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Stuart, I hasven't seen a need to humidify myself.

Some cool new guitars from Fender. . . . There's a very limited run of American Standard Strats with "burnt satin finishes," walnut necks and Custom Shop pickups that I think look awesome, and there's finally a reasonably priced Bass Vi out, in the Pawn Shop Series. The latter I may try to pick up in the next few years, trade or sell one of my ohter basses.

Brooks. . . here maybe this will help: I don't think that guitar is anything special. :)

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Yes, the Bass VI was/is a very cool instrument. I knew it most from country music, often used to double bass parts, but according to this it was more widely used in rock than I thought.


The "burnt satin finish" on those Strats look cool, I also would love to check out the walnut neck and Custom Shop pisckups.

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I have been battling some god awful hum when playing through my Hot Rod Deluxe. I am running a Tele knockoff with humbuckers via a Boss ME-50, and when using the Boss the noise is noticeably worse.

Suggestions? I have had it tweaked and cleaned up by the local area's most respected tech. He is a very honest guy. He replaced all the tubes when I had it serviced initially. Some 2 months after getting it home I really started to notice the noise. At first he thought it was bad tubes (he said the failure rate on new tubes is abysmally bad....something 20% of the ones he orders new he has to return.

Then he determined the noise was due to leaky filter caps in the power supply. After he addressed that issue he found that it wasn't much better. So he charged me for just parts; no labor. So that was cool I suppose.

I am awaiting a new shipment of tubes, Whey they arrive he promises me he will go through these and replace with better performing ones from the new batch. Under warranty.

Cool enough., but my question is, am I now doomed to live with noise now that I don't play through a solid state amp anymore?

Suggestions? I have heard of in line noise suppressors. Are they worth the bread? ($75 and up)

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Have you played the guitar through other amps? I ask because I was all mad and upset with an amp for years being so noisey. . . turned out it was the guitar pick ups.

Important test.

Try different cables too and a different guitar through that amp.

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There is a lot of hum when the amp is powered up with no guitar even plugged in.

Well it sounds like you have ruled out the tubes or the caps as being the culprit. So that leaves grounding/interference. Make sure you(this goes for everyone regardless of what kind of amp you use) are plugged into a GFI outlet. Also, put your amp in a room away from other electronic devices and make sure they are not plugged into the same circuit as your amp. Even if you have electronics in another room if they are plugged into the same circuit they could be inducing the hum.

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