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  1. Hi All, So, I just got back from a certain record store, and I think I did OK in my haul. Usually this store has a few decent used items, but nothing really significant. I picked around the bins a bit, and was just about to leave empty-handed, when I happened to spot: The Shorty Rogers - Complete EMI and Atlantic Recordings Mosaic!!! Yep, all 4CD's, booklet, and box in damn fine shape. For $75!!! So, I'm happy! I've been looking for this for years, and just couldn't bring myself to shell out the $200-300 it goes for on eBay. I grab the copy, and am proceeding to the check out counter, when I thought to myself "no man, don't leave yet, look around a little more..." So, I did... and I found a copy of the Tina Brooks - True Blue Connoisseur! Damn, it's a good day! However, I already have True Blue, so I figured I'll make someone else's day and offer it here in the "Offering and Looking For" section. I'll be posting that in a minute! Looking forward to listening to Shorty and his Giants when I get home! Cheers, Shane - one lucky bastard!
  2. Hi All, I'm really looking forward to this! And hopefully Horace will play live around here sometime soon in support of this new album! It's killing me that one of my all-time favorite musicians lives just a few miles from me, and yet I may never get to hear him play live!!! And as for the quote I referenced... yet another example of Art Blakey's name getting mangled. At least they didn't mention Alfred Lions! Cheers, Shane
  3. Hi All, Thankfully, I don't live directly in the fire zones, but I'm damn close! We've been getting some serious acrid smoke and ash landing in our neighborhood... so much so that they decided to cancel classes this afternoon where I teach (Cal State Northridge). These fires are pretty nasty... some of them look like they are contained, but others are at only about 5% containment. All it takes is for the winds to shift, and the fires flare up all over again. BTW, the sky around here has been amazing the past couple of days. A mixture of smoke, sun, and blue sky makes for some interesting images. It's beautiful, really... but it's hard to appreciate the beauty when you know that people are dying and homes are being lost. I'm used to seeing forest fires (I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Canada), but this is an altogether different type of fire storm for me... I just hope everyone gets through this OK. Cheers, Shane
  4. Hi Mule & Soul Stream, First, no need to worry about that other couple who was double booked in your seats... I saw them move to another section, so they definitely saw the show! As for the "attendance" at jazz shows here in LA, well... when I moved here from New York a couple of years ago and started going to gigs, I was disappointed at the turnouts in LA. But, now I'm used to it, and I never usually worry about any show being sold out! As Mule stated, I too have been to shows where there were only a handful of us in attendance. This includes gigs by "names" such as Andrew Hill, Lonnie Smith, Martial Solal, Sam Rivers, Bobby Hutcherson, Ray Hargrove, Curtis Fuller, Pharoah Sanders, etc. I sometimes get upset at the poor turnout in this city, but then I'll see packed shows like the one last weekend (McCoy & Hutch)... or a packed venue like Rocco's for the Vandermark 5... or Kenny Burrell bringing them in in droves at Catalina's, and I think all is right with the world again! And some of the bigger concerts (Hancock at the Hollywood Bowl, Shorter at USC) do very well! Cheers, Shane
  5. Hi DrJ, You know, a friend of mine picked that CD up just the other day (Land of Giants), and I had a chance to listen to it in his car. Something was not right on that CD... there was this background noise that drove us both nuts! He said he had a chance to listen to it on his rig at home the other day (he's got a nice setup), and the noise was still prevalent throughout the entire disc. So, I'm wondering if they are all like that, or whether he just got a bad pressing. Anyone else notice that annoying-as-hell background noise on Land of Giants??? Otherwise, I liked the music on first listen... it seemed to be up there with Manhattan Moods. Cheers, Shane
  6. Hi Mule, Man, talk about a small world! I was sitting next to your best friend's wife, and I do remember your whole group to my right. I even remember that the Bakery sold another couple the same seats your friends were sitting in... and they had to go exchange them out! I agree that McCoy seemed tired for some reason. I got to the second set pretty early, so I snuck in for one tune in the first set (something they'd NEVER let me do at the Vanguard!)... and McCoy seemed tired even then. Hutch definitely brought the energy last night, though! And I also agree with you about Hutch... the last time I saw him at Catalina's, he played a 55 minute set and didn't seem too into it at all. Of course, the fact that there were only about 15 of us in the club that night probably didn't help with the energy levels. But last night? I'll take Hutch like that EVERY time!!! Cheers, Shane
  7. Hi Mule, Hey, I was at that same set last night! I was sitting in C12, where were you? Damn, I should've asked before on this board if anyone was going to this gig... it would be nice to meet some of us wacky Organissimo's in person! I enjoyed the set, and pretty much concur with your review. I was a tad disappointed with the set length, though. I did happen to catch McCoy Tyner about 6 weeks ago in Birdland in NYC with Al Foster and George Mraz, and he played MUCH better than he did last night. Foster drove him pretty hard!!! Still, a nice night of music... Hutch is just great! And it was gratifying to see the Bakery so packed for both sets! Cheers, Shane
