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  1. Fire Illuminations by Wadada Leo Smith and Orange Wave Electric
  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, vinyl. Cool. The prices of those Tull boxes are all over the place and I can't figure out why. Passion Play was never considered one of their better albums, if I remember correctly. Thick as a Brick is expensive, too ... and there aren't any extra tracks! Maybe the prices have something to do with the documentation, which is always exceptional!
  3. Significantly better today. I'm not much of a cough syrup fan, but this time Robitussin DID actually seem to help. My doctor also told me to take Pseudoephedrine (a more pure version of Sudafed, I think). It's 'over-the-counter', but you probably have to ask for it at the pharmacy. That seemed to help a lot, too.
  4. I've been dealing with it this week, too. Getting better, but it was a little worse than when I got it a couple years ago. Still coughing.
  5. I think most or all of those songs are also in the Passion Play long box Haven't listened to this band in a long time
  6. So, did you go to LA and let him show you the stars' homes?
  7. Stumbled upon this recently. An astonishing re-imagining of Jimi tunes. NOT a typical "tribute" album, played by 3 Europeans + Jamaaladeen Tacuma Call Me Helium (Doran, Stucky, Studer, Tacuma Play The Music Of Jimi Hendrix)
  8. I remember the "old days" (10-20 years ago) when sets by Andrew Hill and Larry Young were going for $300-400
  9. I guess I meant "Sort" as a group by Median price. It seems like I used to be able to do that, but I could be wrong.
  10. I wish you could filter by Median $/Sold. That would be a lot more accurate. As is, I have Andrew Hill, Jackie McLean and Blue Mitchell boxes which all landed on the first page.
  11. BFrank

    RIP Alex Riel

    I never knew much about him, but his playing was always excellent RIP😪
  12. Me too, but at the same time they are more popular than I thought - at least in the U.S.
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