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  1. Are there members familiar with this topic or part of it. I am doing a research because I have several reissues. There is not much Info found on the net whether Trend/Discovery is a new label created by Albert Marx. The rimtext of these reissues has this combined print but the covers have either Discovery or Trend as label. Thanks
  2. Benny plays Cool Jazz and Bop with his orchestra
  3. Excellent steady swinging rhythm section. Like it very much.
  4. Thanks for that Info. Didnt know it. However Sam Rivers is a bit experimental for me. I am not such a fan.
  5. Thanks for that Info. Have the Impression Parker did like cole Poerter melodies a lot. Indeed!! Just discussed over there at Steve Hofmans forum. The sound is horrible. Have both RCA vinyls with different cover.
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