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  1. Wait, it made him very dad. Condolences, Pop. But seriously, I'm touched. This is my first time at my own funeral.
  2. Imagine how sad I am. Must be the guy who spells it the other way.
  3. Bradford did say there was an unreleased quartet session for Atlantic in 1963: Ornette, Bradford, Garrison, Moffett. There's a photo of the group. https://markweber.free-jazz.net/2012/05/21/the-coda-interview-with-bobby-bradford-1976/
  4. Cornelia Street Cafe 29 Cornelia St, New York, NY 10014 Sunday, Dec 11 - 6:00PM JOE CARTER WITH PETER CHERCHES Joe Carter, guitar; Peter Cherches, voice Guitarist Joe Carter's current specialty is Brazilian jazz, combining jazz styles with samba, bossa nova and Northeastern Brazilian music. He'll be performing solo as well as duets with vocalist/lyricist Peter Cherches, who has written new lyrics and vocalese for bossa nova and jazz classics. Having performed in such diverse places as Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Recife in Brazil, as well as India, Germany and France, Joe Carter has used these experiences to form a sound and style based in “Samba Jazz,” a style that combines the improvisational nature of North American jazz with the lyrical and rhythmical aspects of Brazilian bossa nova, samba, choro and MPB. Carter has recorded and performed with jazz artists such as Art Farmer and Lee Konitz and with numerous Brazilian artists, including Luiz Eca and Mauricio Einhorn. His most recent CD is Both Sides of the Equator, with bassist David Finck and percussionist Ze Mauricio. Peter Cherches has been singing and writing original lyrics for jazz classics for three decades. His new album, Mercerized! Songs of Johnny Mercer, features his original vocalese to complement Mercer's lyrics. Cherches is also a widely published fiction writer, and Publishers Weekly has called him "one of the innovators of the short short story." $20 includes a drink. http://www.corneliastreetcafe.com/downstairs/performances.asp
  5. Coming up. A Time Out critics' pick. http://www.timeout.com/newyork/music/karin-krog-and-steve-kuhn
  6. I think the gig will get a mix of the NY jazz audience and the Norwegian contingent. I think Michael Bourne will mention the gig on his Singers Unlimited program. It already has a nice mention in NY Jazz Record. I sent PR to Holden & Ratliff at the Times.
  7. Legendary Norwegian Jazz Singer Makes Rare New York Appearance Karin Krog/Steve Kuhn Duo in Benefit Concert for Norwegian Seamen's Church, Tuesday, October 29, 7PM New York, August 31, 2013 – On Tuesday, October 29, at 7pm, Karin Krog and Steve Kuhn will perform in a benefit concert for the Norwegian Seamen's Church, 317 East 52nd Street. This is a very rare U.S. appearance for Krog, and she will be reunited with long-time collaborator Kuhn on piano. Suggested donation is $20. One of Europe's best-known and most distinctive jazz singers, Norway's Karin Krog has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in jazz since the 1960s. Comfortable in an eclectic range of musical styles from mainstream to experimental, she's been called "a superlative interpreter of standards" by the BBC. Karin's international career began to take off in 1966; in 1967 she performed in Los Angeles with Don Ellis, Red Mitchell and Clare Fischer. Her 1971 collaboration with Dexter Gordon, "Some Other Spring," is considered a classic jazz vocal recording by critics and aficionados. Karin has also recorded with such luminaries as Archie Shepp, John Surman and Jan Garbarek. In 2007 she received Norway's most prestigious culture award, the Anders Jahres Culture Prize. Karin's collaborations with pianist Steve Kuhn go back more than 40 years; over the years the two have released three albums together, beginning with "We Could Be Flying," in 1974, and most recently in 2006, with "Together Again." Over a career of a half-century and counting, Steve Kuhn has earned renown as one of the most lyrical and affecting pianists in jazz, with an unfailingly beautiful touch and a sophisticated sense of swing. Steve is a sensitive collaborator with singers, and has had a long association with Sheila Jordan. He has led a number of critically acclaimed trios over the years, most recently with Steve Swallow and Joey Baron.
  8. http://web.archive.org/web/20080415000000*/http://speakeasy.jazzcorner.com
  9. I remember seeing Archie Shepp's Attica Blues band at the Free Music Store. Don Cherry also did Relativity Suite there, and I recorded it from the radio to reel to reel.
  10. The Black Adder Mr. Bean Coleman Hawkins
  11. A thread like this is a reminder of "the banality of evil." I say that from the perspective of someone who met Bill some years ago.
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