened to it!


    I love it, Milt Jackson plays piano, Kenny Clark is on drums.


  13. Yes, let's start the Barney Wilen Corner!

    There has been some discussion of his music here recently, I know some others here are very fond of his music, so let me give a big :tup for a true master!

    The following was posted in the Sun Ra sidemen thread:

    posted by Lon (jazzbo):

    I think you're going to enjoy hearing his playing evolve over the years, taking the lessons he learned from Newk and Pres and that spark he always had from the stat that was HIM, and becoming more and more a saxophone master (and I mean of all the horns save maybe bass and contrabass!) and an elder European jazz statesman, and a proliferator of French music as well. . . .  Keep me posted on your Wilen journey (and I can probably help out here and there too.)


    posted by myself:

    Yes Jim! Have fun with Wilen. I love that Jazz in Paris album a lot!

    He plays bari on some later things I have, though if you're new to him, I'd recommend you hunt down the following two:


    available here



    There's a two CD edition subtitled "The Complete RCA Victor Recordings". Recorded live on two days/nights in Paris (Club Saint-Germain) with Kenny Dorham, Duke Jordan, Paul Rovère and Daniel Humair. Wilen plays some soprano there. He also made a soundtrack-album with Blakey's Messengers (maybe you have this), where he turns in some good playing.

    posted by Lon again:

    Yes, this is amazing stuff, but I prefer his final decade or so of work, ultimately; it is varied and yet always wonderful.

    BUT really flippin' hard to find, at least at a reasonable price!

    I really love almost all of those with girlfriend Marie Moor on the cover!


    posted by brownie:

    The thread seems to be turning into a Barney Wilen appreciation society which I'll gladly join. Been a fan of him ever since he came all over the Paris jazz scene in the mid-fifties. Jazzbo and Ubu have already mentioned many interesting dates, let me just add a couple of 'freer' Wilen dates that should be checked, if they can be unearthed: 'Zodiac' (1966) on Vogue, 'Dear Prof. Leary' (1968) on MPS and 'Le Grand Cirque' (1992) on Nato.

    There is also a beautiful 1986 duo date with guitarist Philip Petit which came out in France last year. It was distributed by Harmonia Mundi. Also worth checking.

    and Lon again:

    I've never heard the Zodiac and Prof. Leary releases. . . mythical beasts, I've only ever seen them on ebay for far more than I would spend!

    Le Grand Cirque is indeed a great one, though L'Auto Jazz, an earlier similar date with (even more) racing sounds mixed in seems more avant garde to me. . . .

  14. THE SHIT indeed!

    I have the 3CD VEE. Absolutely essential, as has been said.

    Paid some 80$ for mine (the "normal" swiss price for three VEE CDs - at least that's what they consider normal here!), but it's worth every penny in my opinion.

    Is the new LPR that much better in sound quality that one should mind picking it up, too?


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