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  1. The first one that came to mind. Probably because I just listened to it last week.
  2. How is it? I'm tempted with the LP version of that one. good heavy vinyl, its pretty quiet, or quiet enough-- definitely a great piece I have the CD version of this. The source is a cassette tape from the soundboard. Not the best sound but more than passable. Fine performances as you would expect from these individuals. A worthy purchase for fans of Red.
  3. Procrastination pays off! I don't find Ornette difficult at all but I have very little of this music on Atlantic. Placed my order.
  4. The packing and unpacking of the file is lossless and extremely efficient from a bit standpoint based on my limited understanding of the process. Meridian affectionately calls the process "audio origami" and it allows for backward compatibility with existing CD technology. The other piece that I find intriguing is the filtering (not sure if that's really the right or all encompassing term) they apply that apparently changes the musical presentation for the better. The economics seem to make sense from what I've read however Meridian needs to do some serious lobbying to get buy in from record companies and equipment manufactures to have any real chance of bringing this to market. Of course this assumes that all parties are committed to providing consumers with the best possible sound. With respect to records companies that's a rather big assumption!
  5. Sure no problem. Very curious to see how this plays out since by all accounts the sonic differences are marked and considered positive.
  6. John Atkinson's take on Meridian's MQA technology. I'm intrigued. If you read nothing else scroll down to the Correcting The Source section and read the first paragraph. http://www.stereophile.com/content/ive-heard-future-streaming-meridians-mqa
  7. Link to an interesting article regarding Meridian's Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) Technology. http://audioxpress.com/article/Meridian-Master-Quality-Authenticated-MQA-Technology-Makes-Lossless-Hi-Res-Audio-Streaming-Practical.html
  8. Wondering if you could comment on the sound and quality of the pressing? I've been going back and forth on whether or not to purchase this lately. Thanks in advance. Sound quality is great - best I've heard for this session - and the pressing is pristine. Thank you. Putting in my order now.
  9. Wondering if you could comment on the sound and quality of the pressing? I've been going back and forth on whether or not to purchase this lately. Thanks in advance.
  10. Italian, Alberto Pinton is a very fine multi instrumentalist including bass clarinet. Check out any number of titles under his lead, group efforts like Dog Out or his latest venture Nascent.
  11. Below is the link to an interesting thesis written on the performance evolution of "My Favorite Things" from 1960 to 1966. I've done the listening as the author has suggested a number of times since finding this piece a few years ago. It's not a bad way to be exposed and understand Coltrane's stylistic changes during this period of time. http://coltrane.room34.com/thesis
  12. Sundog

    Ralph Towner

    Happy Birthday Indeed! Will spin some Ralph a bit later.
  13. Yeah, the coda he always put together for that one is like a Coltrane highlight reel in and of itself. Totally agree on India. Also, Spiritual really made an impression on me (no pun intended) the first time I heard it so many years ago. Still routnely come back to it for a bit of "audio comfort" on a pretty regular basis.
  14. Not going to attempt to make a list and by in large I agree with what's been posted but I can't believe no one has mentioned I Want To Talk About You in one of it's incarnations. Pretty definitive Coltrane IMHO.
  15. That's a very fair price. Earlier this week I ordered a VPI Classic 1 with that very same cartridge. Otherwise I would have given this some serious consideration.
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