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  1. Yes. Very sad. He had been pretty active on FB up until the last few weeks or so - mostly posting musician's birthdays. Didn't know about his health. I remember he had some serious issues a few years ago. He goes way back in the history of jazz message boards - Jazz Central Station and JazzCorner. Probably others I don't recall, as well.
  2. Still want to see them, but I'm sure there will be conflicts that will be difficult to avoid.
  3. Pharoah and Hicks were a strong collaboration on a number of albums
  4. Going to try very hard to see EVERY Threadgill show. It's nice to see the daily lineups, but until the start times and venues are listed it's not that helpful.
  5. Thanks. Good to know. At this point, I'll probably stick with the one I have.
  6. Kronos Quartet has now been added to the program. Looking over the lineup, I can tell already that there will be MANY conflicts that I'm going to have trouble making decisions about. But I guess that's a GOOD problem 🤷‍♂️
  7. The second release by this late 70's Prog super group, U.K.. Not sure how widely it was recognized in the U.S., but 5 of the 6 tracks are well crafted prog-pop tunes with excellent vocals by John Wetton. Sadly the 6th track is a 12 minute prog snoozer. They could have done better ... Oh, well!
  8. Thanks to Russ for sending these fine gifts for winning the Grey Cup Contest ... AGAIN! I'd also like point out the clever Canada/San Francisco connection here Already looking forward to 2024 😆😉
  9. The last big one was probably Sargent in Spain at the Legion of Honor Museum here in SF. Going to NYC in a few weeks and will see a lot of things at the Met, MOMA, and ICP
  10. Phantasmagoria, or A Different Kind of Journey by The Eivind Aarset 4-tet
  11. I just got that box, too. Interesting extras. I grabbed this box when it was first released. Never been a huge CT fan, but I got it for 2 reasons: 1) it was a limited edition (now seems to be an in-demand collector's item), and 2) I saw them twice that year when I was working in a record store and they were heavily promoting with free tickets. Good shows, though!
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