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  1. I so enjoy reading everything you write Teasing the Korean.
  2. RIP John Sinclair from a post of Bill Milkowski that reads: Sad to report the passing of the great poet-political activist-blues scholar-Monk devotee and marijuana connoisseur John Sinclair, who died today in his beloved Detroit at age 82. R.I.P. BIG CHIEF JAWN!!!
  3. Dave Stryker(g), Jared Gold(o), McClenty Hunter(d) Live at Smalls Jazz Club - 03/01/2024
  4. I deleted my incorrect comment.
  5. In this case you will need to make repairs from the system bios. To do this, restart your PC and when it flashes the bios screen press F8 to enter the advanced boot options. Locate Repair your computer, it may be in the system recovery options section. Click startup repair for it to check and repair errors.
  6. Press the power key and hold it until it forces the PC to shut down. Once it's fully off then press it again to restart. It may take a while to reboot as it will run a repair on any programs that were open.
  7. I will try my best to get to your show this weekend. https://scullersjazz.com/upcoming-events/ Will the special guest be Bob?
  8. This is a nice one. It works with USB input, is small and discreet so as not to attract attention in your car. It only has the one cable, so you don't use an audio cable to attach to your car speakers. It works when placed both vertically or horizontally. Amazon.com: External USB CD Player for Car, Homlab Portable Plugs in CD Player with Extra USB Cable, for Car Without CD Player, Laptop, TV, Mac, Computer, for Android 4.4 and Above Navigation, Black : Electronics User-Friendly Operation: You can enjoy your favorite CDs in car in seconds. Just connect the external CD player to the USB port of your car and insert the CD. The USB CD player will automatically read the disc, and you can easily access the music list through the car's flash drive resource. More Compact Size - This portable CD player is the perfect solution for cars without built-in CD players. It is thinner than most car CD player in the market. But features with enhanced chipset at the same time. It has better reading capabilities, anti-skip functionality, compatibility with various formats, noise reduction. Additional 1m USB Cable: The car CD player comes with a free 1m USB cable. This allows you to place it anywhere you desire, such as the car center console, dashboard, or glove box. It is more convenient for storage and changing disc. Impressive Music Enjoyment: With this USB portable CD player, you can fully immerse yourself in the music or audio books from your collection. Nothing can stop the music coming out from your car stereo. No matter it is placed horizontally or vertically or the car bumps. Please note that the initial reading process may require a bit of patience. Wide Compatibility: This car CD player offers wide compatibility with thousands of car models. For specific compatibility information, please refer to the list on below or reach out to our customer support team for assistance. Additionally, you can connect the player to other devices such as computers, laptops, and TVs. Please note that if your car has an Android system, ensure that it is version 4.4 or above. If your car model is not listed, an additional audio conversion box may be required.
  9. I remember playing records on a system just like this one. I wish they never went out of style. Grandma had a TV setup in a solid mahogany case with built in speakers on each side, that was equally awesome.
  10. I work for Western Digital and do not recommend their products. Samsung makes the best SSD drives. SSD drives can still fail so it's always good practice to maintain a copy in the cloud. If you're on a windows machine you could use OneDrive as a backup although that is limited to 1TB. I use Acronis cloud for my backups with just about 6TB of data, mostly images. If I wanted, I could access that cloud data from my cell phone to stream when away from my primary PC. There was a time when Amazon allowed prime members to upload personal music to their service. I took advantage and uploaded my full collection at that time and have access to this day. There's enough there to keep my ears busy for years.
  11. How do you know a banjo player is trying to break into your house? They can’t find the key and they don’t know where to come in.
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