  8. Hi All, I have this CD, and I dig it a lot. But, as Mike says, this is very different than Weston's session on Colpix. African High Life really is not a jazz album - and thus its inclusion on the Blue Note label is somewhat unique. I'm glad Alfred recorded it, though. I really do dig it! Cheers, Shane
  9. I'd like to do just that. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but are these available? I noticed at CDUniverse they've been on backorder for a loooooooong time. I need to get this set. Give me yours please. Hi Free For All, I actually have an extra copy of Jimmy Smith "At Club Baby Grand, Vol. 2" which I'd like to trade or sell. It is the Japanese TOCJ-1529 released a few years ago. It's open, but in mint condition (even has the OBI). It's a great CD, with the tunes "Caravan", "Love is a Many Splendored Thing", "Get Happy", and "It's Allright With Me"... all extended jams, and some good playing by all concerned. Send me a PM and let me know if you want to work a trade for this CD! Cheers, Shane
  10. Hi All, I'll add another name to the list... Doug Carn. Saw him last year, and he tore the roof off the joint! A big man, with a big sound! Still, the Turbanator gets my vote as king these days! Saw him in NYC a month ago (with Fathead Newman), and was continually amazed! Cheers, Shane
  11. Hi Matthew, I have a sealed copy of "Lonesome Road" that I would be willing to trade or sell, if you're interested. It was released as TOCJ-1615, back in November of 1996. It's a good, solid session, and I still haven't figured out why it hasn't been released here in the U.S. It features Eddie McFadden and Donald Bailey. Let me know if you'd like to work a trade or some other deal! Cheers, Shane
  12. Hi Gary, You're going to LOVE that Cecil Taylor session! It's one of my favorites! The McLean albums are also amazing. Cheers, Shane
  13. Hi Mike, I've got "Rockin' the Boat" as a TOCJ, and it's a good one. It's not earth shattering in any way, just some standard good groove from Jimmy. I believe he cut this as one of his last titles before he left Blue Note... and some of those titles have the feeling of "let's record a bunch, then get outta here". I think Alfred just wanted as much Jimmy Smith in the can as he could get, and that's what this session represents. So, it's a good session, but certainly not up there with "Prayer Meetin'" or "Chicken Shack"... but I guess even average Jimmy Smith is still damn good in comparison to most others!! Cheers, Shane
  14. Hi Gary, I agree with you, this is a nice way to dive in to the Blue Note collection! And, it would be nice to see more Larry Young in the RVG! And let's face it... I'm pretty sure just about every Blue Note title from the 1500 and 4000 series will EVENTUALLY be released in the RVG series. Hell, he's already done most of them for Toshiba! It's just a matter of time... B) I'm really looking forward to "Goin' West" and "Free For All"!!! Cheers, Shane
  15. Hi All, OK, someone please tell me..... Where are "Back at the Chicken Shack" and "Midnight Special"?????? These are CLASSIC Blue Notes, and should've been included in the first releases of the RVG series. Oh yeah, and sorry Soulstation... I don't see "The Gigolo" in there anywhere. Why is "The Sixth Sense" in that list? It went OOP very quickly after it was initially released. Still... I like this list of releases! Although isn't Ornette Coleman's "Love Call" now OOP? I was hoping it was rendered OOP so it could then be released in the RVG series, but so far I don't see it. Maybe next Fall? Cheers, Shane
  16. Hi All, I'm especially looking forward to the following RVG's: February 2004 Sweet Honey Bee / Duke Pearson Goin' West / Grant Green March 2004 Newk's Time / Sonny Rollins Prayer Meeting / Jimmy Smith Between May and August of 2004 Breaking Point / Freddie Hubbard Home Cookin' / Jimmy Smith Inner Urge / Joe Henderson Buhaina's Delight / Art Blakey Free For All / Art Blakey Blue Spirits / Freddie Hubbard Action / Jackie McLean In 'N Out / Joe Henderson Tender Moments / McCoy Tyner Looks like Dexter Gordon and Joe Henderson are finally getting their due in this series!!! Although why Blue Note is reissuing "Destination Out" again is beyond me. It's a great album (one of my favorites, actually), but you can still find it as a Connoisseur, and it's part of Moncur's Mosaic Select. Still, my wallet is gonna take a big hit in the next few months!!! Cheers, Shane
  17. Hi All, I just noticed a posting at AAJ that was provided by Kevin Bresnahan concerning upcoming RVG's. Since I don't think he'll be posting here at Organissimo any time soon, I thought I'd pass along the link: http://forums.allaboutjazz.com/showthread....p?threadid=1899 Looks like some good stuff in there! Cheers, Shane
  18. Hi Johnny, Well, I got a chance to talk to Henry on Saturday night, and he is indeed moving out to New York... in fact, he already has! He said he's leaving Los Angeles on Tuesday (Sept. 23), but will be "back and forth" between LA and NYC. I mentioned to him that your friend was interested in bringing him up to play the SIMF, and Henry seemed in to it! I have his phone number and e-mail address... if you'd like, send me a PM and I'll pass them along to you. The show with Jarman was great, BTW! Two 45-minute sets, and a little celebration for Joseph's 66th birthday! Cheers, Shane
  19. Africa Brass and Jim Dye, Damn! Those are both GREAT covers for "Brilliant Circles"! Hell, I'd buy any CD that had those covers on them... even if it was an album by "he who's name shall never be spoken"! I hope somebody at Blue Note is reading this thread...... Cheers, Shane
