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  1. 7 hours ago, T.D. said:

    Not that I can see. No formal personnel listing at all. The cover says "...featuring Childs, Dumas, Penland", and that lineup is duplicated on a photo of a poster of the Maiden Voyage date, but no mention of players on the other 2 sessions (1 track Sound Room Dec 78, 2 tracks Two Dollar Bill's 1980).

    Thanks - too bad though!

    Obviously Childs might still be playing - what I meant to express: some bits are not exactly with the line-up provided for the entire set.

  2. On 2/3/2024 at 3:26 PM, T.D. said:

    I was really disappointed on first listen. Agree that Phil comes across the worst on miking, which is unfortunate.

    Liked it a lot more on a second, more careful listen. But it's never going to get played (here) as often as the Tribe-oriented releases.

    Waiting for my (CD) copy to crawl here ... I wonder, does the physical set have line-ups for the final tracks that are not w/Childs (there's a sax at some place, too)?

  3. I had my bill from Fedex (ca. 35€) in the mailbox today, about 2 weeks after delivery of the box ... as usual. Also I hate that Mosaic are using Fedex, as they have no delivery options other than you have to be home (which luckily I was on that day ... but I've had a few ridiculous Fedex deliveries in the past year - they're basically operating without any of the usual service option, no depositing when I'm not there, no pick-up other than about 5 points in the entire country, all around airports or freight hubs ... no option if you don't drive, and even then that would be a hassle).

    So far only played through semi-attentively the first two discs from the middle block (Rosenkrantz plus a bit of live material) - and loved what I heard.

  4. On 5/20/2023 at 2:18 PM, Dmitry said:

    At 16 I was smoking cigarettes, drinking, thinking of sex a lot and listening to the likes of  Duran Duran. And no, reading that someone was buying Mosaic sets when I was doing all of that does not make me feel inferior. 😁

    Haha ... I lent my latin teacher at high school the Coltrane Village Vanguard 1961 four disc set as well once 😂

    Other than smoking and listening to jazz I was doing pretty much the same things as you at that age (not Duran Duran obviously ... more like RHCP, Prince, Portishead, Roni Size, Tricky ... others would be into Brit Pop at that time but with a few exceptions that never spoke to me).

  5. Started around 16, I think, so I've been buying them for close to 30 years soon. Read a review of the Tristano/Konitz/Marsh set and simply had to get that. First though I had to figure out how to deal with international money orders. I paid those at the post office and it took 1-2 months for them to arrive, then 1-2 months for the Mosaic parcel to arrive at my end ... I proceeded like that for several years, until I got my own credit card, probably had more than a dozen from 2-3 more orders by then (the Basie Roulette live, Jacquet, Hamilton, Guiffre, Morgan were others I remember buying early on).

  6. Definitely two saxes present on both "A Different Blues" and "Stella By Starlight" - if it were tape print through, it would be just about the most amazing instance of Kairos ever witnessed (on tape, that is 😉)

    On "Different Blues" the switch between soloists is around 2:59/3:00, pretty seamless; in "Stella By Starlight" it's clear in the opening theme that there are two players present, change of soloists is relaxed here, the first one ends around 4:11, the second begins around 4:16, and when they re-enter for the closing theme at 11:30 its very clear there's two again.

    Both tracks (and all others but "Deuces Wild", which shows Stitt in a most Prez-ian mood, reminding me of Paul Quinichette quite a bit) can be streamed here:

    The band intro is a few bars into "The Theme" - Stitt forgets the pianist's name, but then gives his own (after someone probably reminded him off-mic how the piano player is called).

    As for Mickey Fields, that doesn't quite seem to match from what little I know of his ... i.e. this wonderful take on "Lover Man" sounds so much more muscular in more of a big-tone line (Hawkins, Griffin, what do I know) than what can be heard on the new release:


    Some more - undated and bad quality mash-ups, but quite amazing (including a bit of flute on the first - that segment is "Angel Eyes", right?), shared by Fields' son - nice also to actually see people dancing. Not sure of the other tunes heard, though I think I know them all ... second one has "Harlem Nocturne" in as first part:


    And one final one in better quality but much shorter (dated mid-80s):


  7. Got mine today ... and somehow I'm sad. Looks like a used copy, five (of six) traycards are crumpled to some extent (one even torn, the small part that's visible from the back of the case is coming off, another has ugly dents from the tray being forced in without the paper in its proper place), two (of three) booklets have crushed corners because they were not properly put into the cases before they were closed ... and the cases themselves are all of the cheap replacement type, some falling open when you take them out.

    I won't bother asking for replacements, but that's really not a quality job.

    If I'd put it on Discogs now, unplayed, the art would have to be VG+

    Happy to report all discs seem to be in there though (two were stored in wrong sequence) and the big booklet (heavy paper, a tad too heavy I'd say for the stapled "binding"?) has only minor dents and misses no pages ;) 

  8. On 1/17/2023 at 12:48 AM, jazzbo said:

    I have avoided that by paying with PayPal each time. I was assured that last time that if I paid with PayPal I did not need to re-submit. However I honestly think, considering the delay I've experienced in my sets shipping when others who have ordered much later than me have received their sets before I get a shipping notice, that it's possible that they get to the PayPal sets later. . . why not?--they have the money.

    Interesting thought, never considered that. Doesn't matter much to me, in the end (and yes, I went w/Paypal as well this time -- had missed out on the pre-order for the B&W and still didn't order it yet).

  9. Trying to figure this out once again (didn't buy the Japanese set yet) - are there 29 or 30 tracks in total? What's the deal with "Introspection (tk 2)", said to be on the Mosaic set?

    The Japanese set has 29 tracks, the three Black Lion discs add up to 29 tracks.

    Mosaic is missing four of those (all on Vol. 3 of the Black Lion CDs): Evidence (tk 1), Crepuscule with Nellie (tk 3), Nutty (tk 1), Introspection (tk 3).

    My assumption is (though I don't know!) that the commonly labeled (tk 3) of "Introspection" is labeled (tk 2) on the Mosaic (and thus they miss only three titles). Did anyone ever figure this out?

  10. Whoah, just stumbled over this, not being active here any more regularly. That's quite a story Allen - great to hear that you keep pulling through and are back to playing again. Crossing my fingers for whatever is still coming up and hoping for a good recovery!

  11. What's funny, too, is that the Arbenz brothers' (Michael on piano, Florian on drums) later outfit VEIN (trio w/Thomas Lähns on bass) actually also made a couple of albums with Dave Liebman (and I was sent two of those as well, but only gave the one with Maupin a spin so far - received the package on Monday).

  12. Huh, Bennie M.?

    Gave the compilation a first listen and enjoyed it as a whole ... thanks for inviting me over :tup

    Seriously now, this is hilarious, if just because of the timing! I bought the CD from F. Arbenz and just received it a few days ago - about the same time I finally dl-ed your BFT! (I hope placing a link is ok!). Started buying some of Arbenz' recent/new productions during the pandemic and eventually asked him what old(er) ones he still had, so he dug up one of this for me - beautiful package, edition of 500, numbered ... and a great piano player, too!

    Kairos is what they call this, right?

    Now I'd love to pin down the twin-singers on #4 but my first thoughts proved wrong (I think), but I didn't find the time to really search yet.

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