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  1. This is what I got from Mosaic (sent them a mail yesterday asking about the contents of the Mulligan set)

    So there IS some unreleased stuff included. And it seem they're able to pack it on 4 CDs because they might for a change put more than 60 minutes on each CD...

    Anyway, it's great news, of course.



    #1-8 Gerry Mulligan The Concert Jazz Band V6-8388

    #9-12 unissued bonus tracks from same sessions


    Gerry Mulligan And The Concert Jazz Band On Tour: Guest Soloist Zoot



    with three unissued bonus track


    #1-6 Gerry Mulligan And The Concert Jazz Band At The Village Vanguard


    #7-12 Gerry Mulligan Presents A Concert In Jazz V6-8415


    #1-8 Gerry Mulligan '63 The Concert Jazz Band V6-8515

    #9-12 unissued bonus tracks from same sessions

  2. If you dig Richard Williams you might want his "New Horn in Town". I think (but am not sure), this is his sole date as a leader, it was done in 1960 for Candid with Leo Wright, Richard Wyands, Reggie Workman and Bobby Thomas. A very good record, indeed!

    Other than that, he made some apperances with Mingus (Mingus Dynasty, Columbia 59) and Oliver Nelson/Eric Dolphy ("Screaming The Blues", Prestige '60), Slide Hampton (Exodus, recently reissued in the "Jazz in Paris" series), Max Roach ("It's Time", Impulse '62) and Booker Ervin ("The In Between", Blue Note 68).


  3. Yeah, "Tangents in Jazz" is wonderful stuff! Just gave it a spin a few days ago. Love it! (anybody knows more about the drummer on this date? can't recall his name right now)


  4. Actually, the Xanadu disc duplicates Vogue material, not anything in the Jazz In Paris series.

    Sorry, Chuck! I messed up this one, having both Jazz in Paris volumes as well as the two Vogues.

    Anyway, just wanted possible buyers to be aware of this, because a few months ago I happiliy walked out a record store with the Xanadu in my bag and I payed some 25US$ for it, so in the end I resumed being that happy about it...


  5. The Warm Sound is on a Koch CD. Sounding alright to these ears (who like good sound, but do care much more for the music, in general)

    How about the recent Concord reissue of Art Farmer's two quartet albums with Fred Hersch? They're quite nice, too. The disc is called "Artistry".

    Then any of the early Farmer quartets on Atlantic (Sing Me Softly of the Blues, To Sweden With Love, At the Half Note and Interaction) as well as the Art and Perception (originally on Argo or Chess). (Some of these have been mentioned)


  6. One I love and which has not yet been mentioned, maybe because it's not a "battle" of any sorts but rather some very friendly sparring, is "Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster" (on Verve), backed by Peterson, Ellis, Brown, Stoller. They don't do any fast numbers, no fours or heated trades, but what they do is trying to sound the meanest, purr the loveliest... great great great! And Peterson does not disturbe (I like him a loooot more as accompanying player than anything else...)

    Bean also is on a nice RCA Victor session with Sonny Rollins. A nice one, too!

    Then there's Webster's "And Associates" (Verve) with Bean and Budd Johnson. Beautiful one, too.

    And of course get "Blowing Session"...

    And maybe you like Mobley/Coltrane/Cohn/Sims all in one? Then "Tenor Conclave" (OJCCD) is the one to get.

    The Lateef/Von Freeman disc ("Tenors", too, as the one with Shepp) is a good one. There's one more with Ricky Ford which I don't know.

    Ford is on a Muse LP (on CD by Camden, parts on 32jazz' "Best of the Rest"), of Sonny Stitt (with the great Barry Harris), as is Jimmy Heath (on the same Camden and 32jazz issues).

    Stitt also did a nice one with Paul Gonsalves (Salt & Pepper, Impulse).

    that's the ones which come to my mind immediately. have fun!


  7. thanks, Soul Stream! Hope it will be reissued some time...

    how could I possibly forget Stanko! I love him! Saw him live with the quartet that was on his last ECM issue "Soul of Things" great music, great CD (it was discussed on the BNBB some time ago)!

