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  1. I haven't tried Youtube, which may or may not be available, but usually raises red flags. So far, I am able to access and play music from Bandcamp. (No idea how long this loophole will be available.) I have a decent Bandcamp collection, and I suppose I will start buying more music that way, so long as I can listen at work, though this of course doesn't address the Mosaic issue...
  2. I came to Mosaic somewhat late, missing out on the original Andrew Hill box and Jackie McLean and even Herbie Nichols. I would have snatched these up, and only gradually was able to get all the original music on CD (with the 3 CD set Nichols' set BN put out later making things much easier!). I think the first Mosaic set I ordered was Hank Mobley. Over the years, I've accumulated a fair number of sets, though I don't listen to them nearly as often as I should. I think my favorites remain some of the individual Select sets. Sadly I've just changed to a new job where it will be next to impossible to listen to this type of music at work (we can't even play ripped music because the USB ports are turned off and needless to say playing music from "the cloud" is frowned upon...). My recent order of the Don Byas set (and Sonny Clark) is fairly likely to be my last order, but I suppose never say never.
  3. I just ran down to Buffalo to see the Clyfford Still exhibit. https://buffaloakg.org/art/exhibitions/clyfford-still-legacy-buffalo-0 This is a four room exhibit of all 33 Still paintings in the Albright-Knox collection. It runs a few more weeks until March 11. I was definitely glad to have an opportunity to see the museum now that is has expanded a bit with a new addition. There is also another abstract painter on view, Stanley Whitney, but I must confess I was very underwhelmed by this exhibit: https://buffaloakg.org/art/exhibitions/how-high-moon
  4. I just read Tim O'Brien's America Fantastica while on the bus to and from Buffalo. I liked it a lot, though he has a very sour, jaded take on Americans, particularly those of the MAGA-variety. (I felt he sometimes was trying to channel Hunter S. Thompson, though this wasn't quite so gonzo.) Indeed, the book is set in the waning years of the previous president, and COVID does make an appearance at the end. Everyone in the book, with the possible exception of two characters, is a grifter or an outright thief.
  5. My wife tells me my sets have arrived, though they did come with a fairly hefty customs charge. ☹️
  6. I'd been having a bit of back and forth with Scott, as I wanted to bundle the Byas and Clark sets to save (slightly) on postage up to Canada. It's been a while since I ordered with Mosaic (probably the Savory Collection was the last one). Anyway, I pulled the trigger this morning. 😊 If I get dinged with a huge customs charge 🤕, this might be the last time. We'll see... 🤞
  7. Agreed. It is a stupid trend that I don't feel like supporting or even giving in to...
  8. Glad to hear you got it back at least once more and backed up your files. I had a few scares with my work laptop. It finally gave up the ghost, but I had backed up the download folder (which doesn't get backed up on company servers) the day before, whereas the main documents folder is backed up each evening into the cloud. I'm generally ok with backing up files on my home computer. I try to make sure everything is on two different external hard drives, but I am not perfect about it. I also don't store the 2nd hard drive in a different location, which I should definitely start doing.
  9. Don Byron is up in Toronto this week at The Rex, sitting in with a group fronted by Michael Occhipinti on guitar. I'm not really sure what to expect. I saw Byron years and years ago at the Village Vanguard with his own group, but I'm not expecting it to be at all the same. Anyway, I am definitely going on Thurs., and if I am really into it, I may come back on Sat.
  10. Halfway through Mary McCarthy's The Group. Will be Pym's Excellent Women after that.
  11. Just back from Exotica at TIFF Lightbox. This was a special screening because Atom Egoyan was in attendance and told some quite interesting stories about shooting this film and some of his other work. Very glad I made it. I gather there is a new edition of this out from Criterion. https://www.criterion.com/films/29270-exotica
  12. I came fairly close to putting in an order on Amazon (where it is back-ordered) but I just have so many classical box sets that I can't sell back to any music stores in Toronto that it just isn't worth it. It looks like a solid majority of the recordings are on streaming sites, so I think I'll just satisfy the itch that way.
  13. I liked The Holdovers quite a bit, though it did kind of seem like an alt. universe version of The Breakfast Club where the Judd Nelson character bonds with the teacher. 😋
  14. I really thought I was going tonight, but some things came up. Hopefully on Wed.
  15. Toronto's ARC Ensemble specializes in composers who went into exile (mostly due to WWII) and are largely or indeed completely unknown. They very recently started performing live again. https://culture.pl/en/event/torontos-arc-ensemble-revives-music-in-exile In addition to the concerts, they have put out quite a few CDs in this series: https://www.rcmusic.com/performance/arc-ensemble/arc-ensemble-recordings (The Weinberg, while interesting, isn't technically part of the Music in Exile series...) I was able to catch them recently playing a concert dedicated to Frederick Block, who fled Germany but never recovered psychologically from being in exile. There is a hour-long radio program discussing Block here: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/arc-ensemble-perform-exiled-composer-music-1.7060775 I believe the entire concert is supposed to be broadcast at some point without the surrounding commentary, as interesting as it is. And they will be releasing a Block CD. I can't make ARC Ensemble's next concert due to conflicts, but I'll see what they get up to in the future.
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