  20. Hi Johnny, All I can pass along is word "on the street"... I don't know of an actual date at which Henry might leave for NYC, but I've heard from a couple of different sources that he's seriously considering the move. Personally, I hope he sticks around! I think others on this board would be more qualified to speak on this matter than me (Mike Fitzgerald?), so you may want to float it as a different thread and see what you come up with. Also, when will the SIMF be held this/next year? I'd be interested in making the trek up there! Cheers, Shane
  21. Hi Adam, Hey, thanks for posting this! I would've never known about this show otherwise. I'll be at the Saturday show, since it might be one of the last times I get to see Henry Grimes play out here... word is he's moving to New York. See you there? Cheers, Shane
  22. Hey Jim, Good on ya, and congratulations! Are you and Mrs. B-3er going to know the gender of the baby before the great day, or do you want it to be a surprise? Cheers, Shane
  23. Hi All, Well, I caught the Jimmy Smith quintet the other night here in Los Angeles, and I must say that it was some of the saddest shit I have ever seen in my life. For the record, let me state that I love Jimmy Smith, and have seen him every time he has played in LA over the past few years I've lived here. Sure he can be cranky, and is sometimes beligerant to the audience (some of the "fans" deserve the abuse, IMHO), but he usually puts on a damn fine show. I know he's getting older and usually doesn't play the entire set, but I respect that and just expect that he'll lay low and sit out a couple of numbers every time I see him. And, for some reason, I always get the same table right up front, just off of Jimmy's left. Seriously, I get the exact same table, no matter how early or late I drop by the club (I would attribute it to fate, but I'd rather attribute it to the fact that Manny at Catalina's is always as cool as shit to me!). So, I usually get to see Jimmy's behaviors during the set that most other people don't see (the way he sits at the organ, his body language, his facial features, etc.) especially when the other cats are soloing. Over the years, I've been able to predict the nights when Jimmy would be "on", and when he would have his bad sets, just by watching him approach the organ. But Saturday night, man.... After about a half hour of the other members of the band playing extended versions of "On Green Dolphin Street" and "Watermelon Man", Jimmy still wasn't on the stage. The group then broke in to "Back at the Chicken Shack", I think in the hopes that Jimmy would finally appear. He did appear, and I was shocked at what I saw. The man could barely move, and had to literally be helped to the organ. He took a couple of minutes to sit down, and then vamped a little bit on "Chicken Shack". After the song ended, he announced to the crowd that he'd been sick and that his back was sore, and then he was helped in to a chair next to the organ. The rest of the band left the stage while the guitar player did a long unaccompanied number... with poor Jimmy just sitting in the chair on the back of the stage! It was bizarre, to say the least. Jimmy kept nodding in and out of consciousness during the tune, and you could tell he was hurting pretty bad. The set resumed with the quintet playing a couple more numbers, but Jimmy wasn't playing much at all - just the ocassional vamp. The whole time, he just kept staring at me, and I must have had a shocked look on my face throughout the entire set. I teared up a couple of times, because it was clear (to me anyway) that this was the last time I was going to see this great musician play. Toward the end of the last tune, Jimmy asked me what time it was, and after I told him he stopped the set and slowly walked to the back with the help of a couple of people. After the club was pretty much empty, I had a chance to talk to one of the members of the group briefly, and he was so apologetic. I could tell he was embarrased by what happened that night, and when I mentioned that I thought Jimmy wasn't long for this mortal coil, he just gave me that little nod, you know? I hope Jimmy turns it around and pulls through. But, he looked so much different than the other times I saw him that I am more than worried about him. He's one tough cat, and I hope he makes it. If you get a chance to see him play at any time in the near future, just go. Although Jimmy wasn't really able to play, I'm still glad I had a chance to see him one more time. I'm still beating myself up over not seeing Stan Turrentine when I lived in New York... you know, I thought I'd just catch the gig the next time he was in town. But there never was a "next time"... Anyone else see Jimmy play recently? What were your impressions? I'm hoping he is just having a bad week or two, but I sense differently. Shane
  24. Hi Mnytime & Hackensack, I was at the show last night as well. What a smokin' couple of sets! That was my first time seeing Vandermark in any context, and I must say I was impressed. Extremely impressed! Say Mny, I think I may have been sitting right by you. There was a tall guy with a cane in the front row, middle stage left. Was that you? If so, I was sitting just to your right, one row up. I thought about yelling out "Organissimo!" to see if anyone would respond, but I thought the better of it! But, given some of the comments that were yelled out last night (all funny as hell, I must say!), it wouldn't have been a big deal! Cheers, Shane
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