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  1. Got mine today ... and somehow I'm sad. Looks like a used copy, five (of six) traycards are crumpled to some extent (one even torn, the small part that's visible from the back of the case is coming off, another has ugly dents from the tray being forced in without the paper in its proper place), two (of three) booklets have crushed corners because they were not properly put into the cases before they were closed ... and the cases themselves are all of the cheap replacement type, some falling open when you take them out.

    I won't bother asking for replacements, but that's really not a quality job.

    If I'd put it on Discogs now, unplayed, the art would have to be VG+

    Happy to report all discs seem to be in there though (two were stored in wrong sequence) and the big booklet (heavy paper, a tad too heavy I'd say for the stapled "binding"?) has only minor dents and misses no pages ;) 

  2. On 1/17/2023 at 12:48 AM, jazzbo said:

    I have avoided that by paying with PayPal each time. I was assured that last time that if I paid with PayPal I did not need to re-submit. However I honestly think, considering the delay I've experienced in my sets shipping when others who have ordered much later than me have received their sets before I get a shipping notice, that it's possible that they get to the PayPal sets later. . . why not?--they have the money.

    Interesting thought, never considered that. Doesn't matter much to me, in the end (and yes, I went w/Paypal as well this time -- had missed out on the pre-order for the B&W and still didn't order it yet).

  3. Trying to figure this out once again (didn't buy the Japanese set yet) - are there 29 or 30 tracks in total? What's the deal with "Introspection (tk 2)", said to be on the Mosaic set?

    The Japanese set has 29 tracks, the three Black Lion discs add up to 29 tracks.

    Mosaic is missing four of those (all on Vol. 3 of the Black Lion CDs): Evidence (tk 1), Crepuscule with Nellie (tk 3), Nutty (tk 1), Introspection (tk 3).

    My assumption is (though I don't know!) that the commonly labeled (tk 3) of "Introspection" is labeled (tk 2) on the Mosaic (and thus they miss only three titles). Did anyone ever figure this out?

  4. Whoah, just stumbled over this, not being active here any more regularly. That's quite a story Allen - great to hear that you keep pulling through and are back to playing again. Crossing my fingers for whatever is still coming up and hoping for a good recovery!

  5. What's funny, too, is that the Arbenz brothers' (Michael on piano, Florian on drums) later outfit VEIN (trio w/Thomas Lähns on bass) actually also made a couple of albums with Dave Liebman (and I was sent two of those as well, but only gave the one with Maupin a spin so far - received the package on Monday).

  6. Huh, Bennie M.?

    Gave the compilation a first listen and enjoyed it as a whole ... thanks for inviting me over :tup

    Seriously now, this is hilarious, if just because of the timing! I bought the CD from F. Arbenz and just received it a few days ago - about the same time I finally dl-ed your BFT! (I hope placing a link is ok!). Started buying some of Arbenz' recent/new productions during the pandemic and eventually asked him what old(er) ones he still had, so he dug up one of this for me - beautiful package, edition of 500, numbered ... and a great piano player, too!

    Kairos is what they call this, right?

    Now I'd love to pin down the twin-singers on #4 but my first thoughts proved wrong (I think), but I didn't find the time to really search yet.

  7. On 15.11.2021 at 2:44 PM, John L said:

    Nice that Jupiter Variation is being reissued.   That is the only collection that includes "Peace on Earth" without Alices's overdubbing.   I didn't even realize that it was on CD before.  

    My understanding is that piano/bass are overdubbed already, but the strings aren't there yet. Alas "Coltrane Reference" doesn't get very specific on it, but I understand it supports my assumption (which is also coherent with the info given on the record sleeve).

  8. Got "Jupiter Variation" ... for the (former) "Expression" bonus track, and for the earlier version of "Peace on Earth". I understand we already hear Haden and and Alice overdubbed instead of Garrison and Tyner on this version, but no strings yet. Gave the disc a spin already but didn't pay attention to any mastering details. I can look it up by the weekend only, as I'm on holiday until Friday.

    Would really love to see any comprehensive release of the February/March 1967 sessions some day ... maybe Ravi will find some tapes eventually, who knows ...

  9. Taking some time off and finally making my way through all of this ... I was in Wels for the final three nights, and what I heard there is amongst the very best concerts I've experienced so far. Glad to report that almost all of the Wels material is included (not "Bemsha Swing" and "Unforgettable", alas).

    I put together the playlists of all the sets, fixed some mistakes in the sources (a attributed title here, a switch of sequence there), spotted the mistakes in the booklet (tracks assigned to wrong dates) and marked the tracks that had been shortened.


    So, the tracks shortened are (chronologically, as performed; dates and CD/Track nos. in brackets):

    - Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darlin' (Theme from "High Noon") (Jan 15 / 4-5)
    - Take Ten (Jan 15 / 3-2)
    - Minority (Jan 21 / 1-1)
    - Too Marvelous for Words (Jan 23 / 2-2)
    - I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together (Jan 23 / 2-4)
    - Jinkrisha (Jan 25 / 8-1)
    - I'll Never Smile Again (Jan 25 / 13-1)

    Wrong dates (the ones in brackets here, I've added CD numbers to quickly find them; check the PDF above for correct sequence) are given for the following titles: "Desafinado", "Why Shouldn't I" (both Jan 17, CD 1); "Invitation" (Jan 19, CD 3); , "Out of Nowhere" (Jan 21, CD 1), "Lullaby in Rhythm", "Impressions", "The 59th Street Bridge Song", "Prelude to a Kiss" (all Jan 21, CD 5).

    As the AUD versions obviously have applause, I didn't bother to pin the exact amount of music cut for each of the tunes. That "Marvelous" has a cut somewhere in the released part I'd not previously noticed - I think it's the only such edit present, the others seem to just quickly fade at some point (sometimes noticeable, sometimes barely so). That they chose to not include any applause ... well, not sure what to make of it, but it certainly does not spoil the listening experience for me).

    Either way, while my initial impression has been confirmed that the band grew considerably, got into much freer stylings and grew pretty tight with its leader during those nine nights, and still considering the final nights in Wels the high point here, I love all of what's on this box (okay, maybe not "Who's Afraid of the Big Band Wolf", but that's a minor quibble). I'm not sure it had to be rearranged as it was, also not sure the cuts were necessary (the biggest one was performed on "Too Marvelous for Words", which lasted nearly a quarter of an hour but got cut to 6:30 minutes - what's interesting there is that a portion of Braxton's own solo was cut, too - the bits from around the 6 minute mark only happen around 8:30/9 minutes in the uncut version).


    (And yeah, all well here, just too busy elsewhere to drop by here regularly :) )

  10. Would love for option 3 to be true, but Switzerland's handling of Covid is a disgrace. So far, they're slowly starting to vaccinate +75. I'm not expecting to be in line before May or June, and that only will happen if the vaccination campaigns* gain a lot of speed.

    As it is: I will get a shot (or two or four or whatever it takes until my turn comes), but I have no clue how it will work, where I can get it done, when I'll be able to get it done, if I'll be informed about any of this or will have to trawl again and again websites that look like we still have the 1990's ...


    *) plural is right, it's organized regionally, which has been a huge part of the entire problem of the response since last June.

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