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Charles Mingus - Todo Modo

king ubu

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Yesterday I saw Elio Petri's great movie "Todo Modo" (featuring Marcello Mastoianni, Gian Maria Volonte and Michel Piccoli). The soundtrack was by Morricone, but: Charles Mingus composed and recorded a soundtrack for this picture, too (released as the B-side of "Cumbia Jazz Fusion" on Atlantic in the seventies).

Now: why was Mingus' soundtrack not used? Anyone knows this?

In my opinion, the Morricone-score is alright, but I know not many scores by Morricone that are so pale, so far in the background. Mingus' music, on the other hand, might have been almost too strong...


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Ubu, in the liner notes to the original 'Cumbia & Jazz Fusion' Atlantic LP,

Nat Hentoff mentioned that 'because of deadline problems that had to do

with Petrie, Mingus's score was not used for the European version of the

film. When Petrie gets an American distributor for the movie, Mingus's music

will be part of the American version.'

Doubt that this was ever the case.

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Thanks, brownie! I don't think this movie will ever make (or has ever made) it to the US. Seems a very *european* (and extremely italian) picture soaked in the seventies. But I love this kind of movie!

As I have the Rhino CD, I don't have any liners, so thanks!


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