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  1. Please take a look here: https://www.ebay.de/itm/384590833341?hash=item598b6666bd:g:I8cAAOSw1xphtPVT
  2. And take a look at this Mosaic box with Thad Jones & Mel Lewis and there Orchestra https://www.discogs.com/The-Thad-JonesMel-Lewis-Orchestra-The-Complete-Solid-State-Recordings-Of-The-Thad-JonesMel-Lewis-Orc/release/5420624
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartets with The Lindsays
  4. Just started listening: John Coltrane: "Both Directions At Once 1"
  5. This Version with Rosen is wonderful !! Larry Young: The Blue Note Records 2
  6. I've always enjoyed his debut album for Verve: Many thanks for this hint duaneiac!
  7. Just listening for the first time Christian McBride Big Band "The Good Feeling" Are there more records to recommend from him?
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