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Top Ten Little Know Facts About Sonny Rollins


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10 - Avid Jeff Gordon fan!

9 - Ran Benny Goodman's rehearsals from 1959-1961!

8 - Taught Paul Harvey everything he knows!

7 - Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die!

6 - Stole Ava Gardner from Frank Sinatra, and Debbie Reynolds from Eddie Fischer!

5 - One-time Vice-President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce!

4 - Played drums on "Start Me Up"!

3 - Respected science columnist for the Wall Stree Journal from 1949-1954. Nicknamed "Nuke" as a result!

2 - Has eleven toes!

And the number one little known fact about Sonny Rollins......

1 - Never been fishing!

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At one point, Rollins was considering filing suit against every composer who ever wrote a tune that contained a bridge (including that Led-Zeppelin-does-James-Brown-thing), but was disuaded by his attorney at the time - 10 points if you know that lawyer's name.


It was F. Lee Bailey. Much later it was discovered he was having a torid affair with DeeDee Bridgewater, and was just trying to protect her assetts.

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Sonny nearly fought James Brown to the death over the title of the hardest working man in show business, but ceded the name when he learned it meant he would have to mix cocktails and draw draft beer during the set breaks.

(I shamelessly adapted this from the Ben Stiller Show, now out on DVD. Check it out. Another great show cancelled before its time.)

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10. Has cousins in Rawlins, Wyoming.

9. First instrument was the celeste.

8. World class collection of Hummels.

7. Favorite movie: "Whiffs" (1975), starring Elliot Gould.

6. Boxer briefs.

5. Once hitchhiked from Philadelphia to Norristown... without ever actually getting a ride.

4. Dated ex-girlfriends of pro bowlers Earl Anthony AND Nelson Burton, Jr. (both were secretaries- one named Lincoln, the other named Kennedy!)

3. Original bandleader for TV's "Thicke Of The Night".

2. Always told his family he would someday invent a new variety of Chex™ cereal.


1. Never really understood who the hell "Don Newcombe" was.

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Played B.A. Baracus in the pilot episode (and portions of the first season) of The A-Team, but quit when he couldn't get the timing just right on the classic line "I pity the fool", and the producers dubbed in Ira Gitler instead.

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