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  1. Wow - a nine-year-old thread. That's gotta be like 35 in internet years. Or 135. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Obviously I've moved on to other things (all good), but there's still a piece of me here, and a piece of the whole organissimo experience in me. Never to be forgotten. In other news, I'm going to be moving to Chicago soon, probably within a month. Never thought I'd end up living there, but now I'm really looking forward to it! Take care, everyone, and many blessings. ~j
  2. The Joshua Rifkin cantatas swing a lot more than Harnoncourt's, IMO.
  3. I second that. Another recording that's been getting a lot of play from me lately is the Hilliard Ensemble recording of the Motets. I don't have any other versions so I can't compare. I can only tell you that I listen to this one a LOT. I also like Hilary Hahn's version of the violin concerti, but that may not be everyone's cup of tea.
  4. Jim - I'm so glad to read all of this. Very cool that you were able to turn all that around just by diet alone.
  5. I had some great experiences both playing and listening there. I'd like to see that continue for others.
  6. Glad I had the chance to stop in with Kevin a few years ago. Best of luck in whatever every comes next.
  7. Peace, blessings, and condolences to you and your family, Rolf.
  8. Nice to see you! Where you bin keepin yerself brother Joe? Been meaning to give you a call brother Paul. Bin keepin myself busy, is where!
  9. Cool. I've also heard reports of the Backstage Pass show we did turning up on PBS stations across the country.
  10. The Lutherans are loose! Oh God, they're loose!
  11. Just want to express my sincere appreciation for all the support everyone has given us over the years, whether it be in person or virtually. I've learned a lot about a lot of things hanging out here, and it's been a great pleasure meeting those of you who where able to out to the shows. Amazing that our trips to Philly and Israel were due to the efforts of members of this community. I consider that a blessing, for certain. And, of course, playing with Jim and Randy has been very gratifying, every step of the way. We really had some moments down through the years! For the next few years, I've decided to put music on the back burner while I go to school full-time to get a degree in nursing, among other endeavors (all good). I will have my guitars along, and will get back to performing at some point, no doubt. I'd like to think there will be an organissimo reunion in the future. I'm sure it will be like we never quit - 10 years of Vulcan music mind-melding will do that. I'll be busy as hell for the next few years, but, who can stay away from this place for long? I'll be checking in. Much love to all.
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