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  1. I remember reading Bill Connors left RTF because Chick would ask everyone to rate their solos after the gig, based on some sort of Scientology levels of merit. Edit: Here's what it said on Wikipedia(not the most reliable source) "Connors' disenchantment with the group also stemmed from certain objections to Corea's Scientology-inspired leadership style. "Chick had a lot of ideas that were part of his involvement with Scientology. He got more demanding, and I wasn't allowed to control my own solos. I had no power in the music at all. Then, we'd receive written forms about what clothes we could wear, and graphic charts where we had to rate ourselves every night – not by our standards, but his. Finally, we had to connect dots on a chart every night. I took all of it seriously because I had a lot of respect for Chick, but eventually I just felt screwed around. In the end, my only power was to quit." A lot of his discography leaves me feeling cold and mechanical, but then there are moments of great beauty and warmth. He certainly was one of the giants of all time. As for the Scientology stuff, it creeps me out and it took me a while to separate that part of the man from his music- same goes for anyone, really. Miles, Max Roach, Art Pepper...Eventually I concluded that these are still human beings who are susceptible to and represent both the good and bad/strange aspects of human nature, and it should not necessarily diminish their gift of music to the world. At least that is how I made peace with it, hah.
  2. Wow! Yeah, Sam's was a great place. A place of historic and legendary status. We still have a bunch of excellent small brick and mortar shops, but they don't have their inventory online, and everything is shut down here...
  3. My vinyl arrived today from Dusty Groove! Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Bill Evans- Interplay Grachan Moncur III- Evolution Joe Henderson- In n Out Blue Mitchell- The Thing To Do (Cool that this is one of Chick Corea's earliest sessions, and has a tune called Chick's Tune) It took approximately 5 weeks for the records to go from Chicago to Sweden and back to Toronto. That's not bad, to be honest, as nonsensical as it is. Now awaiting my order from Euclid and Discogs...
  4. I always had a soft spot for this album(unrelated to bad/good album covers) Roy Haynes and Chick have some interesting back and forth.
  5. Haha, that's what I meant, sort of... That it was usually so bad that is was amazing! My sarcasm failed. That's a great album, too.
  6. This version of "Tones" is extremely beautiful. Blue Mitchell's tone is so crystalline. Chick always did have great cover art, as well...
  7. Very clever idea! And you're right, I should check out some more pre-fusion sessions of Billy C. That right there is a nice start.
  8. I guess that means felser is correct? It's Warren Smith? And Elvin on Sir Galahad and Billy C. on New Breed. Very cool. Is that an excerpt from the liner notes? Awesome. Thanks for posting that. Really interesting about the form. I kept replaying the first two minutes of the track, over and over, saying to myself, "what on earth is going on here". One of the most powerful and triumphant and soulful melodies I have ever heard.
  9. Who is playing drums on the title track? The brief info i could find online said Billy Cobham, but then somewhere else I read Elvin and Warren Smith play on the album. It doesn't really sound like Cobham to me, but I guess I haven't heard him in that kind of context before, and was never that big on his playing in Mahavishnu, much prefer Narada Walden. But if that's him on the title track, wow! Some super hip phrasing. Only became aware of Billy the other day thanks to JSngry(by means of Booker Ervin), and man....speechless. Already tracked down a copy of the LP. Next- Black Saint.
  10. One day I would like to visit New Orleans...And much of the Southern U.S. I bet there are some great records to be found! Also, I see you're name and picture are of Bobby Hutcherson- one of the records I've been looking for ages is Knucklebean, and they have a few copies there at Euclid, so I'm probably going to order one once I find out about shipping costs.
  11. Thanks for the tip about this place. They have a bunch of records I am looking for, both new and used, that I didn't see at DG. The prices are reasonable as well. Now to see whether their international (always trips me out to think U.S to Canada is international) shipping protocol is sane. Interesting! Sounds like a great guy, and nice to see that level of co-operation between buyers and sellers.
  12. Awesome! I love when the children of these great artists get involved.
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