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Jelly Roll?


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JRT Davies did quite a number of mastering for the Masters of Jazz series but not the Morton.

Mastering for the MofJ Mortons vol. 1 thru 7 was taken care of by Francois Terrazoni.

Studio Sofreson handled vol. 8 and Christophe Henault did vol.9.

Volume 9 which was indeed released included the 1938 acetates output from Baltimore and the five piano solos from the 1938 session from Jazzman (produced by Nesuhi Ertegun).

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and to add to my previous statement about Reich - well, you can probably find some truth in a Donald Rumsfeld speech, but it doesn't mean you should take it seriously. Let's not give Reich any of our money - stick to the Lomax book and Phil Pastras's book or get the Library of Congress recordings and you'll have a better picture of Jelly Roll than a book as messy as Reich's - also the Bill Russell scrapbook -

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