    Then there is another quartet (though not the p/b/d line up) which I do like: Dave Douglas' Charms of the Night Sky (with accordion, violin & bass, Klucevesek, Feldman, Cohen).

    Then anything Chet Baker did with Russ Freeman (the live recordings are on 3 Blue Note CDs, nice; the best would be the one with Leroy Vinnegar and Shelly Manne, "Freeman/Baker - Quartet" or something similar, done in 1956)


  8. Get Warne Marsh's "Music for Prancing" with the wonderful Ronnie Ball on piano. Great quartet date.

    try this link:


    then get the Mosaic. I think that was my very first and I fell in love with it, Tristano & Marsh (whom I hadn't known before) and Mosaic in general.

    Lee reqs:

    - Motion (3CD issue in the Verve Elite Edition series), stunning trio sessions, maybe the best of Lee there is.

    - Subconscious Lee (OJCCD), feat. Tristano, Marsh and some very early Konitz, nice addition/prelude to the mosaic

    - Sound of Surprise (BMG France), with Abercrombie, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron and the great Ted Brown

    - Konitz meets Mulligan (Pacific/EMI CD), Lee sitting in with the Mulligan/Baker trio

    - Live at the Half Note (Verve 2CD), with Warne Marsh, Bill Evans, Jimmy Garrison, Paul Motian

    just some, of course!


  9. I got Haynes' "Cymbalism" and the Milestone twofer by Strozier "A Long Night" (which also includes on a single CD "March of the Siamese Children" - what title!) and gave them a spin. Quite like what I heard! Nice sound. (And Spike Lee's pop playing)


  10. All good recommendations!

    Two more: Peace (Enja)

    and: Strollin' (Enja)

    The latter includes one track with singing: But not for me. I absolutely love that one!

    Peace has no singing. Very beatiful, introspective record.


  11. One comment on the Paris sessions: the Xanadu disc (Brown Rose) doubles material which is available in the Jazz in Paris series (at better price and maybe also in better sound)

    Great sessions.

    My favorites are Tricotism and Lucky Strikes. And the Walkin' session with Miles.

    Love his sound!


  12. I like Sonny's playing on the Byrd sessions (I think there are 4, right? I got Blackjack, the recent RVG and Mustang ).

    Then Out of the Blue: Nice cover! And on the Conoisseur issue there are several worthwile additional tracks.

    And a nice co-lead album with Cliff Jordan was included on a recent Prestige CD (together with another Clifford date). Can't recall the title, is it Images? (or was this the title of the original Jordan/Red issue?) Both were Jazzland LPs. Godd stuff!


  13. The one that comes to my mind first is Johnny Coles, The Warm Sound. Wonderful!

    Then Candy by Lee Morgan.

    How is Dizzy Reece's Soundin' Off? It's the only one of his Blue Note I don't have.

    In the recent Conoisseur Byrd/Watkins set, there are some nice quartet tracks.

    And then there are some quartet tracks on the four Miles Davis Quintet Prestige albums that are very nice.


  14. Another one for Chuck's AEC box.

    Then with Cecil Taylor you could also check out one of his solo discs, as for instance the great recent issue of his Willisau 2000 concert (on Intakt).

    My Name Is Albert Ayler: a wonderful session including a great take on Gershwin's Summertime and some free playing, with a not free at all scandinavian rhythm section (who not always are up to the game). This could be a good start, somehow standing between free and more mainstream (but Ayler sounds somehow a little uncomfortable on a Charlie Parker tune).

    Great recommendations all!

    Maybe you could look for Don Cherry's "Complete Communion" (a recent Conoisseur), then return to Ornette.


  15. More thumbs up for Illinois! One of those sets Mosaic does the best: collected from the most obscure record labels, it includes also (4 titles only, no alternates) a big band session feat. Fats Navarro and some Tadd Dameron arrangements as well as loads of wonderful jump (or whatever you may call it) music and many wonderful ballads. For me, this set (I bought it without knowing anything about Jacquet) was a real surprise. Get it while you can!


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