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  1. I wish I could put more. Sorry other.
  2. Happy birthday Gigi Gryce. Sorry, a little late - surprised Michael didn't plug this today.
  3. Welcome, Mike! Glad to have you here! You join fellow pianist Frank Kimbrough as a NY-based musician member here. There are others. Matt
  4. He is rather old now, but still active in his native Pittsburgh. He was leading jam sessions for the past few years at James Street Tavern and Dowe's on 9th, both lame Burgh jazz clubs, in terms of talent they bring in from outside this region, but the latter a beautiful club nevertheless. Now that James Street is closed, Dowe's and Manchester are the only remaining true jazz venues and the latter is a performing arts center - so not really a nightly spot. Besides having Roger and new trumpet semistar Sean Jones, Pittsburgh's jazz scene is really dead. Though there are some other good local guys. P.S. Anybody who reads big band arrangements (or conducts them), should know the names of trumpeter/composer/arranger Dr. John Wilson (no relation to the NYTimes critic) and a newer name in arranging - Mike Tomaro - but neither of these guys gigs regularly.
  5. Jeannine came up on one of the blindfold test CDs recently. I think it was Dan Gould's. Anyways, that song has totally hooked me. I already had the version from Cannonball's "Them Dirty Blues," but it never completely registered with me that that was Jeannine. Since then I got a version by Frank Vignola (w/ Junior Mance, Billy Mitchell), a version by Bud Powell w/ Don Byas, a version by Dr. Lonnie Smith (which seems to be another tune), a version by Donald Byrd (Vol 2. Live at the Half Note) and a version by Groove-Holmes. Am I missing any other really good ones? Also what other memorable tunes did Duke Pearson write and what are some of his good albums? Thanks
  6. *$%^ YOU! I assure you, you're the charlatan when it comes to listening, man.
  7. the link Click on High or Low depending on your internet connection.
  8. I've never seen a drummer today who has legitimate mastery over so many styles. The guy is AMAZING. This is definitely on my get list.
  9. Sheridan's above-mentioned book has interesting insights into what exactly went wrong with the A&R men at Mercury (aka Emarcy - or Em-ar-cy - Mercury Records Company).
  10. At the request of Connoisseur 500, here is a poll on electric pianists.....as if there's any competition......well on second thought, we might have a debate here. These came to me off the top of my head....well with a little help from AMG. Please excuse me. Sorry Europeans, I should provide a qualifier; favorite American electric pianist (the only exception, of course, being Mr. Zawinul).
  11. Dan, I'd like you to tell me if you honestly can defend any of the other guys on that list. Connick and Cincotti are a disgrace and the fact that they and the labels are making a killing off selling repackaged Sinatra is total BULLSHIT. Elling is full of himself and is successful because he looks good and has good audience rapport. His pitch is wretched and his vocalese could use a LOT of work. I agree maybe I went a little overboard with Mahogany but it's certainly not because of the R&B thing. I've seen him live. Have you? He's cheesy as hell and brings nothing original to the table, whereas Bey, Hendricks, Williams, and Scott are the originals of male jazz vocals. I've yet to see someone come close to any of these guys except for Gege Telesforo, who was introduced to me in BFT 19 by Mike Weil. Matt
  12. Come on. All the guys I listed are making loads of money and they deserve a little if not a lot of heckling. Matt
  13. Thought this would get a lot of people involved. My vote goes to Steve Swallow because I can actually digest what I'm hearing - with Jaco I can't do that. On that note - Jaco comes second and Anthony Jackson is a close third. I included some mainly acoustic guys who have picked up the electric or fretless electric axe from time to time. Matt
  14. Yes. There are questions as to whether some of these guys can really be called jazz singers. And please vote honestly. I didn't include Joe Williams, Andy Bey, Jimmy Scott, Jon Hendricks because these guys don't deserve to be bashed.
  15. ghost, You have to have an open mind to electronica. Some of it is really interesting. The CD says 99% Live, 100% Improvised. JohnL, we are webcast. Go to www.wrct.org. I assume if you have access to IU Bloomington you can easily get our High Quality stream with good results. The sound is quite excellent. I don't have my own show right now. I hop on at random times. But I posted this in the Funny Rat thread (listen at 7-10 PM EST Sundays and that type of music will be played. Y'know. Art Lande. Peter Barshay. Brotzmann. Gustafsen. Von Schlippenbach. Louis Sclavis/Dave Douglas/Peggy Lee/Dylan Van Der Schyff. etc. etc.
  16. You guys should really listen to the college radio station I run jazz for. We stream online. The show you all would mostly be interested in is not mine but is aired 7-10 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sundays (when most Europeans are probably asleep). We get ALL the new HatArt/Hatology, ALL the new EMANEM, ALL the new LEO. We have pretty much everything Sun Ra, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Susie Ibarra, Craig Taborn, Matthew Shipp, Steve Lacy and the like ever recorded. The rock-heads who know nothing about jazz tend to like anything Zorn puts his name on because frankly they don't understand any of it and they think they're cool for that - though I guess in theory they understand "the freedom principle." Anyways if you require anything please inquire. We also have OLD vinyl in stock. We often grant requests of rips to CD from vinyl but I shouldn't be telling you that. Matt
  17. Up gainst the wall. Put on your spectacles. I couldn't blow it up.
  18. We should have an online tournament of Scrabble just among Organissimoers.
  19. By the way, how did this thread go from Funny Rat to what it is now? Why is it so heavily posted to?
  20. Have you guys heard Groundtruther?
  21. I thought I would revive this thread rather than start a new one. Mintzer, who has a rather good sound, nice ideas, and great feel, never ceases to impress me (Of course, I ignore the fact that he is in an alleged jazz group that calls itself The Yellowjackets). He made a really good record (well a number of good records) with his big band which has evolved considerably personnel-wise, since they began playing together in the early 80s. They don't do many gigs but when they do, they get ovations and the occaisonal Grammy nod - which says something (though not much these days ). His latest is on a Telarc subsidiary, MCG Jazz, meaning it was recorded live at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild here in my current home of Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately in a ploy to get people to buy this otherwise great recording, they added Kurt Elling to the mix (one of these "featuring" deals). Needless to say, Kurt Elling....you get under my skin......in a bad way . Anyways, I have always liked Mintzer's harmonies. They are very unique as far as big band writing/arranging goes. A lot of his funk big band charts are fun to play (at least for lead alto and tenor players). His record with Mike Brecker, Twin Tenors is HOT - they do two takes on Giant Steps trading the whole time. I'd like to know what Jim thinks of this record. Every tenor player has heard it by now - its been out a while. (Twin Tenors 1993 Novus 01241 63173-2).
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